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  1. haha yeah pretty much only time I would have a chance
  2. I guess if Hartmann was waiting to get that close it must be the correct thing to do.
  3. First time I got some debris to hit my engine. Totally destroyed the prop. Anyone know if this was common in ww2?
  4. That makes sense that they didn't need horizon to bomb a target. However, what if that got stuck in cloud getting to target?
  5. Been flying the stuka more lately I got in some clouds something I dont usually do. Anyways when I went looking for the artificial horizon I couldn't find it or anything that looked like it in other planes did they use something else? anyways here is a vid of some shenanigans I got up to with the ju-87
  6. Seems like ALOT of fire will hit you when you bail due to the wind pushing the flames directly over you? I have been trying to bail more often then land when on fire. I have noticed in IL-2 you have a certain amount of time before the plane explodes violently. Probably because it reached the main fuel tanks? The explosion isn't small it usually blows both wings off
  7. Anyone else notice that the pilot of the bombers usually bails first.Particularly notice it in the ju-88.
  8. This is really well done. I like the Crete one aswell
  9. I have landed missing a horizontal stabiliser never the vert. Did yours get shot off be cannon?
  10. That would be awesome to watch. I have yet to have that happen and land. Did you land? or was it a crash landing?
  11. Anyone have a strict rule to when to bail? Particularly a min altitude?
  12. Yes I think ground attacks and slow bombers is the best fit for the p-40 now. yep the chute knocked that big tree down!
  13. What if you were in a 1v1 against a 109? and it was a head on pass at same altitude? would you engage or try and flee?
  14. I just got the P-40 recently and I think its great for taking on bombers. The 50 cals seem to be as effective as cannon! In addition as some members here have pointed out the chances of setting target on fire increases! The landing gear seems stout aswell. However, what I haven't used the P-40 for much if any yet is dog fighting. Do any members here use it in that role?
  15. I actually just got the P-40 and you are right the 50 cals are fire starters for sure. Usually in a he-111 if there is an emergency I dont worry about gear and lower it at the last second. However, with the ju-88 I always tend to lower them quickly if I want to actually land in a pinch.
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