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  1. I found the answer to my problem, how do move the command to the Joystick. After a few tries I managed to get it to place "Lean to gunsight". Now it works so that, in the actual aiming situation, I can't flicker around on sky before firing ... Like the Finnish Ace Ilmari Juutilainen (over 90 wins) said the secret to his success was that he was never shot down...But good like this.
  2. OK...thx...I´m STUPID..but I have no idea.😚.. how or where to do it in the menu???
  3. Now I have new problem. I use TrackIr, and now when I use Left Shift +F1 the view don´t move. Without Left Shit + F1 View moves normally
  4. Hi Again....Stupid questions to be continued: With ALT L command I turn on the sight lights but the sight itself is not in the middle .... How do I fix this? kindly Jussi of Finland
  5. Thank you very much..this became clear
  6. One more question: Why The Spittfire and Hurricane engines revs lower / almost turn off as I push the rod forward ?? And what i can do for fix it?? kindly Jussi of Finland
  7. Heh...How I can do it??😚 Hi hei...I did find it😁
  8. 😊Thank´s I`ll try Jussi of Finland
  9. The fool asks again: When I start a Hurricane flight from the airport, the plane does not move anywhere. The message is Chocks in: Which command will the aircraft start to move, and would there be any clear instructions for all operations. I have not found. Kindly stupid Jussi of Finland ps. I use Google Translator
  10. I'm not ... an old wooden eye ...found a way to curb the buzzing of an airplane😡 In fact, it feels like it doesn't obey the stick's movements??? kindly Stupid Jussi of Finland
  11. Stupid question: How / Which keys to get the Aiming Ring in the center of the sight?? Hope You understand what I mean..English is not my native language. kindly Jussi of Finland As I said..Stupid ...ALT+L
  12. Ok...Take Your Time..Thanks in advance 😏
  13. Thanks..It works now..after I downloaded it again. Heh..it little difficult without any description😏
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