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  1. You mean just new planes or planes already in the system? Also, the question could be applied to ETO/MTO, as we aren't done with them yet, and keep coming up with Bf-109 variants that are must haves.
  2. I think so. AI, both offensive and defensive, ability is a source of some consternation. Others with more time may know differently though.
  3. That's still in the winner's grouping for the Tu-2. The next round will get harder, going from 20 to 12. Then, finally, from 12 to 8 (or 6?). Of course, this is unofficial and probably skewered as they are just the planes I think are the most important planes still left un-modeled (and I know that I probably got some of the 36 wrong, even though I posted in the misc folder with my list and asked for substitutions). Still, I find it interesting and it's mostly my time being wasted.
  4. Yes, in order to use a weapon that breaks up formations we need formations to break up!
  5. Where they were really isn't as important as where the allies thought they were and bombed, since that's what we're recreating. Wikipedia has a list of "notable attacks".
  6. Man, give the guy a cookie and he wants the factory. PTO? Be happy with glide bombing the Naples' rail hub in your P-40N.
  7. ASW patrols are 8 hours of staring at ocean, with 10 minutes of fight between you and the uboat AA guns. Maybe. And if you're "lucky" you run into a Ju-88 looking for a fight. That's a HARD PASS from me. I hope we see a 1943 Sicily/Italy/Balkans Battle one day, and the P-40N will be the star of the ground pounders.
  8. Why, when you can do it for us; then you're happy and so are we
  9. Bumping up this thread because part 2 was also bumped up. We still have some fight in this thread where the 5th slot's been changing hands.
  10. A couple of days now that the top 5 from each group has remained the same. I have this set to end at the end of the month, but may start the next round sooner if the top picks remain unchanged another couple of days. I'm surprised the biplanes are getting such little love.
  11. I think they were moved back from Pas-de-Calais after the breakout, but lots of sites in PdC, on the BoN preliminary map. There were some in Normandy, but I don't think they were ever operational before they were captured. There was also the offense against Antwerp after it's capture, but I don't know if the BoBp map includes the launch site areas, presumably in Germany.
  12. I don't know about the A9, but an IAR 80/81 would be a hoot. I admit to having some Luftwaffe fighter fatigue. So many 109s . . . Rosebud . . .
  13. The position of the third crewman was poor and all complained about it. As for there not being radar in the game, I think the European P-61s were often, too often, used for ground attack during the day time. And not for lack of night targets, but they were good gun platforms.
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