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  1. what a Classic! Question to the devs: what software do you use to model these aircrafts?
  2. Yes to the Mosquito, no to the Lancaster, but yes to the Halifax, but definitely no to the Skua or Barracuda....
  3. how could something as graceful as the Spitfire and something as hideous as the Typhoon come from the same people...
  4. does anyone know how to name the PzIV skirts properly when you save them in the skins folder, since they come in a separate file.
  5. the way i "zoom" is simply leaning forward, closer to the monitor (i am using TrackIR) i believe that is a little more comparable to reality
  6. right, however, magnifying objects by several factors in the process is not realistic either
  7. wel, technically Zooming isn't a realistic feature, unless they were flying with a set of binoculars back in the day.
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