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  1. Whats the engine start up sequence on the 262 ?
  2. Thanks Boys, I have sorted the problem, you are right Pierre i must have closed this option off without knowing it, i have gone and done something a++s about face Cheers.
  3. Thanks Jim, I have an option for altering the planes specs which appears on the " Your Plane " drop down by clicking the spanner symbol, but that option has disappeared from the main screen map it only shows the accept button. The gray arrow [bottom right] only shows missions/specifications, as i have said, i'm sure no settings have been changed by me ?
  4. Hi All, I don't remember changing any ingame settings but i have just noticed that the aircraft setup option is not available ? no matter which type of option i choose to fly [QM/Missions/SC/even Pat Wilson, there is no option to change weapons loadout/skins or any other changes, although i'm not sure but could this be something to do with the last update ? Cheers.
  5. Thanks guys, this forum never fails to amaze with the amount of knowledge that i can tap into, I can explain now with confidence when asked about those spade handles Cheers.
  6. I suppose this would make sense as a back up if the electrical circuit was damaged, it just seems something from a bygone age and for a modern fighter, what about British/German and American fighters ?
  7. Well that's the 109 cockpit sorted, what about the breach clearing handles ??
  8. [1] This may have been asked, but what are the spade like handles that protrude from the instrument panels on the MIg/Lagg and Lav fighters ! are they for clearing and cocking the breaches for the nose mounted guns and [2] jettersing the cockpit hood of the 109's , i can see the long red painted handle just above the throttle lever which i imagine is pulled to get rid of the hood, but is this whipped off by the slip stream or are there explosive bolts to blow it clear ? Cheers
  9. Your post is the best yet regards this DVD, with luck someone may be able to burn me a copy. emigrated in 1972, was born and brought up in Baglan, Port Talbot, Cheers.
  10. Thanks Dogbert, I see by your location you are also a Taff,
  11. Hi All, Have been trying to get hold of a copy [DVD] of the documentary " Hawker Typhoon/ The Unsung " it's a tribute to the pilots of 181 squadron [2nd Tactical air force] i know i should not post here regards this subject but i tried the Free subject forum but no response so thought i would try a wider audience, have also tried emailing the film producers but no replies. There is a 30 minute segment on Youtube but it just finishes mid sentence ! if i can get hold of a complete copy i intend to show as part of a 75th anniversary presentation night at my local military history society here in Fremantle, Western Australia PS have also tried many sites in the UK. RAF museums, Typhoon restoration groups and the film makers but so far no luck. Cheers
  12. Hi All, I have just downloaded onto a memory stick a 30 minute segment of a commemorative documentary " Hawker Typhoon 181 squadron, Unsung " found this on Youtube but alas it's incomplete and finishes mid-sentence, at the end of the film a message says to get intouch with the makers to purchase the complete version on DVD. Well i have sent them two emails requesting that i would like to purchase but no replies, I have also tried a couple of RAF museum web sites but still no luck ? some help if possible would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. Hi, I have been trying to get hold of a very good Hawker Typhoon documentary which i have seen on Youtube, I have sent an email to the makers asking if it would be possible to purchase the video, in fact have sent two emails but alas no replies, so no luck there, the other option is to copy the Youtube film, if i right click on the screen i can see "copy video URL" but not sure what to do next ? I would appreciate some advice on how to record the doco onto a memory stick Cheers
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