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  1. I'm not having much success with bombing at low level, I have the bombs set to explode on contact, so is the short drop not arming the bomb ?
  2. What's the step by step install procedure for Pat Wilsons-FC mission pack, I have down loaded Pat Missions in the past but have totally forgotten how I did it ! Cheers
  3. Hi All, Just added Flying Circus to my list and although its a bit limited at the moment I'm enjoying flying these beautiful aircraft, I know from RoF that air combat during the first world war can be hard work, the enemy planes take a lot of punishment before they go down. But its the ground targets that I am finding hard to destroy, after repeated strafing I cant even get a soft skin truck to smoke let alone explode ? I can stop a train [boiler full of holes] but have constantly then staffed the fuel tankers, but no luck. I'll just have to bomb from altitude. Cheers
  4. Not sure if this the right place to post this, but for future reference, by uninstalling BoS, would all third party installs [missions/scripted missions and skins] be wiped, which I don't really have a problem with. and is then just running the IL-2 set up program to reinstall the basic game up to the latest update point. I have had BoS for many years so it may be time for a declutter. Cheers
  5. Thanks Jaegermeister , That announcement will put a smile to many a face !
  6. Hi All, Although not the most nimblest of fighters and perhaps not the dog fighter of choice I still find the P 38 a joy to fly, it is forgiving on and off the ground. All newcomers to the flight sim should be encouraged to test their skills flying this beautiful aircraft, skills such as taxing should be tried out with the P 38, the in-cockpit sound from those twin Allison V 1710 engines have to be the best ! As good as the Allison's proved to be, I have often wondered what performance would have been gained if a pair of Rolls Royce merlins had been fitted to that airframe ? Just been flying the excellent the single player mission " Tips random works missions, P 38 mission, Ripper five " one of a flight of six P 38's ground attacking. Cheers
  7. You would not give the pilot much of a chance to get out of that in a hurry !! what a terrible design for an intended front line fight !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks all for your advice, I have sorted out the problem, it was key binding, I scrolled down in the engine management section and selected " engage engine 3 start procedure [ E ] then I just highlight engine [ 1 ] tap E and then the 3 engines start up one by one, and then highlight all 3 so all the throttles move with my stick slider Cheers
  9. I'm flying on custom realism, I have tried pressing E , and only two engines start, starting up a twin engine, I highlight #1 and that and both #2 go through their start up sequence automatically, all I have to remember is to highlight #2 engine to get both throttle levers working together, I have tried numerous start up sequences with the tri-motor but still cant get all three engines running together ?
  10. If I have all engines highlighted and press E still only two will start [nose/port] starboard will not, it's got to be something simple to get that third engine to kick in ?
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