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  1. An excellent review Shamrock, I am just hoping that with all the wonderful aircraft and maps that will become available with the campaign and that if possible it sticks to the script ? If I am flying with the Luftwaffe on that cold new years morning to attack those allied airfields I would hope that there will be many targets to destroy before those allied fighters get amongst us. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Feathered, I'm leaning more towards FC and that's just because good old Pat Wilson has become involved .
  3. Hi All, Have been thinking of treating myself for Christmas, but for now only one of the above ! so from experience which would you recommend, I do realize that its a case of chalk and cheese. So can I expect FC to be something like RoF or better ? and I did dabble with the odd tank when they were first introduced but I should imagine that its moved on since than. Cheers
  4. Thanks, Its just that the date of Bodenplatte [ 1st Jan 1945 ] is in the time period option " Allied counter offensive , 12th Dec 1944 to 7th Feb 1st 1945 perhaps we may have a scripted campaign that will cover that one day, the Luftwaffe attack and the Allied response
  5. Hi All, Have been flying mainly British and American missions in the new Bodenplatte map, and seeing that the title "Bodenplatte is a Luftwaffe operation code name for the attacks on allied front line air bases by what was left of the German fighter elements, are there missions flyable for that attack on New Years day 1945.
  6. The extreme cloud option is there, just changed over from high to extreme and with my GTX 970 they look pretty good, but I should think they would look even better with a more powerful graphics card ?
  7. Hi Marco, Yes I am aware that it is possible to customize aircraft, but as I mentioned in my post, on selecting a squadron or staffel it should come with the appropriate markings, I know its no big deal but as we all know the Devs are big on historical facts, it would be nice if this was one of them, Cheers.
  8. Hi, Just started to fly a couple of RAF missions in BOBP , and as always when a squadron is selected the default aircraft is just a plain layout with only the RAF roundels, there is no reference to 443 Sqn RCAF which I have chosen to fly only the usual selection of skins which are not relevant to that Sqn, is there a chance in some future update that when in careers the Sqn will come with its units emblem and markings, at least that way the aircraft flying next to you are recognizable. Cheers
  9. Hi All. I just gone back into careers the first time since the last update, and noticed that the setup option is no longer available, it says setup at the bottom of the screen but there's no button to select weapons loadout or skins ? I cant recall changing any settings recently, so is this now the norm ? Cheers. Ok, I found it, tab at lower right of screen, " What a Plonker "
  10. Hi All, For no apparent reason I'm continually being asked lately to sign into the forum, I have the remember me box ticked, but each time I visit the forum I have to type in email address and pass word ? is this another oddity since the last update ? Cheers.
  11. Don't forget to post back if you are or are not successful, there may be others out there with a simular problem !
  12. Hi All, IM sure this has been asked before, but how do I save my flight recordings, it's been the case in the past that when a major update is installed all flight recordings are lost. So for future reference what do I have to do save recorded flights. Cheers
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