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  1. sorry the map is a bit central specific as we use it for training, but i can make entente planes available as well, thanks for the feedback.Herr Klugermann! report to the Staffelfurhers office i believe your in line for a demotion.
  2. Well, I finished the beginner course with a time of 8.15:50, in an Alby D5, now to try the Intermediate, it's Friday so I got all day lol
  3. Hello, I just wanted to make people aware the Flugpark2 has a new practice map up and will not be passworded temporarily to allow anyone who wishes to play around in this less serious environment.New pilots can practice their skills in the bombing and gunnery ranges, more seasoned pilots may enjoy the Shark Tank dogfight area or one of the various fast food type multiplayer ground and airstart.For those seeking a flying challenge outside of combat there are 3 different obstacle courses to test your aircraft handling skills, beginner, intermediate, and expert, as of this writing no pilot has officially completed any of the obstacle courses, and we will be keeping track of best times and aircraft types, to submit a record simply use the in-game recording feature by pressing left control and R before starting your engine,as course times are measured from engine start to engine stop at finish,then extract and zip the file of your game recording and send it to me through pm here or on discord all are welcome to stop in and check it out, the race course airfields are still closed and under construction but if you want to race the course simply take a plane at Biostrancourt and fly over to the race course.Again all are welcome, enjoy yourselves and keep in mind that multiplayer dogfighting should only take place at the ground or airstarts so designated, please respect pilots in the bombing gunnery or ai combat ranges as well as any seeking obstacle course time records.Hope to see you there!
  4. Great work Herr Konneke, and congratulations to 1Pl_Sahaj ,a most formidable opponent.
  5. awesome job on the vids, hopefully soon these courses will be available on our practice server for others to enjoy as well.
  6. Perhaps you are correct, I don't know.I think that constructive feedback to the developers even to the point of offering suggestions is very much preferable to what we are currently seeing with most of it amounting to nothing more than complaining and people discontinuing play along with the side affect of discouraging any new players from coming into the very small multiplayer community.I for one would love to see more patches with improvements to the current state of the game along with a Channel map and new planes,however it's seems a bit of a rock and a hard place if most of the player base , refuses to fly or quits altogether then new players are less likely and the low income stream will discourage any further development of the ww1 genre.I will stick it out and fly anyway because I still enjoy it and I'm thankful there are others who feel the same way, sorry to go off topic, what was that about convergence? oh yeah, it's when your bleeding out wounded with a plane falling apart around you facing 6 to 1 odds and one of the attackers still manages to run into your plane lol and still fault you for the collision hmmm, now that's some convergence alright.
  7. As far as I know, zero adjustments and ballistic arcs were modeled in ROF, and seem to be here as well, as far as convergence referring to the armament on our modeled aircraft, that is a matter of having your point of aim coincide with the projectiles point of impact at a specified range, the convergence is where those points are identical, it is a purely vertical adjustment made at the time by placing washers under the mounting bolts for the aircraft's guns and was very limited due to the fact the projectiles must pass between the propeller blades,therefore no horizontal adjustment was possible and minimal vertical adjustment or propeller strikes would occur.The British .303 round and German 7.92 or 8mm are not very dissimilar rounds and share a fairly common .30 cal. ballistic arc,this means that when zeroed at 50m the projectile will meet the point of aim at 50m ,however as is common with most 30. cal. rounds the arc brings the projectile to the same point of impact at 300m.Therefore a 50m and 300m convergence will literally yield the same point of impact.Understanding this, and that between 50 and 300m the point of impact will be higher than point of aim, while beyond 300m the point of impact will be below the point of aim, may help explain why some adjustments to convergence may appear to make little difference in point of impact.Whatever convergence or zero you set , stay with it and learn the different deflection shots and lead you need to make hits and after repetition it will become instilled.Just my two cents, for what it's worth.An interesting theory was brought up to me regarding the current damage model comments, could the projectiles we have modeled in the game possibly be closer to ww2 .50 cal rounds and that is the reason for the number of hits that cause catastrophic damage to be lower than seems reasonable, along with the excessive loss of control wires? Additionally along that train of thought couldn't a fix to the damage each 30. cal round does by reducing it, would solve current damage model concerns and be applied only to the ww1 aircraft without affecting the other ww2 aircraft in the game. Thereby restoring playability and enjoyment for those of us who prefer the first war stuff.
  8. Okay well thanks I will check to see if the languages are set correctly, plenty of other bugs I'm working on at the moment haha
  9. Hello ,first time posting here and super newbee mission maker (this is my first attempt) and i would appreciate any assistance.I have many in game scripts for objects under attack or objects detected and the are not showing up when i am testing the mission, i made sure the coalition settings are correct and believe i have the MCU triggered correctly with a timer.What could I be doing wrong?
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