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  1. Thanks for the effort you put in Guys, sorry I couldn't contribute each week but it was good fun. Cheers Branston
  2. Please can you register 56RAF_Branston for entente? Thanks Branston
  3. First two missions successfully completed before an enforced break for Christmas, what a really great campaign, excellent work. Looking forward to more flying time in the Havoc this afternoon. Thanks guys, Cheers! Branston
  4. Thanks for this brilliant campaign. I have just completed Taman Bridgehead and enjoyed every minute. OK so I needed to re-fly most of the missions until I managed to move on but that in no way spoilt the overall enjoyment. Cheers Branston
  5. Solved my problem. Saw another thread about slow download which advised switching from "seed when downloaded" to "prefer web distribution" in the IL2 settings menu. Restarted the launcher and everything downloaded OK. Branston
  6. I have exactly the same problem, checks the cache, start download then stops with error message "failed to update" Branston
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