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  1. Personally im not opposed to them selling tanks for 20 bucks a pop , if it would help with development of a tank crew sequel and let us have more variety , i wouldn't mind a Tiger P (one of which did see use in russia as a command vehicle for a Ferdinand battalion)
  2. How can i easily make camo line up along the template without know what part is what (ie what panther side skirt goes where)
  3. Same here , nothing works for me , menu doesn't even show up
  4. I only own tank crew for starters. Whenever i load into a mission its black , the fps overlay shows but the menu doesn't open and the screen is black
  5. i see that statement meaning that its all the tanks for this version of tank crew , probably easier to say tank crew than the full name
  6. it happens ever time i load the game , if it helps i only own tank crew
  7. when i click quick mission in the menu it goes to the orbit camera in the hanger , doesn't load and soft locks.
  8. " landed on Sword beach on June 6th in Sherman Duplex Drive tank fitted with a 17lb (Tiger Killer) gun."
  9. firefly's didn't have any dd versions , gun was too big.
  10. personally i'd like to see north Africa or Italy before France tiger h1 , pz 3 and 4 would be done , plus you'd get British tanks Italy could have elephants , tiger e's , panther d , a , and g , fireflys , sherman 76 , hell cat , m10 , and british tanks
  11. sorry , but by definition skins in il-2 tank crew are mods.
  12. I come from the school of thought that modding can't hurt a game , and i think tank crew with modding would be the best tank game ever
  13. What is the modability for tank crew? Just simple textures or full tank conversions (sherman firefly , sherman 76mm , tiger E) , full new tanks? (tiger ausf B , panther A , tiger p , is 2 , stug . hetzer)?
  14. The panther d is coming , probably late this year or early to mid next. unless modding happens you wont see As or Gs anytime soon
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