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  1. I want to see the Ju87 D5 in our simulation... ☺️ And I have been waiting for it for a while...
  2. I am very much looking forward to the new "Battle of Normandy" and the Arado-234, which other fighter-bomber pilots in my Luftflotte are anxious to get their hands on. That being said, will the developers ever consider implementing "what if" AI. For example, in the "Battle of Normandy", had Rommel moved his two tank divisions towards the coastal areas, there would have been considerable difficulty for the Allies to make the headway they did. Of course, adding such considerations means that others will suffer but it would be interesting to see if we could have some type of implementation that would allow either side to build up Research & Development Resources based upon their success or failures in their missions...
  3. I am considering joining in the German side as 2-seater pilot if that is possible. Haven't flown WWI in quite a while as I am now a confirmed Ju87 pilot with Luftflotte-6 but this event does intrigue me. I'll have to pull out the old Halberstadt and give it a whirl... 😂
  4. Does TAW provide tournament events that various squadrons can attend???
  5. Well that is good to know. However, it still installs in Program Files (x86) unless that is a mistake of the installer. If that is the case than the Coconut server could be having memory issues... Took me a while to find the standard system requirements for BoX simulations... OS: 64-bit Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 CPU: Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.8 ГГц GPU: GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7770 with 2GB VRAM or better DirectX: Version 11 RAM: 4 Gb+ Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible Storage space: 10 Gb+ Internet connection: 256Kb/s for single-player campaign, 1Mb/s and faster for multi-player DirectX® compatible flight stick is recommended Since the Coconut server would be running through the DServe application, there is no need to consider graphic requirements. However, if it is running on an Intel I5 processor that could be an issue because anything less than an I7 is going to have questionable performance if it is going to be used as a server. The minimum recommendation for RAM is 4gigs. This is really no good for most 64bit machines today as workstations should have as a minimum 8gigs, while servers, 16gigs.
  6. Hi Coconut... A friend and I just tried our first sorties as new members of LF6\SG77. We began our flights at around 3:30PM EST. The server throughout all of our sorties was quite erratic with warping and stuttering at points during the flight. The server crashed at one point while at other times booted pilots from their aircraft and prevented others from joining the server. Admittedly the server was maxed at some points but I have flown on heavily populated servers before without such problems. In my experience as a software engineer, the first thing we would look at is the amount of RAM applied to the machine. However, BoX simulations are still being run under the x86 format, meaning that only 4gigs of RAM are available for such applications. Thus, I would imagine then that something has to be corrected in the configuration support files or there may be a networking issue with the hosting service you are using to support these servers.
  7. Is there any interest in a budding JU-87 pilot?
  8. Thank you for the guide. I have downloaded it and plan to print out the information on the JU-87... 😊
  9. Hello... 😊 I am getting the hang of the JU-87 once again and as a result my takeoffs and landings are becoming more consistent. When I can do 5 good landings in a row than I will consider myself checked out for this phase of my re-learning. What I need next is a list of the controls (ie: mixture) that we must fly with online so I can set them up correctly. I already have the RPM manual setting working quite well. Thank you...
  10. I just started re-learning the JU-87 and though I can take it off and land it I couldn't figure out why the plane would fish-tail so much in either case. Turns out, I forgot to lock the tail-wheel. Your manual was very helpful in reminding me of what I had done previously... 😊
  11. Thank you... I noticed just after I posted my question... 😊
  12. Can you give me the information for your Discord Server? Thank you... 😊
  13. I am relearning the JU-87, my favorite German aircraft of WWII. I have been flying 2-seater bombers in ROF for two years and would like to change up. Is it possible to do this with this group? My time zone is EST...
  14. Heshima... I have been considering for a while of moving on from Rise of Flight to BoX. My preference would be to fly bombers like you. I started to become proficient with the JU-87 Stuka but halted my practice before I really learned how to bomb. I currently fly 2-seaters primarily with ROF's 103rd squadron but I am looking to do more than just trying to up a kill-tally... 😊 What type of aircraft are you interested in flying in terms of the bombers?
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