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  1. Yeah .. thanks it worked, but it feels miserable to skip the task this way. Can you tell me where is the fault, because I can't complete the task successfully ... as described above ??
  2. I'm stuck with the Mornig Surprice. At first I will destroy two IL-2s on the enemy field and I will shoot two more fighters on the way back, finally I will land intact on my own field ... Mission failed .. ??? What I'm doing wrong
  3. Sorry for my stupidity, but now I don't really understand. I compared that task to the other tasks also , and the files in them corresponded in order to the one now in question. I notice also that some of DFLion’s tasks work fine and others don’t??😕 My English is lousy 😥... I use Google Translate
  4. Strange ... the task doesn't open. I've tried it also STEditor, but nothing happens???😖
  5. Yeah, now it works ... when I removed all the mods😎
  6. I rejoiced too early ... I flew four assignments now ... the same announcement and the simulator stopped working
  7. I removed the last mode I installed in War in the West ... Now the task worked. thank you
  8. I did fly task 3 when I received the notification: Can not open effect Graphics \ effects \ arm \ hit_shell_he_5_50kg_ground.epl. The game then stopped at that announcement. I tried to run it a second time and the same thing happened again. Can anyone tell me how to fix the fault? kindly Jussi
  9. Thanks ... I did this and everything works again. Fine MOD
  10. Hello I have installed this mod JSGM using. Everything seems to work fine, but when I start the game ... say USA .. there will be a message # 1001 Error occured during mission generation process ...Every career reports the same problem and none starts what have I done wrong ?? Kindly Jussi
  11. I bought it from the Steam store, but I got help from the seller and it works again👌
  12. Thank you ... I got everything working, except for the Hell Hawks Over the Bulge I bought .... I'm trying to get help from the seller kindly Jussi
  13. I did it all over again, deleted the entire folder Il2 Sturmovik, from my computer. Before that, I set the Campaigns folder aside. I downloaded Il2 from Steam again. I added the Campaigns folder and launched Il2. I noticed that Hell Hawks over The bulge campaing was locked. Also, other campaigns were just labeled "Mission description is loading" ... and that's it. Does not work. Can anyone tell me what's wrong here? Kindly Jussi
  14. I first removed via Steam and then reinstalled it
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