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  1. Isn't Italy part of the MTO?
  2. Except that the Germans withdrew after the clash and days later withdrew from their salient. That's a loss. Again, kill ratios don't matter in war. The allies all usually had bad kill ratios, tank vs tank against the Germans, for a number of reasons. That includes all the way up to the smashing of Berlin by the Soviets. Calling it a German victory is misleading, even if you believe it wasn't a Soviet victory.
  3. The Battle of Kursk was a Soviet victory. The tank kill ratio doesn't really enter into that calculation. The USSR always had unfavorable kill ratios in combat with the Germans, as did all the Allied nations, including the USA and Great Britain. The Germans did not kick ass to Berlin as their generals' memoirs might lead one to believe.
  4. Since Japan surrendered unconditionally before Tokyo was occupied, I don't think this is true. Also, the USSR could have taken Tokyo without going through the central Pacific battles. But, of course, they were not at war with Japan until 1945. I love the idea of fleet capital ships in BoX, but I'd rather have a focused land campaign. It was land based air that spent most of the time in combat, even late in the war. F4Us were flying off Peliliu within days of the invasion, at times they would drop ordinance within minutes of lifting off the runway.
  5. Of course, the Germans stripped occupied France of much of it's military equipment, as well as the factories tooling to make the equipment. Per Wikipedia, many were sent to Bulgaria where they fought against the Western Allies strategic bombing campaign. The Italians took some as plunder as well and used them as interceptors.The Vichy French government maintained colonial stocks, and they fought against the Western Allies in Syria and during the Touch operation. So, there are lots of places they popped up at, not just 1940 France. However, I don't seen any indication they were used in France's East Asian colonies.
  6. That's great, thanks for posting it. I'll buy it all! Pacific is FANTASTIC.I don't know all the history of the game's development that y'all know, so if I say something commonly known, it's not intended as a dig, just showing my ignorance. I play board war games, too, and the MTO has never caught my interest like the PTO (what can I say, I grew up watching Baa Baa Blacksheep ).
  7. Of course, desert would be nice. Many of the planes are already available. Add * Beaufighter * B-25 or Blenheim IV * Hurricane II * P-40F/Kittyhawks * Fiat C.R. 42 * Macchi C.200 * CANT Z.1007 * Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 (the foreign plane most used by the Luftwaffe). Maybe too much like the JU-52 Bonus A/C * Macchi C.205 (used Daimler-Benz DB 605 engine) Not really a desert fighter, but it gives the Italians a racehorse of their own. * P-38E or F4f/Martlet
  8. Dang, I just bought Kuban at 66% and I could have waited another month for 50%! So this sale I bit the bullet and bought BoB. I'm not fully employed right now, so I shouldn't have, but such great work should be rewarded. I also talk the game up to friends in my other hobbies to drum up new business.
  9. I'll take anything they want to sell me. How about a Finnish/Leningrad map. Or something near Murmansk with Buffalos, hurricanes, I-15s. (secretly, I wish for Japanese and US Navy, but I'll buy whatever).
  10. I live between Tampa and Orlando (about 80 minutes from the venue) and was thinking of attending one day, driving there and back. I'm still a dummy noob, though, if that makes a difference.
  11. Tank on tank combat was not the main cause of tank losses. However, as someone else mentioned, the Sherman did fine toe to toe with Mk IVs and Mk IIIs. However, all German tank destroyers were armed with guns that had little difficulty in penetrating the sherman. And the German towed AT guns were mostly all at least 5cm by 1944. In one of the British/Canadian attempts to break out of Normandy, just a couple or German 8.8cm guns blunted the entire offensive. I think they weren't even the really good anti-tank 8.8cm guns, but the anti-aircraft "88". Basically, tanks get into trouble when they go it alone. It is combined arms that wins battles. A hidden gun can destroy a half dozen tanks in minutes; it takes infantry recon, artillery suppression, and tanks in direct fire all working together. I think the T-34 and Sherman were pretty evenly matched, however, the pre-HVSS shermans were not nearly as good as the T-34 in cross country maneuverability. The T-34 had lower ground pressure than the sherman (the HVSS suspension evened things up on that score, but that was in late 44 or 45.
  12. This forum has a IL2 1946 section, but I understand 1946 is moribund. However, it is currently the best game for areas BOx hasn't been to yet. So, if you want to fly Zeros or Corsairs for now, you're stuck. Having said that, I haven't played 1946 in many years, but I think it's worth $5 for anyone who's also looking at buying a BOx module, too. Not as a substitute, just another theater while we wait for 3c to get there. I also own CLoD, although I have never played it. But for $10 . . . maybe one day I will! Here's a follow up newbie question though: I currently have BOM and BOS. I haven't bought BOK yet, but was thinking of skipping it and going to pre order BOBp. Frankly, I'm a bit worn out of the Russian planes and itching to get those US/British high powered fighters. Is there any estimate on when the full BOBp will be released? Should I get BOK in the meantime, or buy BOBp now to fly the already released planes?
  13. At the current sale prices, why not buy both? I think I saw IL-2 1946 on sale for under $5 last week, and with the basic IL-2 BOS at $17 you can have both for just over a jackson. I cannot put half a tank of gas in my car for that little.
  14. Merry Christmas from a newbie! Thank you all for keeping the planes flying.
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