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  1. Thanks all for your advice, I have sorted out the problem, it was key binding, I scrolled down in the engine management section and selected " engage engine 3 start procedure [ E ] then I just highlight engine [ 1 ] tap E and then the 3 engines start up one by one, and then highlight all 3 so all the throttles move with my stick slider Cheers
  2. I'm flying on custom realism, I have tried pressing E , and only two engines start, starting up a twin engine, I highlight #1 and that and both #2 go through their start up sequence automatically, all I have to remember is to highlight #2 engine to get both throttle levers working together, I have tried numerous start up sequences with the tri-motor but still cant get all three engines running together ?
  3. If I have all engines highlighted and press E still only two will start [nose/port] starboard will not, it's got to be something simple to get that third engine to kick in ?
  4. Hi All, I am about to fly the JU 52 tri motor to make a flight recording from the parked position, I have all three engines highlighted at the bottom of the screen, then "E" to start, but only the port and starboard engines are starting but not the nose engine ? So do I only highlight the engine that I wish to start up and then go on to the other two ? in the mean time I shall keep on trying different sequences Cheers
  5. I have sorted the problem, in settings I deleted everything opposite, [ engine throttle control, ] selected the first blank space, clicked for choice and moved my stick slider and accepted and now before I even start the engines I can move both levers together. Thanks all for your advice.
  6. Thanks, I give it a try It is the throttle, I can only get the port engine lever to move, have been into settings and tried a few alterations but cannot get the both levers to move with the slider on my stick [ Thrustmaster T16000M ]
  7. Hi All, P38 engine start up no problem, the problem which I never had in the past, is moving off from a parked standing start, I have been using the default brake operating [parking brake on/off] but as soon as I move the throttle forward the P38 turns in circles ? as said, have moved the P38 many times from parked to runway take off position with no problem. I don't think that this would have changed with any recent update, so it must be me ? so is there a brake sequence to follow Cheers
  8. An excellent review Shamrock, I am just hoping that with all the wonderful aircraft and maps that will become available with the campaign and that if possible it sticks to the script ? If I am flying with the Luftwaffe on that cold new years morning to attack those allied airfields I would hope that there will be many targets to destroy before those allied fighters get amongst us. Cheers.
  9. Thanks Feathered, I'm leaning more towards FC and that's just because good old Pat Wilson has become involved .
  10. Hi All, Have been thinking of treating myself for Christmas, but for now only one of the above ! so from experience which would you recommend, I do realize that its a case of chalk and cheese. So can I expect FC to be something like RoF or better ? and I did dabble with the odd tank when they were first introduced but I should imagine that its moved on since than. Cheers
  11. Thanks, Its just that the date of Bodenplatte [ 1st Jan 1945 ] is in the time period option " Allied counter offensive , 12th Dec 1944 to 7th Feb 1st 1945 perhaps we may have a scripted campaign that will cover that one day, the Luftwaffe attack and the Allied response
  12. Hi All, Have been flying mainly British and American missions in the new Bodenplatte map, and seeing that the title "Bodenplatte is a Luftwaffe operation code name for the attacks on allied front line air bases by what was left of the German fighter elements, are there missions flyable for that attack on New Years day 1945.
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