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  1. Very informative post! I always thought that it was a fixed timer depending on engine mode, but it seems that it's not. Apparently the engine system is more realistic than I thought.
  2. Good to hear that it works. One piece of advice I can give you is that you always need to have a backup plan for messages such as OnKilled or OnBingoBombs. A target may never be killed due to sheer luck, or an aircraft might drop its bombs much too soon if someone attacks it. Always make sure your logic can deal with similar situations. One other little trick that I use in a mission I'm making, is to just script everything. I need some bombs to drop at exactly the right position while the player is a couple of km away at the point, purely for cinematic reasons. I figured the player
  3. As you already suspect yourself, if the flight is linked, this is not possible.
  4. And again a piece of anecdotal "evidence"... Define "wonderful". Does it mean speed? Maneuverability? Both? If so, then what speed and what maneuverability? Wonderful compared to what? What bias do the authors have? Did they fly several types equally often, or mostly the P-47? "Most amazing maneuverability of any plane he flew" - quantify this. Does he mean roll speed, sustained turn, instantaneous turn? Or something else entirely? Horizontal or vertical maneuvers? What speed and altitude? What loadout and with how much fuel? What other planes did he fly? Was he as familiar flying
  5. I usually do an OnBingoBombs on the leader, followed by a Force Complete to force the other formation members to drop their bombs, and a waypoint after a short delay. Regarding the cover; what I do is just create a second flight with its waypoints at the same location and speed (or slightly faster) but a bit higher than the bombers'. Make the waypoints of the bombers trigger the cover waypoints, so that the cover only proceeds to the next waypoint once the bombers have caught up. Triggering a new waypoint (or whatever) just on all targets destroyed is usually a bad i
  6. Don't worry, if you play the mission they'll be at ground level regardless of where they are in the editor. If you want them at ground level in the mission editor as well, just move them a bit. They should go back to ground level again.
  7. Thanks @PatrickAWlson! Didn't know about the winch trick yet. Also, the way you explain it, AAA on average makes perfect sense. I'm making a mission with a balloon in it, so I'll put it into practice right away
  8. You should have posted in the Mission making and Mission Editor forum But given how heavily the Moderators are Moderating the forums lately, I suspect it'll be moved there really soon... As for your problem, I suspect the balloon altitude may still have its default value of 0. This results in a collision with the ground, destroying the balloon (and hence resulting in the smoke you see). You need to manually set the altitude you want the balloon to float at. This is the y position, in metres.
  9. For a no-taxi takeoff (spawned on runway), the AI will take off in the direction they're spawned in. So the wind direction doesn't matter there. Although, of course, you should always spawn your aircraft into the wind.
  10. Are you just here to make sarcastic comments and get other people to make your missions for you, or do you actually want help getting your tank to work?
  11. I've noticed pilots from all nationalities do it yes, but I can't say for sure if all planes do it. For instance, the Hs129 is not supposed to have an oxygen mask, but I've never taken one to a high altitude to see what happens.
  12. Well, what did you expect? It would cost me fifty times the time and effort to load the ME, load a map, create the game logic, save, upload to the forum, than it took you to write this post. Did you try to do it by yourself? What have you tried and where did it go wrong? What part of the necessary game logic do you not understand? I'd be glad to help you out if you have any specific questions, but it is my philosophy that it's better to teach people how to do things rather than do it for them, as otherwise I'll be stuck here forever doing menial things for other people like building flare-shoo
  13. You need the Icon Translator MCU for that. Place and link them along the route, at the same height as the corresponding waypoints. Set them to Position Type 0 in the advanced settings. This will at least give you the waypoint name, altitude and heading. The speed will be set to some generic value. If anyone knows how to set that, please share it
  14. You do realise that this thread is a whopping six years old?
  15. Attack Area with Ground as its meant for level bombing, as opposed to the other options which will result in a shallow dive or dive bombing.
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