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  1. Fiction and non on and off. First the fiction: Then the non- Germany and the Second World War: Volume IV The Attack on the Soviet Union. I'd read some parts, but am trying to get through all 1,200 pages consecutively in my spare time.
  2. Yes, different war, different ship, different ocean. That Scharnhorst was KMS Scharnhorst, this one SMS Scharnhorst. Similar results.
  3. German WWI wreck Scharnhorst discovered off Falklands
  4. How about tiles that read "You're flying over Paris. Mind the spires."?
  5. Germany was plagued throughout the war with lack of direct access to rarer metals. From the records I've seen, the 5.0cm PaK38's ammo stockpiles never had more than 10% APCR between 1940-1942. Also, APCR loses velocity faster than APC rounds. I wouldn't wonder that they would be a worse candidate than just APC rounds in such a platform. Maybe not though.
  6. I think the point is that the Germans couldn't get their hands on it due to the blockade. I have heard that they stopped making APCR after 1942, except for the 5.0cm PaK38 as it remained the most common AT gun even into 1945, but I don't have a reliable source for that.
  7. I dream of night recon missions where the whole point is not to see any enemy planes. Hours of playing hide and seek in the clouds to drop beneath the cover and observe what can be seen in the murk.
  8. "RAF Wellingtons attack out of the sun to hit a German convoy near Heligoland Bight. No merchant ships are hit though the anti-aircraft training ship Brummer and auxiliary minesweeper M-1407 are both struck by bombs that pass through without detonating. The minesweeper will founder before she can reach port. No British aircraft are lost though intercepted by pursuing Bf-109s while returning to base. One Messerschmitt is downed by defensive fire, reinforcing the notion that massed defensive fire obviates the need for escorts. "
  9. A little over 80 years ago today: "The Eidgenössische Konstruktionswerkstätte C-36 improved prototype makes its maiden flight with a 1,000hp Hispano-Suiza engine. It has a 20mm cannon and two 7.5mm machine guns firing forward while the rear gunner has twin 7.5mm machine guns, and can carry 400 kg of bombs. 175 will be built. EKW C-36. Although designed as a ground attack aircraft it will most often be used to defend Swiss airspace from Axis and Allied incursions. "
  10. Go see the Lego Movie; it's adorable.
  11. 80 years ago: " The 9,550 ton German passenger liner ‘Watussi’ is intercepted in the South Atlantic by the heavy cruiser HMS Sussex after being spotted by a South African Ju-86. The liner scuttles before she can be captured. "
  12. Huh, who says you have to give reasons to us why you want a plane included in the game?
  13. I just got done saying this in another thread, but number of a/c don't tell the whole story. On D-Day, the LW may have had only a tenth of Allied forces in France, but managed to put up only 275 sorties compared to 14,000 by the allies. That means that for every sortie of the LW's depleted force, an allied plane did 3 sorties.
  14. Then what do numbers produced have to do with anything? If people want them they should contact 1C and tell them so, of course.
  15. I'm a person and I don't have a desire to see these planes. Just because you want them and just because they were involved in WW2 doesn't mean everyone want to simulate those air actions. I'm not slamming you for wanting them, I'm expressing why your claim that everyone "should" want them is completely self centered. I will buy a strategic bomber set just like I bought BoN, except with less excitement. Probably. But that doesn't mean I should be vocal about wanting them, because I don't, not really. Also, I don't think number of a/c built is a good reflection of how "important" a plane is to the air war. I would suggest that the number of sorties is the best indication of that. Of those 36k Bf-109s, many never flew a sortie as they were built after fuel stocks had been depleted.
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