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  1. As someone who almost exclusively plays SP, I cannot possibly agree with your point of view. A large part of that can be attributed to the fact that - at least in the case of IL2 1946, not completely sure about the others - the AI uses a different, simplified flight model. Sure, if the AI gets better stall behaviour, more lift and an engine on steroids, it's gonna be more competitive 🙄 I've found that since the last AI update, energy fighters don't generally try to get into a turn fight with you and will even actively run away from one. Of course this does depend on the AI skill; rookies will generally enter a turn fight no matter what. One of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had in the sim was fighting an ace-level S.E.5 with a Dreidecker. After 15 minutes of dodging his high-speed attacks without obtaining a single firing solution I just gave up and ran away. Generally agree with you here, although I think flying skill per se isn't the problem - I've yet to see an ace get into a spin for example. I think the problem is too much passiveness; if, for example, you are in a tight turn and are hitting the enemy with your guns, they'll just keep on flying the same turn as before. While for a real pilot it should be clear that the turn isn't working and they should try something else. EDIT: yay, 100th post 🥳
  2. Well, for one thing, roads in the Netherlands (a large part of the BP map) don't generally have embankments (with the noted exception of dykes of course). They are occasionally flanked by ditches though, which would be nice to have.
  3. Note that the Steam install dir doesn't need to be C:\ In my case it's C:\Program Files (x86), but theoretically it could be anything.
  4. Strange - the two products I bought on the IL2 store don't show up in my Steam library. I think they shouldn't, as Steam shouldn't know whether I have or haven't got those products. (They do show up in-game of course)
  5. Yes, I've noticed. It actually has a pretty large tank, but if flown at max boost, 50% fuel is barely enough to last a single dogfight.
  6. Agree on every single one of these points. Its engine management takes a while to get used to with its "mixture" that is in fact more like a boost control, but once you get the hang of it, it's not much harder than the engine management of the Bf-109 while it has 10 times the time limit at max power. Also has great stall behaviour - like the Messerschmitt it'll tell you well in advance when it's about to stall. Makes one wonder why it wasn't exactly known as a great aircraft in real life. As for ground handling, be prepared to learn. I think I botched at least 20 landings before I finally succeeded in not crashing or ground looping. Nowadays, I rarely fail anymore. I even made a successful landing once without both engine and elevators - there's few aircraft I'd do such a feat in!
  7. It's a bug and quite easy to fix (if it is what I think it is, they just have to reset all object heights to their new values) so I have little doubt the Devs will fix it at some point. The battle was on the outskirts of Moscow and the city is visible from a large part in the east of the map. I love the backdrop of Moscow, besides using it for navigation. As for why the area is not flyable - because of the lower quality of the Moscow buildings. Creating a big city like Moscow takes ages of modeling time that the Devs don't have, and the city itself will eat FPS for breakfast.
  8. It's probably region/currency specific, but where I'm located (Netherlands) the Steam games and modules are actually consistently a bit cheaper (usually €0.50 - €1) than the same aircraft/maps on the IL2 store. Combined with the fact that the IL2 store requires either a credit card (which I don't have) or PayPal (which I don't like) while Steam has the extremely easy and user-friendly Dutch payment system iDEAL as a possible payment method, it's the reason that I've bought almost all my content from Steam.
  9. I couldn't find any normal maps though - just the colour with an alpha channel that seems to be meant as some sort of height or spec map (it works well for both, as is clear from my render).
  10. Just to be clear, this is not in-game; it's just an example of what should be possible with relatively simple shaders and the current, already existing, assets. I don't think there's currently a way to modify the in-game shaders; any edits of this sort would need to be done by the Devs. And there's likely tons of issues why this doesn't work, such as the fact that you'd need two different shaders for your terrain (or accept an efficiency=performance loss for the standard terrain shader). You could implement it as a decal, but it would still need a different shader than all other decals, so you'd need a way to specify a shader in the map data, which means a lot of extra programming which the Devs are probably not gonna do. 😢
  11. It's true the no-man's land looks a bit... meh from close by. However, I don't think 3d crates are a solution as some have suggested. Besides the obvious time needed to create all 3d meshes, it would need a rather high resolution to actually look convincing which in turn would kill your framerate. Rather, I think the solution would be a slightly more complex shader for the no-man's land, which has the potential to drastically improve the visuals at no cost in poly count. I did a small test in Blender with two different shaders, using just one of the existing textures and its alpha map. Left is just the colourmap with displacement, specularity and roughness set to static values, which I suspect is more or less what they have in-game. On the right is the same colourmap with the alpha map for displacement and roughness, and the inverse alpha map for specularity. As can be seen, this leads to an immediate perceived 3d effect, at relatively little cost.
  12. I actually like the Arras map. Lots of small villages everywhere.
  13. Trimming is for your own comfort and ease if flying, not for performance. Reminds me of how I was under the assumption for a while that the Bf-109 didn't have trims, until I found out they're called "vertical stabilizers" there and have a separate key binding. Back then, I always had trouble landing them as they needed a constant and heavy pull on the stick to keep the nose up, and the smallest of movements would immediately cause a loss in altitude. Now I just give 60-80% trim up and she almost lands by herself. Back on topic, I've never had the level autopilot disengage by itself. The fact that you don't use trim might be the problem. Without trim you likely need to provide a constant force on the stick to stay straight and level. If you then, after you engage the level AP, let go of your stick, it will move back to its default position. This movement will disengage the AP. So, in other words, just trim for a straight and level flight and you should be fine (and make your flying a great deal easier). If your plane doesn't have trim, first let go of the stick and then engage level AP.
  14. As HDR is all about real and perceived brightness, in theory it should do nothing with colour. Although a change in brightness generally means a change in (perceived) saturation. Look up the difference between HSV and HSL if you're interested. Regarding brightness, HDR should keep local contrast intact. Whether that results in increased perceived contrast should depend on their relative brightness to begin with, and the processing used to obtain that brightness (e.g. gamma). For instance, a plane of the same colour as the forest in the background shouldn't have increased contrast as they have the same colour to begin with. An instrument on the panel of an LA-5 should, as is visible in the second video, because in this case the panel is dark because of the lighting while the instrument is painted black. Here, the lack of contrast comes because the screen cannot display the difference between "dark" of the brightly painted panel and "darker" of the black instrument properly when they're in the shadows, which is fixed by HDR.
  15. Not entirely true. The range of light to dark in an image (the so-called "dynamic range") is entirely dependent on the screen. Which is actually *much* less than our eyes can perceive - a black pixel is much brighter than a dark night, and a white pixel is much dimmer than a bright sky. This is especially apparent when both light and dark areas are present; our eyes are perfectly capable of distinguishing detail in the shades on the ground while a bright sky shines above. With computer screens (and also digital camera sensors), this is impossible to recreate. What HDR does is decreasing global contrast while keeping local contrast intact. What that means is that large dark areas such as the cockpit become brighter, while small local dark areas (a black instrument on a bright-coloured panel, or also a distant plane against a bright sky) remain dark compared to the surrounding area. Hence, in theory, HDR should have no impact on spotting as the contrast between a faraway plane and the sky should remain untouched. Now, real HDR is a computationally expensive process so I'd be surprised if they actually use true HDR for their effect. However... ...is also not true. You can see clearly in the videos posted by =X51=VC_ that both the darkest areas and the brightest areas have equal counterparts in the "HDR" version of the game, as it should. The colourspace is equal to the colourspace without HDR, but a greater range of colours is compressed into that colourspace, leading to an overall "flatter" look. Which is the case for HDR in general. TLDR: while it's unlikely that the effect employed is HDR in the truest sense of the word, it does show some characteristics of HDR and is not a limited colour space. What algorithm they use to achieve the effect remains unknown, as well as any theoretical implications this has on the visibility of aircraft. Hence this entire post that I just put so much effort into writing is completely useless 😜
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