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  1. I just found this, I think the reason you can't bind to axis is because the game engine doesn't model trim tabs. And the reason you can bind to the bf109 stab to an axis is because the game does model elevator. So here is a quick and dirty way of fixing this without rewriting the game... Just get rid of elevator trim tabs and make them all elevator adjustments. But apparently %50+ of players on this forum want all trim on axis.
  2. In response to some of your comments... - I said " the devs seem more interested" , this is from my point of view. This issue was raised in 2013 when the game came out. Since then they have released 3 more expansions and like 10 "collector" planes. -Please name one other fight sim in this niche genre that doesn't allow axis binds for trim -Buttons don't cut it ,in any other il2 game while dogfighting you can dial the trim to the exact point to take the pressure off the stick to get an accurate shot. With buttons you will be over/under compensating, and will take longer holding a button as apposed to turn a dial.
  3. I am a little P'ed off, yes. This is probably because I spent hours trying to find a work around, and it fried my brain. And the only posts I could find from people who had the same issue didn't get a response and instead people were posting stuff like "this is for immersion" And then I found the post from the devs saying they had no plans to fix it. P.S. I'm not looking for friends, I'm looking for a patch to a problem that plagues many people not playing with a keyboard.
  4. Please fix this and allow all trims to be mapped to an axis. This is ridiculous, DEVS seem more interested in following the Star Citizen model of selling $25 jpegs than fixing the game braking problems with their game. And yes, this problem leaves many unable to even want to play. Please do not bring up the excuse that this is done on purpose for realism or whatever, because you can bind the bf109 stab to buttons as well as axis. Or if the devs can't be bothered to patch it because there is no money involved, release the necessary tools to allow the community fix it.
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