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  1. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Occasional game crash

    If its not a general problem and only the odd mission i think i can live with that !
  2. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Occasional game crash

    The problem is not a general one, i have narrowed it down too one or two missions in " Platz Schutzstaffel Pitomnik " which i might add is very good. Cheers.
  3. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Occasional game crash

    Hi, Although this does not happen every time, I still have the odd game crashing back to desktop which always seems to occur at the wrong time with me working hard to win a dog fight ! is it me or my setup, or are others having the same occasional problem.
  4. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Dam Buster remake

    Just in time for Christmas !!
  5. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Dam Buster remake

    I agree, the original had its limitations, not only the film technology that was available in the early 1950's but also that bouncing bomb and its means of delivery were still on the secret list,
  6. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Dam Buster remake

    I remember as young lad going to the cinema with my Dad to see the original Dam Buster film, the cinema was on the old Fleet air arm base at Pembroke Dock, West Wales, i can also remember watching Sunderland flying boats taking off and landing, by the end of the war Pembroke Dock was the largest flying boat base in the world.
  7. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Dam Buster remake

    Hi, Just reading the British newspaper the Daily Mail, [online] that director, Peter Jackson has announced that he will even after 10 years when he first mentioned the possibility of a remake, is to go ahead and start the process of true to life depiction of the the film, first made in 1955. I also recommend to you all that if you get the chance to go and see Peter Jackson's " They shall not grow old " go and see, it is excellent Cheers
  8. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Start up error since 3.007 update

    Thanks Both, Just been back to check and that small hotfix has downloaded and installed, Cheers.
  9. HI.I have been into the game since the 3.007 update to check things out, i just returned to the game, restarted to fly some more and i have this notice displayed - " #10027 Packed data verification fail, Please restore original packed data files " anyone else seeing this ! Cheers
  10. taffy2jeffmorgan


    " Beautiful Plumage "
  11. taffy2jeffmorgan


    I wonder if i can get a refund on this Norwegian blue parrot which has deceased !!!!!🤣
  12. taffy2jeffmorgan


    Also remember to compliment that gaming rig with a good joystick and TrackIR head movement sensor. Enjoy.
  13. taffy2jeffmorgan

    From " England with Love " problem

    Hi All, I have been flying " From England with love " and up until now it have performed well, but now i'm flying mission six [counter attack] and the game just freezes/runs/freezes every few seconds. I have gone into Quick Missions selected the same amount of aircraft and same scenario as in the mission six and it flies beautifully non-stop from take off to landing ? I'm curious to see if anyone else has had the same problem with this scripted campaign Cheers
  14. taffy2jeffmorgan

    passing on inflight recordings

  15. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Any Spitfire scripted campaigns out there?

    Thanks busdriver, sounds a little complicated, but thank you all the same.