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  1. I was furious with A.I problems when bodenplatte came out, but with todays 4.002 update and BON announcement i love you guys again, instant pre order everything when i get home from night shift. Man cant be mad if you give man a mossie.
  2. I can get a good dogfight in qmb, but i havent played career after release of the bobp because AI is unplayable. In every mission i get something hilarious or ai is just passive.
  3. I have played for couple of years and now when bodenplatte got fully released the ai is just full of shit. Ite was better before. I have played 10 missions and they all were complete joke. Ai just not attacking ground, flying infinite circle until hitting ground, dogfight is just flying around, Enemy ground attackers not dropping bombs etc. I have cheated myself for 2 years that i can live with bad ai, but now i cant anymore. Im very intrested about tank crew and fc, but that is no for me with these Bugs.
  4. That is true, but if previous project is bad, then there is no people buying next one, so that slows revenue. Has happened to many car companies, game devs etc. I have bought almost everything they have developed, but now im on position where im not buying anything anymore because im so dissapointed to AI glitches. When they spend money to fix the ai, i will buy their next release, but now we are on position where they have lost paying customer If they just push new content without fixing previous. I would even donate money just to get as good ai as in 1946.
  5. Yep, dont know of there is any reserve in the engine to squeeze in the future. From what i have read from devs there isnt that much, but i hope it can change.
  6. I think The engine is great, i dont need graphics or realism upgrade or anything like that, it is good enough for next 10 years for me. But they really need to squish The engine to handle 4 motor bombers (im fine with simplified ai only). I need those armadas of b17, b24, lancasters and emilys for pto. And for that we need The engine to handle more objects too to handle something like +10 4 motors, some escorts and enemy to attack. I miss huge furballs of fighters too. Ai is unbearable for me, but i dont know of that is engine related.
  7. That is independence Day of Finland, winter war confirmed?😁
  8. x2. These are things why i dont play as often anymore, i am always dissapointed after couple missions. Kind of kills The vibe when you Escort stukas, they dont drop bombs and just cirle like idiots and then half of our team circles to The ground. And AI is very passive, their attacking is so lame and i dont feel like im at dancer at all. Radio comms are just rubbish, no matter what i say i dont feel like it chances nothing, ai just noobs around. They dont attack when i say, i cant control my wingman separately and on middle of dogfight i hear "mission accomplished we are heading home on The radio". AI doesnt even answer to my comms. These kill the immersion and i dont feel like im in battle, i feel like im in bug ridden video game and im trying all to get my team to do something. I allways have to kill everything, my whole team gets maybe one kill If they are lucky. For those reasons im not buying anything until we have even nearly as good ai and radio comms as in 1946. There i always got respond, My team really punched hard and whole radio system was just thousand times better.
  9. There is something with AI and ground, we were covering ground with tempests and friendly spits. Everyone were just circling and i noticed 3 spits hit The deck almost simultaneously. Hotfix seems to help The ground attack a little, now after long and boring circling i finally got My team to shoot trucks with cannons. They shoot like Stewie Wonder tho. Sorry If i seem to complain, i dont wanna sound like that, i hope that i can help with showing these bugs.
  10. Runs perfect after patch, no stutters or nothing, More fps than ever with my low end gtx1050ti slowing things up. Map is awesome too. Been waiting for The career, because i dont often fly online. Had to say i was little dissapointed (again) by The Ai. Been waiting for 2 years for Ai that doesnt do stupid things and just fly circles around when i fight. Started tempest campaign, at first mission fw190s were attacking near airfield. Half of em got bombs and just circled 20 laps around airfield doing nothing. Half of them slowly descended to ground and belly landed with propeller still spinning fine. My team just circled and kind of tried to fight, but it looked so passive and dull. Shot all nine down by myself without any effort (expert AI My ass). Next mission was destroying transport column. I tried 10 minutes to get my teammates to do something, but they just circled around when i did all The work. Didn't play third mission, this it it for me with AI like that, feels like i am only one with working guns and others are just targets. Otherwise The game is perfect, but i dont know what to do with combat sim without The combat aspect. Im glad that they did The hotfix for ground attack with guns, but there is still way more to get even remotely good AI. Ite is strange that in qmb The ai is much more aggressive than on career mode, qmb ai really gives some hard time sometimes.
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