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  1. I don't know any other planes that the flaps are connected to the stab do you? Yeah I think it knocked everyones fillings out of there teeth That would be interesting to get the take on a real junker pilot!
  2. I just started with the ju-52 and the flap selection is rather different then the other bombers and fighters. Seems you need to move the horizontal stab after activating the flaps. My question is do many of you here use the flaps at all? Seems the junkers can slow down pretty good and seems to float pretty well at low speeds. the only real reason I have found that I needed flaps was for short runways with rather steep approaches like below.
  3. Hope everyone isnt drinking and flying!
  4. I find the pe-2 one of the harder planes to land when it has reduced thrust. Seems to be very easy to stall. at 0:45 the bombed ju-88 looks like a V-22 Osprey
  5. I think my main problem is with the deflection shooting. when at the 6 oclock position I always get too close. I must maintain distance like you suggest if i find myself in that attacking position. Thank you. you always know all the hot keys with the ju-88 do you know if it had a payload larger then the he-111? To me the the ju-88 just looks smaller. yes it has thanks for your posts.
  6. Hope you had a merry christmas and a great new year too! Also I have a question Raptor, do you know how to switch to the camera view of other planes that are friendlies? I know how to view enemy just not other planes in my flight. Yeah ZETEXY is probably the best il2 youtube channel. I try to follow what you suggest but I always end up on a bombers tail. I think I sustain most damage in that position. Need to follow advice and attack on 45 degree angle.
  7. Does upgrading the weapons of the he-111 to cannon really help any when fighting off fighters? What do you guys think ? are you ever worried when attacking the he-111? For me when there is a lone 111 i'm not that concerned, however, if there is a formation I usually sustain alot of damage.
  8. Thanks ill use that next time always forget stuff like that. Also do you happen to know how to view other aircraft in your formation in replay? Yeah would be cool to have them in the game for sure. Can't comment on the 262 haven't got that plane as yet!
  9. never thought about side slipping to direct the fire. I havent had much luck getting the fire out in bombers. Every now and then I was able in a fighter when you pitch nose down and enter a fast dive. Do you know if any of these planes had a fire suppression system?
  10. Does anyone disagree with this? The only other option is to pitch hard up to get altitude and bail. However, if you are in a bomber with multiple crew this still doesn't give enough time for everyone to get out. Also a question I have is when on fire should you turn the engine off?
  11. that would be great to see the crew running for cover
  12. The a-20 seems pretty tough. THey were ?Ai in the 109's
  13. Anyone here think there was any other way out of that situation? Any tactics that you should try when out numbered like that?
  14. Any other he-111 pilots noticing that a wing tends to blow off more often now?
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