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  1. When I look at instruments I get really shaky!.
  2. I usually just fly straight and level. What do you do? zig zag or change altitude often? Maybe doing that could have avoided what happened to me?
  3. how do you get the 262 its not in collector planes?
  4. Attacked by fighters. Looks like nose gunner got the worst of it.
  5. half the fun is trying to get back to base with a wounded bird. Is for me anyway :)))))
  6. I know alot here like to land wheels up. But its fun trying to land gear down and salvage the airframe.
  7. how do you get to fly the LA-5? is it a premium plane?
  8. thanks for the link. You often hear alot about the fighter aces on the western front not so much on the eastern.
  9. I know about the 262 on the western front against p51's. However, I have never heard of them operating in the eastern front. Anyone know if they were ever against some yaks?
  10. When I land with one engine if I go slow the wing with the engine out tends to tip down and stall. One question I have is did they land faster when they had an engine out? 😅😅 me too!
  11. here is my attempt at landing a crippled he111.One question I had is it ever ok in a he111 to land with the tail wheel first?
  12. fun watch! How much a chance does the t-34 have against a tiger?
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