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  1. I think if there is no mission stored in a folder, that folder is not visible in the game.
  2. It looks great. I think we have a great future in this simulator. Although I almost do not fly, I always have the joy of such announcement. I thank the entire team for their hard work and wish good luck, but especially a lot of health in the New Year 2018. PilsnerPilot from Pilsen.
  3. Well, a nice collection. But Swordfish and Gladiator are the best for me. Great work!
  4. Fiat Mirafiori is complete. It's like building a model in a 1:1 scale. Here are some photos. And another car is also finished - Lada 1500s.
  5. Yes. Happy New Year 2017 to all.
  6. Yes. I have the same problem. If i delete one town, nothing happens. But when I try to delete several cities, the editor stops working. Unfortunately, I do not know what to do. When creating missions can not let the whole map filled with all objects.
  7. Really beautiful models in previous posts. I apologize in advance for my English. Here are some of my creations in 1/32 scale. They are really old. I think I did about 25 years ago. They are built with no supplements, no preparations on decals and painted with a brush. Since then I have not built anything. But when I see in previous posts such beautiful models, I probably buy some and try to build it using all the existing possibilities. Also, I can say that the construction of models prepared me for my current job, in which repairing old cars. I am currently working on veterans Fiat Mirafiori and it's the same as build a model. Just on a larger scale.
  8. As always - great job everybody. Thanks !
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