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  1. I also have a Logitech G27 racing wheel pluged in to my pc, and the game is rocognizing my racing wheel as a deafult device, and I unpluged it, now its reconizing my mouse as a deafult(I have a axis on my mouse, Roccat Tyon), jesus what should I do so that i can use my joystick !! (I can map keys to my joystick buttons, but once I start the game, Joystick is not my active device....ps. my josystick is T16000M)
  2. you are right,,,, but the unlock system should be change,, even a little bit.. I've never see any game using this kind of system tbh..
  3. Keep the current unlock system to SP to those people who like to play SP,, but I think the Modifications should be all unlocked in MP from the "day 1".... If I want to load a bomb on a bf-109 and go for a bombing run in MP.. and assuming this is what I like to do and also the reason why I bought the game .. And....now...I am not allow to do that unless I play days and days of MP .. I backed this game back in 2013,, still didnt touch it after beta, cuz im still waiting for this unlock thing to be fixed.. Please state your opinion without any kind of "attack" to me and the devs,,We
  4. still waiting for them to deal this issue.... not playing mp now,, I don't want to be force to play days of SP mission just so that i can load a bomb on my bf-109 in MP..
  5. Its kinda forcing us to play 20-30 hours (or even more) of single player to be able to experience "full" game in MP... Any hint about how to unlocks things a little bit faster, I don't want to jump in to MP with no unlock,,~
  6. yeah,, i hope it won't be like ROF, no offense, but ROF it's just like all they want is money from our pokect!!!!
  7. If there is any new plane added in the future, should we have to purchase each and every one individually? Or it will be few Planes in a new DLC, and the game will have couple of DLC's ? I do really want the amout of airplane like il-2 1946 tho..
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