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  1. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Flight recordings corrupted

    Thanks, It's no big problem but when you have recorded a flight or mission like no other, you like to think that you can hold onto it
  2. Hi, Since the last update i have noticed that all my flight recordings are corrupted, the sound is all garbled , anyone else have the same problem !
  3. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Installing PWCG 5.0.5 upgrade

    All sorted, installed
  4. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Installing PWCG 5.0.5 upgrade

    Thanks Pat,after deleting the early version what path do i follow to install the 5.0.5 version And do i delete every file with PWCG in front of it ! sorry to be asking these roudamentry questions but i'm not as young as i used to be.
  5. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Installing PWCG 5.0.5 upgrade

    Thank you.
  6. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Installing PWCG 5.0.5 upgrade

    I have installed in BoS the original PWCG 2.0.1, i have just downloaded PWCG 5.0.5 upgrade, can i go straight from the 2.0.1 to 5.0.5. if so do i just open the latest upgrade and will it re-write over the original, or is there a path i must follow ? Cheers
  7. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Patrick Wilson's 5.0.5 update

    Thanks for that.
  8. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Patrick Wilson's 5.0.5 update

    HI All, Not sure if this is the correct place to ask a this question, I have PWCG 2.1.2 installed and have just downloaded his latest upgrade [5.0.5] do i just install the upgrade directly into 2.1.2 and it will write over the existing one ? i'm just not too sure ! Cheers
  9. taffy2jeffmorgan

    U-2VS bombing

    Hi, Just bought the lovely little U-2VS, flies like a brick but good fun, not sure if its me but, tried a ground attack in Quick Missions and noticed that if i drop my bombs [contact] below 300m they will not explode ? is the bomb taking that time to arm itself ? . If I then drop down to 250m i can get them to explode, try it out and see if you experience the same effect
  10. taffy2jeffmorgan

    I'm blown away.

    What's the procedure with the VR setup, i see that there is an enable button in the game. what then ! connect via USB into the tower case and plug in power and play .?
  11. taffy2jeffmorgan

    I'm blown away.

    Have often wondered about VR, I take it that all vision is wrap around and the turning of your head gives the same effect as TrakIR, but how about your joystick control buttons and keyboard is that all in by touch, is it possible to look down and see the controls ?
  12. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Lost Hope scripted campaign problem

    Hi, I have just reported this in the tech issue and bug forum but will ask here if anyone else has had the same experience the same bug, mission #3 [ Enclosed and Alone ] for no apparent reason after flying for about ten minutes everything goes into ultra slow motion, i have tried it twice and at the same point it occurs. i dont think its a frame rate problem because the skies have thinned out at that point, very odd. the rest of the game works perfectly ? Cheers
  13. Hi, Mission #3 [enclosed and lost] flown this twice and at the same point everything goes into ultra slow motion mode, it's not a case of too much on the screen too affect frame rate because most of the attacking e/a have been shot down at this point , all other missions/campaigns works perfectly ?
  14. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Hi, In quick missions i must have tried out every aircraft and loadout to attack shipping, from every direction and altitude i have even tried the P 47 firing rockets from long range, but those ships gunners are much too accurate, so is there the ideal plane and loadout combination and tactic and still be able to get back and land !!
  15. taffy2jeffmorgan

    Spit Mk9 Gyro gun sight

    Perhaps Requiem will post a tutorial for the gyro gunsight ?