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  1. just wanted to say thank you to @Alonzo for a great server and to and all the pilots in discord chat who have helped me over the last couple of months get more sorted out with IL2. Is so damn fun...my time spent in the sim racing rig has decreased dramatically and all you heathens are to blame! 🤪
  2. I imagine the developers know what % of their user base is on VR and I am willing to bet its a larger percentage than we all think just based on my conversations in discord with pilots. What are the benefits of deferred rendering? ACC is a hog even on single screen. It does look absolutely amazing but you need a 2080 + to run it on high even on single screen .
  3. having used ACC which is an Unreal Engine title and uses deferred rendering in VR I hope they get deferred rendering working better in VR for IL2. its absolute garbage, on ACC. even my i9900k @ 5050 and 2080 @2000 cant hold 90 fps on low settings....
  4. I have significantly lower performance recently in scripted campaign. I have been making adjustments to my PC and fear that my changes to memory overclocking have resulted in worse performance but given all the AI improvements in 4.003 I figured that might be part of it.... yes HUD is off, i know my performance is about 10 FPS average worse because I do loads of bench-marking using IL2 in VR and a specific campaign (blazing steppe, baptism of fire). The auto pilot and AI seem to fly differently now and the bench mark does not run exactly the same every time any longer... just trying to figure out variables anyone else have worse performance in single player campaigns lately?
  5. I have encountered this and had a buddy have it twice in a couple of hours...its a thing
  6. @Alonzo I am working on the ram overclocking video, but got distracted yesterday for about 6 hours by this amazing IL2 server called "combat box" you should try it some time 😁 In all seriousness I am researching manual ram overclocking it seems I can probably make some good improvements by tightening up my timings, and given that I have a premium bin samsung B die kit I might as well use what I paid for...more to come!
  7. If you have money to burn get a proper button box that's fancy, they are around $200. Here is what I run for $32 it works great. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NGSNJV8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I put grip tape on certain keys so I can feel where I am at. Once you log some seat time it's all muscle memory. My set up is a tm16000, rudders, throttle, stick and a 38 key key pad for a poor mans button box
  9. I agree with these philosophies as well. Sounds very close to my settings (but ss at 100% on the reverb)
  10. thanks for that @Senor_Jefe-6 pretty damn impressive for *only* 1.34 on the v core.
  11. 😂@Senor_Jefe-6 stop motivating all of us at 5.0 to go up even higher 😂 *goes into bios*
  12. I'd stick with an index if u have a 1080. Set up video posted in 1st post here for anyone who is interested
  13. V2 is all they sell now. Pro version has a different facial interface is the only difference from standard version I believe
  14. the jerky / lack of smoothness from VR is only realized when viewing on a single screen. the experience in the head set is very smooth if you can hit and hold the required frame rates for your head set, usually 80 or 90 fps. This is why screen captures and VR videos are so un popular they look awful. but its not like that at all in the head set...
  15. @Alonzo you will love the reverb. believe me, its a massive improvement in clarity over an index at 10.5 million pixels on IL2. So it should blow a rift S out of the water (reverb is 9.3M pixels native but its WAY more clear than index)
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