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  1. The difference should be visible in tech chat. As soon as the engine icon turns yellow or red, you're burning up some kind of limit. As long as the tech chat says you're flying at normal engine power, you're fine. From what I've seen from other aircraft, it appears to be some combination of RPM and MP. It's possible that in some aircraft you can trade a bit lower MP for a bit higher RPM, or vice versa. That said, if you keep to the settings specified in the technical specs, you should be fine.
  2. The AI actually does take some of the planes strengths/weaknesses compared to the enemy's into account. An energy fighter is much less inclined to get into a turning fight, and vice versa. Although the effect only shows up at the higher pilot levels (i.e. ace); rookies will get into a turning fight no matter what. I'm also not sure what characteristics are actually used (e.g. roll rate, turn rate at a certain speed, ...) so the effect might be somewhat basic but the AI does handle each plane according to its weaknesses and strengths.
  3. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Bodenplatte per se. Not that it isn't good, but there's other titles as well (BOS, BOM, BOK), each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Just buy the one that sounds most attractive to you. Also, if you want to use Steam, you'll have to buy BOS. You can merge it with content bought at the IL2 store, as long as BOS was bought from Steam.
  4. I obviously don't know what they say in "a Steam YouTube" or its trustworthiness, but after you moved everything correctly, you should be able to delete any leftover files from your C drive. If for some reason Steam doesn't work as intended, just restore the files from your trash bin or, worst case, re-download your games.
  5. Or just move everything to a random location on your E: drive and make Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad a symlink to the new location. Saves you the hassle of having to re-download everything.
  6. There's one scenario missing from the post you linked: Flaps are extended (whether they're limited doesn't matter). I want to retract them completely. If I understand it correctly, in real life this should be as easy as setting the flaps valve to "retract". *However*, when I press shift-F to do exactly that, the game seems to think I want to move the flaps limiter instead and returns the flaps to "extend" once I release shift-F. I haven't yet found any way to get the flaps to permanently retract. Could you give the correct procedure for the scenario above, i.e. retracting extended flaps?
  7. Wait - I hadn't even realised this is the first September since the release of Bodenplatte. That means it's now exactly 76 years ago that the front line entered the Rheinland map! A pity the Dakota isn't finished yet. It would be great escorting (or intercepting) a flight of those birds on the 17th...
  8. And does anyone have any information about air operations in the area in 1942/1943, as the front line goes right through the map throughout that period? I suppose Novosokolniki, being a railway hub, was under the occasional attack?
  9. The Devs have requested to not put any replies here: It's definitely some interesting data you provided, but if everyone starts posting again why he/she thinks a certain option is the best one, we're back at the mess that the original topic was. As the Devs have stated, this poll is meant to get past the discussion and find out what "the community" wants. Not to start the discussion all over again.
  10. Anyone care to tell what "IPD" means? Anyhow, not extremely important. I get, and fully agree with, the gist of the first option - that visibility is OK, if certain issues get fixed. I think it also would be interesting to see if a correlation exists between the votes and certain hardware, e.g. if people with VR or 4k screens are more likely to vote for one of the options.
  11. After the surrounding of Stalingrad the Germans in the steppes had to drive to the city to scavenge the ruins for wood from destroyed furniture to use as fuel. Kinda breaks immersion if you fly near Stalingrad in December 1942 and there's enough wood to build a whole damn Eiffel tower with.
  12. I know, I work at an IT helpdesk. Although with us it's usually because some specialised software is only available for XP/7 or because the license for a new version would cost multiple hundreds of thousands of euros. I can tell you, trying to install Win7 32bit (which doesn't natively support USB3.0) on modern hardware ain't pretty. If you're a normal consumer though, there's not a single reason to still use XP or 7. If anyone who reads this still has either of those operating systems, I beg you to please upgrade as its continued use is a danger to your own digital safety and therefore by extension to others'.
  13. Seriously, if anyone is still on 7 they need to upgrade as it is EOL.
  14. Is this the one? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/31538-stalingrad-area-from-the-air-or-so-many-durn-trees/ The consensus seems to be that yes, there are too many trees, but it makes the map more interesting. Now we're a couple of years ahead and we've got lots of maps to choose from, I doubt that argument is still valid. I personally don't think so. Ceterum censeo arbores esse delendam. There is a haystack object 😉 (although admittedly the two smaller haystacks on the right belong to an object group and are regrettably not available stand-alone 😢)
  15. From Wikipedia: There aren't any trees because they don't grow there except near water. Period. I'm not a fan of communism myself, but you can't blame everything on them and just assume that because something is different from where you live, it's because of them. Yes, there are roads without trees in game, also on the Stalingrad map (e.g. the road+railway southwest of Kuzmichi airfield). Which is why I don't understand why they didn't draw most roads without trees.
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