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  1. i know right! haha 👍 thanks!
  2. thanks! i'll try to make some more 👍
  3. collection of some spitfire action in a kill type compilation video.
  4. Got rocked by the cannons I believe. It happened so fast... literally half a sec and I was no more. lol.
  5. so I was flying around in the KOTA server today... and saw something hilarious...
  6. I would like to take this time to apologize to the Admins and the people that I have offended in game. I understand the severity of my actions and have learned from my mistakes. I let a bad day get the best of me and I also understand if i'm banned from the server forever. I just wanted to take this time and apologize to everyone here. Life is to short and I would like to clear my conscious. I hope ya'll can forgive me of my wrong doings. Anyways, hope the best for everyone here.
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