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  1. Many of us do this exact thing - i.e. flying with real world "timer" at a given speed in a fairly straight line just as a means of navigation (with map marker switched off). And yes, it works just about fine - the maps are 1:1 scale indeed.😉
  2. Twin UB for me as well. BTW it is the default option in SP career, which suits me nicely.
  3. Wow! I did not knew that,thanks for letting us know. 👍
  4. If you want to see a truly filled frontgarden look at this:Air park Zruč - it is a private collection that started with a guy who just happen to come across an opportunity to cheply get a discarded wreck of MiG-21 and thought it would make an interesting decoration in his then (early 1990s) rather empty and unattented orchard.😉
  5. Actually the squadron started with Yak-1 and only later got Yak-3 (which - according to the wiki article - Stalin eventually awarded to the respective pilots as a personal title in reward for their service).
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