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  1. Were they used historically in ww2 aircraft? Most planes (if not all) in IL2 have a turn and bank indicator, which essentially displays the same information (see image below for the bf109). Now I can understand that in a glider, where efficiency is paramount, a yaw string has advantages over a turn and bank indicator. But in IL2, I hardly ever take a glance at it. I'll gladly skid if that'd get my crosshairs on the enemy for slightly longer
  2. Well, the map images themselves are in data/swf/il2/mapstiles/[mapname]/tiles/[zoomlevel] (extract using unGTP). This would only give you some 150-200 images to merge instead of 500. 😉 Then again, for a web based application, you would want multiple small files for different zoom levels instead of one big (~100MB) image. So for a web-based service, you should just need to convert said files from .dds to .jpg or .png, and load them on demand depending on zoom level and location. I think il2map.info does something similar; they have the same amount of detail as in the max zoom level folders in the game, so if you need more detail than you can get with il2map.info, I think you're out of luck. Also, I'm not sure about the legality of hosting the map files online (they're the intellectual property of 1C games), so you should probably contact one of the moderators about that.
  3. What do you want to use it for? If you're just looking for a way to view the maps outside of IL2, e.g. for planning purposes, you may want to visit il2map.info. It's got all the maps in full resolution.
  4. Two additional mistakes: - Terneuzen (SW Netherlands) is misspelled as Terneuzer - Volkel airbase (B-80) is misspelled as Volker
  5. ...who both generally use native Dutch names, disregarding a few exceptions (The Hague, Arnheim, ...). To make matters worse, this American map from 1944 has 's-Gravenhage, while this German map from the same year uses Haag (without Den though) (both use 's-Hertogenbosch). Which leads us right back to the original problem. Anyway, I think the BOBP map as shown is fine, as long as the small spelling error in 's-Hertogenbosch is corrected.
  6. On maps it may have been, but the name Den Haag has long been in common use. I agree that on period maps 's-Gravenhage looks a bit more appropriate; however as I said Den Haag is much easier to relate to the English name The Hague. Given that the vast majority of players of IL2 aren't from the Netherlands, that should score some points too. Regardless, I think that both 's-Gravenhage and Den Haag are perfectly acceptable. I just don't agree with your statement that consistency should be used between Den Bosch and Den Haag.
  7. I don't agree - I think the full name 's-Hertogenbosch is more common than 's-Gravenhage (even the Dutch wikipedia page has Den Haag but 's-Hertogenbosch as their respective page titles. Maps - including Google Maps - also often make this difference). Den Bosch just sounds a bit too unofficial to me to use in a map. On the other hand, Den Haag nicely corresponds to its English name The Hague, which 's-Gravenhage just doesn't. So IMHO, the Devs are right to do it this way (besides the small spelling error of course).
  8. Good point - it seems to have originally been a separate fishing village, although having belonged to Den Haag since at least the late middle ages. Not sure if it still was a separate village during the war, but it was certainly part of the Den Haag municipality. Anyhow, Den Haag is definitely the name that should be spelled in all-caps, not Scheveningen
  9. A couple remarks on the map: - The cities of Deventer and Apeldoorn are swapped (see attached pic) - The city of "s-Hertogenbosch" should be written as 's-Hertogenbosch; so that's with an apostrophe before the s (due to 's being a contraction of des) - Scheveningen is all-caps, while Den Haag is not. This should be the other way around, as Scheveningen is a neighbourhood of Den Haag (and with Den Haag being the seat of government and de facto capital)
  10. I do miss Deelen airfield near Arnhem on the map. Does that mean you already have enough info on it, or that you don't currently plan to include it? Although, if memory serves me right, it stopped being an active airfield just before the start of the proposed timeframe for BOBP, in the years before that it was actually one of the major airfields in the Netherlands, especially used by night fighting squadrons (I think I've seen at least two different stock skins of aircraft stationed at Deelen). Also, the Luftwaffe tactical command center of a large part of NW Europe was located right outside the airbase, in the huge Diogenes bunker (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diogenesbunker). There were also three Y-Gerät towers (a transponder-based targeting system used to direct night fighters and bombers to their targets) located just east of the airfield (see https://www.luchtoorlog.net/teerosen.html for a map). For any information about Deelen and its surroundings, you should be able to contact the small museum there: https://www.museumdeelen.nl/. Hence Deelen would be, IMHO, a good addition to the game, as it enables a whole new type of mission: intercepting large groups of British bombers at night. I still hope you do one of the big bombers as AI aircraft sometime!
  11. Both thanks for your replies. It's in one of the Planes.gtp files (can't recall which one). The Mods On option has effectively disabled people from changing the file to cheat in MP by, let's say, loading a 2300kg bomb on your bf109, so I don't think changing weapon loadouts is too much of a problem in SP. (if, by "performance", you refer to speed, turn rate etc., those are not in the [planename].txt files, or at least I couldn't find them there.) Thanks for linking that thread! In it, Jason_Williams says the files are indeed "remove[d] from the default game" because of cheating, but "still worked in Mods On". He then proceeds to say in a later post that the mod won't work anymore, but I presume that is because they changed the location of the camera data (he then posts his own fix with the new file location). So what I gather from that thread is that basically the [planename].txt files should still work in Mods On mode? What has been achieved so far is not always a good guide to what's possible Many of the files are incredibly long and full of data (a testimony to the immense amount of work that has been put into this game!) and have all kinds of links to other, equally long files. Many changes hence require simultaneous edits to multiple files, and if as much as a single line in one of these files isn't what it should be, the game doesn't work (although usually an error message in Russian pops up instead of the screen turning black).
  12. Hello fellow pilots, I've been trying to change the payload options of one of the aircraft, but it's giving me headaches. Whenever I change something, the game crashes when I try to start a (quick) mission with that aircraft. It goes to the final screen with the mission briefing, where you can change the payload of your aircraft (the new payload option even shows up!), but when I click "start", the screen turns black. I suspect an error message comes up somewhere in the background but fails to come forward, as the game keeps running and if I press escape or enter it plays the same clicking sounds as otherwise (I can also exit the game normally after pressing escape and enter a couple of times, as you would expect in that case). (If anyone should ask, yes, I've got Mods switched on.) In order to make the desired changes, I've made edits to the file data/luascripts/worldobjects/planes/[planename].txt (I've tried it with different aircraft). Now I've tested a bit more, and as long as the [planename].txt file is byte-identical to the original, it loads fine, but as soon as I make even the tiniest possible edit (change, delete or add a single character to/from a comment), it crashes. Now in the topic pinned at the top of the Mods forum (link below), it says that "we may take steps to [...] make specific files off limits". I suspect this is the case for the data/luascripts/worldobjects/planes/* files, and that sometime during the mission loading process a hash comparison is done between the file and some pre-stored value; could anyone confirm this? Or am I doing something very stupid and missing a completely obvious reason why it doesn't work? Or does it indeed compare hashes, but is the compared-to value editable in some other file? If the former is the case, and these files are indeed off-limits, could someone more knowledgeable than me, or even a Dev, come up with a list of files/directories that we cannot edit? I've tried searching through the forums, but nothing really shows up. Thanks!
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