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  1. thanks! i'll try to make some more 👍
  2. collection of some spitfire action in a kill type compilation video.
  3. Got rocked by the cannons I believe. It happened so fast... literally half a sec and I was no more. lol.
  4. so I was flying around in the KOTA server today... and saw something hilarious...
  5. I would like to take this time to apologize to the Admins and the people that I have offended in game. I understand the severity of my actions and have learned from my mistakes. I let a bad day get the best of me and I also understand if i'm banned from the server forever. I just wanted to take this time and apologize to everyone here. Life is to short and I would like to clear my conscious. I hope ya'll can forgive me of my wrong doings. Anyways, hope the best for everyone here.
  6. Can we get stats on our pilot that include specific Aircraft type kills? for example. "FW190 killed: 31"; That would be G sauce. "BF109 killed: 76". ect....
  7. Well, it wasn't meant to be taken in that light and i'm sorry you feel that way. Yes SCG Boo is a good sport indeed...
  8. It's suppose to be some humor. why are you so defensive? so serious! lol
  9. Sneaky YAK. TAW mission7. I think SCG squad could benefit from this video! haha :D.
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