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  1. Does convergence settings also affect the y-axis--i.e. does the setting point the guns upwards at all so that they compensate for bullet drop?
  2. I'd recommend The Gettysburg Campaign: A Study in Command by Edwin B. Coddington It's 50 years old, but has not been surpassed. The prose is good (not as good as Catton), but the detail and analysis are top rate.
  3. I don't know what other planes the US tested and what the docs look like. Jason has said that they could make a Zero already, but other planes elude them. The Alaskan zero was pretty famous. Considering the vulnerability of the Kate and Val, I wonder if they bothered to rigorously test any captured versions. Why endanger yourself testing planes that high wind friction caused to catch fire
  4. Captured planes are rarely in good shape. The Zero tested in 1942 (landed in Alaska by pilot accidentally IIRC) was never pushed as hard as pilots in the field pushed Zeros. I think they only got to within 20mph of what the Japanese said was the top speed.
  5. I think starting the pre-order after just releasing a new product is the way to go. People are amped up and really feeling the love with the new product.
  6. I'd try practicing your trigger discipline because at 200 yards you should be hitting him or maybe even a bit high depending on your convergence setting. What I'm saying is you may be dipping the nose just a little by squeezing the trigger. Try the same shot but use the space bar and see if the bullets are still falling low. Try it with a convergence of 230m to test your convergence pattern
  7. The Orange Cat I got after I trapped him and had him fixed at the local shelter, then released him. You can tell he was a feral cat by the clipped left ear, which the shelter does after "fixing" them for re-release into the streets. After getting him fixed he started to hang out at my house, then moved in on cold/rainy nights. He has a sister I feed, but she's too much feral to come inside or be handled, while he accepts it now. She's been clipped, too.
  8. They all look like Winston Churchill to me. Anyone have a cat
  9. Quick, stupid question: I have a IR light head tracker powered by usb port. I assume I should unplug it when I'm not using it to save the life of the lights, but thought I'd check to be sure.
  10. Yes, late 1942. I don't think the IJA was committed to the SW Pacific campaign by then, still focusing on CBI? Ahh, misunderstood. When was the J deployed to the SWP? I would assum a F/G model would be released with any PTO module that involved USAAF planes, though, as it fills an important place.
  11. The thing I think I should do just after my plane is riddled with cannon fire.
  12. Actually, I think the 52 is the late comer, being deployed in 1943 after the first P-38s were introduced at Port Morseby (sp?)
  13. I have used his start up sequences for all my planes but have never flown the spits. I didn't know you were looking for the spitfire sequence or I would have tried it; I used the P-51 because I just learned how a few days ago. I do not believe autostart will move anything that the pilot is capable of moving. There was another pilot who had a similar problem recently--he was giving up after the propeller cranked but before the engine turned over. I had to fiddle around with the Yak and IL2 before I got the hang of it.
  14. To follow up on this, flying the P-38 inspired me to try the Pe-2, and the Pe-2's trimmers are . . . buttons. So now my buttons are assigned to both the trimmer axes and the trimmer buttons. But all those binding corrections sigh.
  15. Each is a little different. I'd recommend Requim's "how to" youtube videos. Here's the one for the P-51. Basically, set mixture at cut off (seems counterintuitive), RPM at 100%, and throttle open just a tad, 20%. Hit the big E. Once the engine really kicks over (not just rotates for priming), after the flywheel runs, quickly move the mixture to Run (~50%).
  16. I don't DCS, but I appreciate so much 1c being the "bigger" man in this case. Sail on, good people!
  17. Please add BoBp (and BoN, too) to your About web page. I am constantly trying to sell/give this game to friends and friends of friends and it looks bad when a software designer's web page is six months out of date.
  18. I have this one, but it doesn't have a glossary of terms! I think that's a very good assumption. I found it in a couple of documents on line that certainly implies it. https://knowledgebank.org.nz/text/air-force-log-book-1941-2/
  19. This looks right. From a source as impecable as wikipedia Again wikipedia: BC is the call sign of 511 Squadron RAF, and the Photo Reconnaissance Development Unit, too.
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