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  1. I haven't seen it. i think it just looks cool. thx
  2. Actually ☝️, Lebensmüde means literally Suicidal. Weltschmerz describes more of the depressed view of life you are referring to, and by no means is the same thing! And i am a wacky German, so i know 😁
  3. yea i figured it would be a royal pain in the ass, so no white prop tips for zeh germans then. but thank you anyways Raptor
  4. I was wondering if the colored prop tips are hard coded into only some of the planes, because for the life of me i can't find the part on any template (even of the planes with yellow prop tips) that shows the prop blades in motion. what i mean is, I can paint the prop tips of any plane, however as soon as the prop starts spinning the tip is black again (except for the british and american planes).
  5. Okay i had the same issue. it's called Dither. But after i bought a new monitor it's gone. All you gotta do is throw money at the problem.
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