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  1. il2crashesnfails

    bf110 wingman saves the day.

    Just a short clip of a bf110 actually surviving a dogfight! Thanks to a wingman#. #Did the Luftwaffe use the term wingman? I know In the BOB the 109's usually used a finger four formation,
  2. il2crashesnfails

    Landing a crippled he-111

    This is probably the most beat up bomber I ever had to land. Has anyone landed a bomber in worse shape? The he111 is pretty tough.
  3. il2crashesnfails

    Thunderbolt. (almost) perfect tank killer. Il-2:Great Battles

    how do you get it so stable when you go for a rocket attack i always bounce around.
  4. il2crashesnfails

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  5. il2crashesnfails

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  6. il2crashesnfails

    Guncam Cinematic

    nicely done
  7. il2crashesnfails

    color film

    are you able to do a gun cam one in full black and white?
  8. il2crashesnfails

    No engine landing protocols. best to come in fast?

    what do you mean set to fully coarse? do you mean feather it? If so how do you feather it in a fighter. I try "ctrl f" but it doesn't say feathered like in the he-111
  9. il2crashesnfails

    JU52 Sortie

    ah ok thought the ju-52 was on fire
  10. il2crashesnfails

    JU52 Sortie

    is that fire under plane in the last screen shot?
  11. il2crashesnfails

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  12. I often find myself in a fighter gliding to a Airstrip. I find it difficult to know when to start slowing down. So, I either come in way too hot and over run the airstrip. Or I lower landing gear too early and run out of energy to get to the airstrip. Below is probably the best I have ever done and I still came up short 😕 Any tips on what I did wrong and what you do would be of great help
  13. il2crashesnfails

    12 tank kills in Heinkel

    Yeah, I would have stalled and ended up in the ground like a dart