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  1. It's pretty good for the price! Yep, just checked out the comment then !
  2. How do you add AAA to ships. Do you have to attach them somehow? SEems like when I try to place them on ship they go under it./
  3. I think that is why the damage modelling is so important all the small things are noticed and make it great
  4. Hey, If I dont have to be on your crew you dont have to be on mine!
  5. I get the most enjoyment when I land a heavily damaged Aircraft. That's why I love this game the most I think. Even if the landing results in a crash landing or a overrun. I think the most satisfying to land when damaged is the Me262. I have compiled a small video with all my crash landings and overruns.
  6. thanks I thought that they always had an audio channel to talk
  7. The performance I find is the biggest difference between the two. With the IL-2 I seem to come to stalls alot faster then with the Havoc. I notice this alot in tight turns. The IL-2 seems to have huge turbo lag/boost lag. Payload the Havoc wins. Especially with bombs. However, The IL-2 wins when talking about cannon. Escpecially with the 23mm and 30mm. Also, I dont think you can fit the Havoc with rockets? Durability is close but I think the A-20 edges out the IL-2 simply because it performs so well on a single engine. Below is an example of a ground strike I p
  8. The real question is. What are your ethics on attacking Red Cross infrastructure in the setting of WW2? What happens if the enemy shields valuable targets under the banner of the RED CROSS?
  9. That is another aspect I enjoy. Trying to limp home after a bombing run.
  10. yeah, I think that is a true statement when talking about multi player. Hey Raptor! hope all is well!
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