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  1. Ok...Take Your Time..Thanks in advance 😏
  2. Thanks..It works now..after I downloaded it again. Heh..it little difficult without any description😏
  3. Yes..I did just that, but no effect..I wonder if some antivirus might hurt..very strange
  4. Hi Andrey Could you tell me where you downloaded it and how you installed it. I don't work on that first task??? kindly Jussi of Finland
  5. I installed Kursant Engl in the folder: Steam \ steamapps \ common \ il-2 Sturmovik bos \. I started the game and successfully completed the first task. The second task does not load..appears only to the black screen. I tried to fix it with STEditor and it stopped and reported Error reading Missions: etc. etc... kursant engl \ 06.mission. Can anyone help?
  6. Heh ... I have pointed out before, that I'm a little some slow and stupid, but can You to explain for me in more detail, where can I find that small Tab: Just start the Launcher. In the top right corner is a small tab
  7. I have done exactly that way...to ohter locaton...IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\Campaigns, but it doesn´t work
  8. Hello I downloaded this campaign, but it doesn't open ... not even with the editor. Can anyone advise where the fault is? kindly Jussi of Finland
  9. Where have the "Historical Campaign" Blazing Steppe and the "Historical Campaign" Ten Days of Autumn " disappeared from my computer.. I paid for it on Steam, and they have been previously playable??? Can anyone explain this to me please? Kindly Jussi of Finland Edit: As usual..the reinstallation helped ... hope. I'm just wondering why that happened ???
  10. Sorry my stupid question: Where do I get the 4th map of the serie: Battle of Bodenplatte
  11. It does not work...Just I said before..I made it..rename image.big.dds to flag.big.dds inside data\swf\il2\countries\201\.
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