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  1. Same here. I remember this problem from a while ago but thought it had been fixed. Just can't seem to get in to server.
  2. This happened to me today, exactly as RedKestrel describes, except that it happened to me every time, not just some times. I am also a Discord and GeForce Experience user. Curiously, I let GeForce Exeperience update itself and install the latest nVidia driver for my GTX 1080 card this morning. Long story short, I did manage to solve the problem, but it required a re-install of the game. Here are my troubleshooting steps. After each step below, I launched the program, but was forced to do a CTL-ALT-DELETE Restart to get out of the locked-up condition: - Restart computer - Try clicking directly on il2.exe in installation game folder, run as adminstrator - Uninstall GeForce Experience - Rollback latest nVidia driver - try running restart.exe from game installation folder (I couldn't find any info on what the function of this exe is, but it did start the game) - Run CCLeaner and perform Registry cleaning - Rename original installation folder, rerun game installation to re-download and install game (This worked, but I lost all my settings) In an attempt to recover my settings, I renamed the data folder to SAVE_data, and copied the data folder from the old installation to the new installation - but then the problem was back. So I deleted the data folder and renamed the saved data folder back to its original name, and the problem was gone. Long story short, it seemed to be a corruption of something in the data folder. This folder his huge, with more than 11,000 files in it. I don't know how to narrow the problem down any further than that. Hope this info helps someone.
  3. Just a quick update with some new info - I had this problem again yesterday, and even with daylight streaming into the room and all the lights on, I couldn't get it to go away. I tried different airplanes, tried closing and reopening the program, rebooting the computer, everything I could think of. Finally, what seemed to snap the tracking back was looking up and back as far as I could stretch. That seemed to do the trick. I wonder if it has anything to do with a white painted ceiling versus tan walls in the room?
  4. Oboe + BoBP I already have it but hoping to gift it to a former squadmate and one of the best men I know, from another sim. He just needs to be in the VR cockpit of a Spit or P-38, listen to the sound of a Jug's mighty P&W 2800 start up and idle next to him on the flight line and see the propwash/dust, or watch the condensation rivulets on the canopy as he flies through a cloud. This sim is incredible in so many ways. Thank you for the chance to let us share it.
  5. I have the Reverb and also occasionally run into the issue of not being able to move my head fore and aft within the cockpit - the cockpit moves with my head and I can get closer to the instruments for example. Generally I find if I increase the lighting on the room, the problem goes away. Sometimes, as I start my aircraft on the ground, my head will be suddenly be looking out the rear of the cockpit (wish I could invoke THAT on command, would solve my rearward visibility weakness!) Then, when I hit the mapped button to recenter the VR view, everything is back to normal. Other times, my head position will suddenly be outside the canopy and gently "float" back down inside, after which the problem of moving my head fore and aft in the cockpit is resolved.
  6. I have this yoke, and pair it with a single Saitek/Logitech throttle quadrant when I fly the P-38, A-20, or Luftwaffe bombers. All buttons & switches work well in IL-2 except for the engine selector switch on the far right side of the yoke housing. It's OK though I don't need that switch in IL-2. Best thing about the yoke is that it rotates 90 degrees in each direction, close to full travel in actual P-38 Lightning. Cheaper yokes, like Saitek or CH Products, only rotate 45 degrees in each direction - not realistic for the P-38. (I fly VR so its important to me to have controllers feel and perform like what I'm seeing in my headset. Only complaint I have is it seem the push/pull travel resistance is higher than I expect. Not a problem for the bombers but it does slow my maneuvers in P-38 somewhat. Still, well worth the price ($250) for the extra immersion is provides with flying P-38 in VR. Also, the C-clamps provided to anchor the mounting base plate to the desk were *just* a bit too small for the thickness of my desk surface, therefore I couldn't use them. The mounting plate comes with a super-sticky pad which holds fairly well, but since I switch back and forth between joystick and yoke, I chose to drill mounting holes into the surface of my desk and use screws to mount the base plate. Easier to remove the screws than to keep peeling the base plate off the desk surface when I want to switch back to joystick.
  7. Thanks Riksen, I'll try your suggestion.
  8. Not sure if this the the right place to ask, but I have a lot of trouble getting into Combat Box server - often 4 or 5 attempts before I get in. I can get as far as the tactical map often but then get thrown out. Is there an IP to the server available so I can trace with PingPlotter? I am in Colorado, and wonder if my packets are getting held up or lost at a Level 3 server - they are notorious for having oversold their service.
  9. Thanks for this post - I tried it out and it appears I'm now getting 55-60 fps on ground in BoBP multiplayer using VR - an improvement from 45-50 fps previously.
  10. w00dy, I'm interested to hear about your experience with the MSI 2080 Super, specifically how your fps has changed. I am also a GTX 1080 user thinking about upgrading; I play IL-2 and DCS, and am also a VR user (hp Reverb). In VR IL-2, I get about 45-50 fps on the ground and in gradually improves with altitude and maxes out at 90 fps when above 15K or so. My CPU is Ryzen 2700. Did you get the 40% bump in performance you were hoping for with the 2080S? That sounds about right based on my reading and comparisons on gpu.userbenchmark.com Cheers
  11. Guys, just as a bit of a benchmark - my system is a Ryzen 2700 with 32MB of 3200 CL14 RAM, running on MSI Gaming Pro Carbon B450 board. I am using MSI bios-level Game Boost which gives me about 3.65GHz. Temps are under 50C with the stock air cooler. I have a GTX 1080 video card, and with a 60 Hz 1080 p monitor, I never drop below 59-60 fps. For multiplayer VR with a Reverb, (medium cloud and shadow settings, 82% in Steam VR (Steam's suggested default for my card is 78%) I get around 50 fps on the ground and 80-90 fps at altitude. I experience ghosting if I'm on the ground and a fast plane does a low, close flyby though. I'm hoping to upgrade both my video card and CPU but not sure what best balance would be - 3600 + 2080 Ti? or 3700X and 2080 Super? I have to upgrade my PSU also for the video card upgrade, as only have a 550W PSU. I'd like something in the range of 650-850W, gold-rated. I'm also wondering if I should try overclocking a different way - like picking a single core in Ryzen Master and get try to reach 3.9-4.0 GHz with it, and then set the core affinity for that core when running IL-2? I don't know much about overclocking. Thanks for your advice and help!
  12. Nice choice! Happy with the ever-expanding planeset. Anxious to fly razorback P-47 and hoping the P-51B/C will have both birdcage and Malcolm canopy options.
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