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  1. Thanks for your help, may see you over the desert one day !
  2. Just one other thing, will Desert Wings automatically install into the CloD and then be shown as a separate campaign option.
  3. Thanks everyone that is excellent information, I have CloD blitz already installed so will purchase "Desert Wings" Cheers
  4. I All, I have been flying IL-2 Sturmovik since its conception, but this Desert Wings looks rather tempting so can a comparison be made between both these flight sims ? Are the graphics/audio/game play aspects on a par with IL-2, if I decide to purchase Desert Wings I suppose that I would have to re- set my joystick and other key board controls accordingly Cheers.
  5. Thanks Roblex, I did not know that with regards different head positions for each aircraft
  6. Well I have it now working, I hit the F10 button and it has righted itself ! but its strange that all the other planes I tested did not show the problem Cheers
  7. This seems have come out of the blue, just tried a P47 parked in the Rhineland map, select fly and the head alignment has me looking along the port wing, I select the button on my stick that centers my line of sight [looking forward] but my gaze is fixed along the wing, I then selected different aircraft P51, Spit, 109 and all work perfectly well [all looking through the gun sight ] I shall try same but with the P47 with engine running on the runway. just thought I would let you guys know.
  8. Could someone tell me the path i would have to follow to install a new profile into my TrackIR5, I have windows 10 installed Cheers
  9. It's a bit of a mystery why the Mk 11c gyroscopic gunsight was never fitted to the Tempest V , and yet the sight was fitted to both Spit and P51 ? the tempest had gained a reputation by the latter part of the war as perhaps the RAF's best low to medium altitude fighter which still relied on the old reflector sight. Tempest 11s had the gyro sight fitted just after the war.
  10. Hi All, Just about to purchase and download " Ice Ring " but before I do, I would just like to know if it is still flyable after the last update [ 4.501 ] Cheers
  11. Hi All, Is it possible to feather an engine on the P38, I have the engine numbers [1+2] indicated on my screen, I would like to try my luck with trying to land the P38 on one engine, I my have to do it one day !!! Cheers
  12. Just relating back to my original post, I was under the impression that if a 3rd party mission or campaign was downloaded and installed after an update that it would incorporate the changes that came with the new update and so be playable ! if this is not the case, then most of the 3rd party missions/campaigns could be unplayable, is this correct ? Cheers
  13. Thanks both, I have noticed that most of my other 3rd party missions and scripted campaigns are also not working, which is a pain because some were just about to be completed !! Cheers
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