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  1. there is a link in the description to the product... more importantly i FRIED my headset with the minimal sun exposure to record this video and take a picture...DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR HEADSET TO SUN EVER. tough way to learn...there is nothing anywhere about sun exposure in the user manual, warranty, ect. I literally read the fine print...probably 3 minutes of sun exposure RUINED this head set...time to test out HP customer service
  2. Hey Fellas, I know many of us here use the reverb, here are 2 tricks I used to make mine much less hot in the summer. VR cover makes a cover that fits perfectly but is not advertised...
  3. has anyone been able to improve the hazy / foggy look. This is driving me absolutely nuts. also, the shimmering of distant contacts in the old build really helped with spotting...there is no way to see them without some sort of aid it all just blends together most of the time. i have 20/20 vision and a reverb. and i hate to sound like a dick, but I built a system to run 2160x2160 at 90 fps and the last thing I want to do is reduce the resolution of my reverb....
  4. interesting. have you tried to run VRSS on top of this? Perhaps might boost up the pixels in the center when taking this approach? My issue is that when I tested the reverb at less than 100% SS I did not have any noticeable performance increase...but perhaps a 2nd test is warranted.
  5. already had HDR off, still very washed out. spotting is T O U G H currently for me...
  6. has anyone been able to correct the washed out / saturated look since the update? I have gamma at .8 and would like to get it lower (reverb)
  7. has anyone been able to correct the washed out / saturated look? Gamma at .8 is better but I would like to get it lower....perhaps editing the ini file? I am still testing settings but it seems that for me, FSAA runs MUCH better than MSAA.
  8. I believe it does have the demo mode. Still loving SSW!
  9. i use it with bass shakers and its great, give it a go. you will need the standard and 6.1 (or whatever its called) add on to use it with any bass shaker system. its about $45 usd.
  10. @pfrances scroll down to the "audacity" section on this page and it describes how to make 2 separate channels. I have not messed with this yet, but audacity is free and it is possible but certainly not as easy as an integration into the SSW software. (granted I have yet to fiddle with it and currently run 2 shakers in mono) https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com/p/simshaker-wings-user-guide.html
  11. V1.38 has fixed the engine vibration issue I reported previously. happy times!
  12. 1.37 seems to have fixed this issue for me, but i sometimes get an engine beat like rumble before I even have the plane started . it will continue no matter what is happening in flight. have to stop and restart SSW to fix it. sadly hitting alt+tab in VR is not a good idea in IL2. anyone else have this one? How is 1.37 working for you all?
  13. 1.37 should fix this. however I have noticed a sustained engine beat type effect that starts when starting up (and the engine is not running) and is continuous even on 1.37. seems random as to when this happens and does not happen
  14. just got done doing some bench marking with my HP Reverb and noticed an average of 3 FPS increase in going from a super sampling value of 106% in steam VR to 56% in steam VR. (this was in scripted campaign) I checked in the headset and it definitely was down sampling the image. Given the lack luster gain in performance from this I am not inclined to even try VRSS applied to a lower super sampling value to try and obtain better performance.
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