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  1. Yes .....of course, I did not think again, thanks for the advice kindly Jussi
  2. Hi.. meetoo.. have used the StEditor tool, but still only mission 15
  3. Thank You Sir.....I have tested it, and now it works in usb-2 port
  4. Ok..thanks...I made all what You did advice, but I´m still killed when the game begin and i see only empty runway..😕....If I´m so stupid, that I can´t fix it.
  5. I´m old stupid....but I don´t still understand..how I survival in begin of game. I did edit clouds and did save the mission. Colors is beautiful, but the game is over and tells me, that´m dead. Sorry my English.
  6. I´ll try...but what is the program, whits I can open it?? I did find it...Sorry...My forefinger was faster as thought😊 There was so: SeasonPrefix = "wi";
  7. Yes... thanks, but it happened something weird. Colors was ok, but when i started mission, it did tell me that jussitska has been killed.... and that´s it. What I´m doing wrong
  8. I did install Coconuts AttackOnKalash-sp mission. What went wrong...the landscape was blue???
  9. Yes... now it works...Thank You very Much
  10. Ok...thanks..I try later and will tell how it works kindly Jussi
  11. Hello I need some help.. in mission 5 Relocation. It is meaning to escort Pe-2 whole way to other airfield... and PE-2 was in my sight whole time. After trip It made landing successfully...and so did I...but the mission failled. What I am doing wrong?? kindly Jussi
  12. I have a problem how to unlock/lock tail wheel of Focke-Wulf Fw 190 ...Lshift+g does not work..only landing gears rice kindly Jussi
  13. Hello... I did get MSI Steam Voucher... How I can use it?
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