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  1. This would make a great wallpaper This also !
  2. Yes i agree, his paintings do not seem photographic, you can tell a Robert Taylor a mile away, he always seems to capture the moment.
  3. I have always been a great fan of British aviation artist Robert Taylor, in fact i have a large framed print of his on my study wall " Dambusters The Impossible Mission " But there' no denying, this young Polish artist has a great talent and a great future in aviation art.
  4. I may be preaching to the converted but, came across this young Polish aviation artist Piotr Forkasiewicz, https://www.artstation.com/peterfor have a look he is excellent .
  5. Hi , I understand that because of the heavy cockpit canopy with the Me 109, the canopy had to be ejected to give the pilot a chance to get out in an emergency, was this partially opened by pulling the red lever [E7-F2-F4] and the slip steam would do the rest ? or was it blown off with explosive charges [bolts] as was the case with the Fw 190. Although I have seen film footage of a 190 pilot bailing out and it seems that he has slid back the canopy because the cockpit seem to be intact. Cheers.
  6. $200 australia, I'll have to join the local library !!
  7. I stand corrected, I received the info from a friend thinking that it was current. One thing i did learn about Monroe, was that he did not participate in the actual raid, his Lancaster was damaged by flack as they passed over the Dutch coast which knocked out the Lanc's internal communication system forcing them to return to Scampton. I stand corrected, I received the info from a friend in the UK, which i thought was current.
  8. Les Munro the last surviving pilot of the Dam Buster raid passed away this week in New Zealand aged 96, Guy Gibson said that in his estimation Les Munro was the best bomber pilot in Bomber Command. R.I.P
  9. Hi All, Played many a career but never given much thought to correct squadron skins, have only chosen in options what are available for the type of plane i am about to fly ! I am just about the start a new career " Moscow map, JG 51 "Molders" flying Bf 109 F 2 , I can't see in careers an option to choose the correct skin with that squadron's markings ? only the plain drab winter camouflage. I have had a quick look in forum's skin section but can't see anything with the "Molders" F 2 markings. Any Ideas. Cheers.
  10. Hi All, Is there any chance that we may be given a flight test of the P38 or the P51 before the impending launch of Bodenplatte ?
  11. Thanks Talon, Yes i shall give that some consideration .
  12. Hi All, I was checking out some rather expensive curved screen monitors recently and was wondering how they perform when BoS is played through one ? does it display better than say a normal flat screen ? then i suppose it all depends on your graphic card, so are there any benefits Cheers
  13. Whatever shortcomings that the Me110 had it certainly made up for it as a night fighter against the RAF night bombing raids
  14. The Me 110 suffered at the hands of the RAF during the Battle of Britain and did not live up to expectation as a front line fighter, so how did it perform as a front line fighter on the Russian front I should imagine that it would have been confined to escort duties and ground attack as the war progressed
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