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  1. I have copied and pasted the 50% promo-code for battle of Normandy into the cart at the store and applied, but the price is still showing $79.99 ?
  2. I have installed into campaigns and also installed directly into my Sturmovik root folder but its not showing up in the game in either ?
  3. HI All, I realize that we are all spoilt for choice whether it be official or third party input which covers all aspects of this wonderful combat flight simulation, but realistically what possibilities does the future hold within the context of the second world war. I know there has been talk of perhaps a Pacific theatre campaign also a North African/Mediterranean campaign, and will we ever see also a Battle of Britain campaign. I know there is a cost and time factor involved but it would be interesting to see what may come our way. Cheers
  4. I remember when "Exile" first became available, downloaded installed as instructed, flew it and had a lot of fun, but "Exile Diaries" is proving a problem. I'm following the installation path [Battle of Stalingrad/data/missions and it installs, but when I try to open any mission I get the message " mission description is loading " and the nothing happens ? Someone also posted that they were having some problem and that it meant deleting [ msnbin file ] ?
  5. Thanks for that, could you give me a path to follow to find the cache folder
  6. Hi All, Just purchased Desert Wings and have now set up and flying, just wanted to know if updates/patches install automatically when ready as is the case with IL-2 Sturmovik Cheers
  7. I have sorted out the problem of brake release, as suggested the key [ Full Wheel Brake ] assign a key for this option and keep tapping the key and you will see in the right side of your screen, 100% - 50% - 0% with 0 selected brakes are off, just thought I would mention this in case some new pilots may be having the same problem. Cheers
  8. HI All, I'm having problems with take offs, I open up the throttle and the plane just noses over, I select the command " chocks out " but cant find a wheel brake toggle on/off and this happens no matter which A/C that I fly, am I missing something ? just installed Desert Wings for the first time, got my joystick set up but that's not much use if I cant get off the ground🤔
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