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  1. While I'm at it, I joined Finnish and managed to burn out my Pz IV engine driving up a hill. What did I do wrong? Is there a good TC tutorial out there that's up to date?
  2. Just got this. From the commander's position I can drive the tank. Can I also traverse the gun?
  3. I agree Browning that evaluating "accuracy" in the damage modelling is likely hard to address. Plausibility seems a good question to consider and in so doing, to recognise that some hits can be critical, hitting a pilot, setting a fire etc. This also has to put in the context that this is a game and I am not sure that we want things to be overly "realistic". I just rarely see or experience anything like I referenced in the gun cam footage - I think those kinds of hits from 110 cannons would result in lots of streaming, engine smoking and fires. Could be a limitation of the camera footage?
  4. Caveats: Love the game, play daily, some but not huge experience, interested in thoughts and discussion and not causing an argument. I saw this video today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yMT0H8qe9k&ab_channel=PeriscopeFilm If you look at the 110 G2 attack on the B17 from 7:15 onwards I was surprised by a couple of things, most notably how little damage seemed to be done to the engines. That got me to thinking about recent discussions about damage modelling. We have ongoing requests that 50 cals get buffed and I myself have wondered about the robustness of the P
  5. Thanks for the input guys, some good insights. I still find that the control loss through wing hits in the 47 are more debilitating than in other aircraft. A lot more. Ho hum, onwards and upwards (hopefully).
  6. Hi all, I'm really trying to like this plane since it was released (both versions). Improvements have been made in handling and power (with 150 grade fuel) but it still feels just so vulnerable to damage compared to other fighters. It doesn't fall apart like it used to, but relatively trivial damage (mg hits) to wings and it often loses controlability. Again, I stress that this is in comparison to other aircraft. I fly ground attack a lot so I am well used to getting hit! I thought of bringing this up as I have seen others remarking on it in multiplayer chat. It
  7. Just trying to login to Multiplayer server and screen sort of freezes. I can see people chatting but can't click on anything. Was OK last night.
  8. Meh. Came over from IL2. Interface is beyond clunky but navigated that using manual. Got keys setup, clunky again. Followed manual to get 109 F4 in air then everytime I tried to raise gear started shaking like an earthquake. Back to Sturmovik for me.
  9. What is the main difference between the Razorback and existing P47D in game? I think the latter is better at higher altitude but that is of little value in IL2. Other than visibility is the Razorback a better choice in multiplayer?
  10. I think you are correct - they were way overpowered before and one, well placed 1000kg bomb could nuke virtually an entire objective. That said, I would still like them to have some effect and for there to be a reason to take them over more, smaller bombs. On CB again tonight with F8 and found even 70kg bombs will destroy bunkers so carrying 4 of these plus two 250s = 6 bunkers destroyed. I would hope it would be better to hit say, a built-up area, with the 1000kg. Has anyone tested this?
  11. Hi all, Just finished a game on CB flying 190F8, mostly with 3 250kg bombs which I find generally effective. I decided to try out the 1000kg since it was available. I dropped it in the middle of a line of bunkers and killed,....one of them. As I pulled away the hit looked good, near enough in the middle and they all looked fresh and white as I dove in (no damage). I also used it against some buildings where it seemed to do better. On the whole I'd appreciate thoughts from the veteran ground pounders. What is your impression of bomb effectiveness since they were "ne
  12. Thanks lads. Can handle it much better now and shot down 3 in the first mission. I still find it hard to keep sights on the target though - it just wants to "swim" left and right a little.
  13. Even when I order my gunners to engage ground targets I never see them do so - is this disabled?
  14. Tried one of the new campaigns in a DR I. With throttle at about 60% was having to pitch the stick far forward to maintain level flight. Copped then that reducing throttle would bring the nose down which it did. Then got into fight with Camels. Turning is like riding a drunken monkey. It swings up and down, much worse to the left. I find it so hard to keep control. Rudder seems more important than in WWII AC. Those in the know please enlighten me.
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