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  1. the way i "zoom" is simply leaning forward, closer to the monitor (i am using TrackIR) i believe that is a little more comparable to reality
  2. right, however, magnifying objects by several factors in the process is not realistic either
  3. wel, technically Zooming isn't a realistic feature, unless they were flying with a set of binoculars back in the day.
  4. Wow, amazing. The T-34 engine sounds terrific, like the big ole diesel it is. I'm not sure if the russian farmer appreciates your driving, though.
  5. this is beautiful! what kind of specs do you recommend to run that map smooth in full distance glory?
  6. now hold on a second, his name was RedStrapOns? i mean that alone should have told you to stay away from him
  7. They perform fantastic. i am playing on a 34" curved alienware, totally worth every cent. Now you do need a lot of horsepower to run the game properly on a 3000+ resolution with 100Hz, BUT since you are already shopping for a monitor i suppose your rig is up to the task. I highly recommend it, with TrackIR.
  8. I haven't seen it. i think it just looks cool. thx
  9. Actually ☝️, Lebensmüde means literally Suicidal. Weltschmerz describes more of the depressed view of life you are referring to, and by no means is the same thing! And i am a wacky German, so i know 😁
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