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  1. Sadly, this would involve changes to the code and is hence not possible to mod.
  2. They'd be a bit above your league anyway if you're just starting to learn how to 3d model in school anyway ;) But with a bit of searching, there's tons of really good free 3d models on the internet. Many sites (e.g. Turbosquid) offer free models completely licensed, often parts of a paid set or lower poly versions of a paid model. Then of course there's the more shady sites, but unless you keep everything strictly for personal use and don't plan to ever publish anything you use the model for, I wouldn't recommend going there. On a side note, if you plan to keep 3d modeling once you've finished school, I recommend learning Blender as that'll save you literally tons of money on a non-educational 3dsmax license.
  3. Oh, you've added it to the quick missions. What a marvellous idea! Now just add the frontline-influence-areas and you can be captured etc., leading to the added game element of making it back to friendly lines.
  4. swf\il2\maptactics (or perhaps mapstactics? Not at my PC right now, so can't check its exact name) They're in .tactics files, which are basically just renamed .swf files (so you'll need expensive Adobe software to edit them!). Inside these files, they're basically saved as vector images (although the IL2 svg render is quite picky - not all svg features work as intended!) I'm working on improved Stalingrad frontlines, hence my knowledge. If you have any svg you need converted to .tactics, I might be able to help you if you ask nicely
  5. You also need to edit the corresponding af_default.ldf files (for stage 1, it's data\scg\14\locations\stage_01\af_default_01.ldfbin) so that the squadron/airfield links are correct for your dates. You can open the .ldfbin file with the editor, save, then edit the .ldf file with notepad to add/remove squad-airfield links (it won't show you the squad IDs inside the editor, hence you need to use notepad), load it with the editor and save again (you can open and save .ldf(bin) files using the Location Database tab). Again, you should change the squadron ID into 201352 instead of 201151 as this is the proper code for III./JG 52 (or add your own squadron for the Stalingrad Kommando). Using your mod, which leaves the ID as 201151, the squadron for me still shows up as I./JG 51 (although at the new location). I think you may have forgotten to include some additional edits you made, for example in data\swf\il2\squadrons\201151. Instead of using the default III./JG 52 you should also be able to create an additional squadron by adding it here and then using the new ID in the af_default_xx.ldf files and the squadrons.cfg files. I made a quick change to the af_default_01.ldfbin file and your squadrons.cfg file (which is, as you know, equal to 14squadrons.cfg) that should work from 23 august onwards. See the included .zip file for the updated files. Note I changed the ID to 201352! iiijg52_edits.zip
  6. First, Merci beaucoup pour cette mod ci In the squadrons files (scripts/14squadrons.cfg and 14/squadrons.cfg), you have: [Squadron=201151] type=1 // 0 - common, 1 - fighter, 2 - bomber, 3 - recon, 4 - transport, 5 - attack aigen=1 [period] // Chapter 2 period="1942.08.30","1942.08.29" name="III./JG 52" period="1942.08.30","1942.08.29" should be period="1942.08.23","1942.08.29" Now it tries to start the career at 30 August, but the end date for the chapter is already the day before Also, I don't think you need the aigen=1 part (although it probably does little harm). You should probably also have Squadron=201352 as the squadron ID. I'm not sure how much it matters, but otherwise the game might at times confuse the two quadrons and still use I./JG 51 in the campaign. After 29 august there's no flights until 8 September, when there's a transfer mission, and then again a day rest before the Pitomnik part starts. Using models.cfg and objects.cfg, you modify the withdrawal date of the MC.202 to be slightly later and the introduction dates of the Yak 1b and the Yak 7b to be much later in 1943 (effectively removing these two from the Stalingrad career). A quick wikipedia search seems to more or less confirm the original Yak introduction dates in late 1942; do you have any information saying these particular aircraft were introduced only after the dates as changed by you? If these Yak versions were never used on the Stalingrad front, but the original introduction dates are correct for the eastern front as a whole, I think a more elegant solution would be to remove them from the squadrons.cfg file. Either way, I think you should mention this change in the description of your mod.
  7. It works even with MODS off, and in multiplayer? I think you might have found a bug, and should contact the developers. If it indeed works as you say, it enables people to cheat, and that's not good. I would love to see your screenshots; these would confirm it's indeed a bug. For everyone's info, I intend to do a singleplayer mod. Just adding some historically correct loadouts. Although I can imagine that something like an unlimited ammo mod would appeal to some. Only if used with MODS on of course! Google translate: 即使关闭MODS,也可以在多人游戏中使用? 我认为您可能已经发现了一个错误,应该与开发人员联系。 如果确实如您所说的那样起作用,它将使人们作弊,这不是很好。 我希望看到您的屏幕截图; 这些将确认它确实是一个错误。 对于每个人的信息,我打算做一个单人游戏mod。 只需添加一些历史上正确的加载项即可。 虽然我可以想象像无限弹药mod这样的东西会吸引一些人。 当然,仅与MODS一起使用! If these files are indeed protected, I think we should respect the devs' decision (even though I personally don't agree with it - with MODS on, why would it matter if someone has 10000 ammo?). 如果这些文件确实受到保护,我认为我们应该尊重开发人员的决定(即使我个人不同意-启用MODS,如果有人拥有10000枚弹药,为什么会很重要?)。
  8. I understand you succeeded in editing data\luascripts\worldobjects\planes\[planename].txt? I still only get crashes, even if I change a single character. Please let me know if you did anything special in order to be able to edit the file. Google translate: 我了解您成功编辑了data\luascripts\worldobjects\planes\[planename].txt? 即使更改单个字符,我仍然只会崩溃。 如果您做了一些特殊的操作,以便可以编辑该文件,请告诉我。 您能否将文件发送给我,以便我查看它是否对我有用? 谢谢!
  9. Were they used historically in ww2 aircraft? Most planes (if not all) in IL2 have a turn and bank indicator, which essentially displays the same information (see image below for the bf109). Now I can understand that in a glider, where efficiency is paramount, a yaw string has advantages over a turn and bank indicator. But in IL2, I hardly ever take a glance at it. I'll gladly skid if that'd get my crosshairs on the enemy for slightly longer
  10. Well, the map images themselves are in data/swf/il2/mapstiles/[mapname]/tiles/[zoomlevel] (extract using unGTP). This would only give you some 150-200 images to merge instead of 500. 😉 Then again, for a web based application, you would want multiple small files for different zoom levels instead of one big (~100MB) image. So for a web-based service, you should just need to convert said files from .dds to .jpg or .png, and load them on demand depending on zoom level and location. I think il2map.info does something similar; they have the same amount of detail as in the max zoom level folders in the game, so if you need more detail than you can get with il2map.info, I think you're out of luck. Also, I'm not sure about the legality of hosting the map files online (they're the intellectual property of 1C games), so you should probably contact one of the moderators about that.
  11. What do you want to use it for? If you're just looking for a way to view the maps outside of IL2, e.g. for planning purposes, you may want to visit il2map.info. It's got all the maps in full resolution.
  12. Two additional mistakes: - Terneuzen (SW Netherlands) is misspelled as Terneuzer - Volkel airbase (B-80) is misspelled as Volker
  13. ...who both generally use native Dutch names, disregarding a few exceptions (The Hague, Arnheim, ...). To make matters worse, this American map from 1944 has 's-Gravenhage, while this German map from the same year uses Haag (without Den though) (both use 's-Hertogenbosch). Which leads us right back to the original problem. Anyway, I think the BOBP map as shown is fine, as long as the small spelling error in 's-Hertogenbosch is corrected.
  14. On maps it may have been, but the name Den Haag has long been in common use. I agree that on period maps 's-Gravenhage looks a bit more appropriate; however as I said Den Haag is much easier to relate to the English name The Hague. Given that the vast majority of players of IL2 aren't from the Netherlands, that should score some points too. Regardless, I think that both 's-Gravenhage and Den Haag are perfectly acceptable. I just don't agree with your statement that consistency should be used between Den Bosch and Den Haag.
  15. I don't agree - I think the full name 's-Hertogenbosch is more common than 's-Gravenhage (even the Dutch wikipedia page has Den Haag but 's-Hertogenbosch as their respective page titles. Maps - including Google Maps - also often make this difference). Den Bosch just sounds a bit too unofficial to me to use in a map. On the other hand, Den Haag nicely corresponds to its English name The Hague, which 's-Gravenhage just doesn't. So IMHO, the Devs are right to do it this way (besides the small spelling error of course).
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