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  1. I would do the ram first, but that is really simple, so I'd keep it open boot up to check the memory, and then do the video card immediately after. Keep the cats outside for a half an hour. Won't take that long (fingers crossed). I admit that this thread inspired me to upgrade the old 2 meg RX 460 to a 8 meg RX580. Not a big upgrade, but I did have to switch my monitors around to get the card to recognize both. No idea why and it works, so jimmy crack corn and I don't care.
  2. "[80 years ago today], The Short Sunderland begins earning its nickname of “the flying porcupine” when six Ju-88s attack a No 204 Squadron Mark-I off Norway. The Sunderland returns damaged but one Ju-88 is shot down, one has to fly to Stavenger where it is interned, and a third crashes on returning to base. The Sunderland is the first Coastal Command flying boat to have powered turrets."
  3. The German planes let you go manual for pitch control I know, but don't most pilots set them at automatic unless taking off or landing? I don't fly the German planes much (or at all outside the 190).
  4. The Pe-2 doesn't use wheels to rotate they use trim "switches". Makes sure to map the trim switches. I map to the same buttons I use for the trim wheels and since no a/c has both for the same trim axis there's never a conflict.
  5. I'm guess you only have BoS and FC based on your sign in. I'm not sure what the easiest plane is to take off in BoS, but I learnered on the Yak1. So, try that plane. First, make sure only the twist function is mapped to your rudder. Then, ensure that you have the sensitivity the way you'd like it. Next, try a quick mission and start on the runway. Just for the heck of it, watch this video first. Go to the Weather at the quick mission builder and ensure there is no wind and no turbulence and then start the mission. Note that the tail wheel should be locked and that helps a lot with keeping off the rudder until the tail wheel comes off the ground. If still having problems, record (cntrl-R) your take off and post it here zipped up. We can look at it and see some of the particulars.
  6. I'm in about the same boat. I don't get too much time on the trigger so I don't know that I should spend it on a less satisfying system. If it were just the curent plane set I would not, but the desert plane set is intriguing (a Martlet!) so I think that will push me over the edge. Depending on price. So far I've only got $15 into CLOD, so not playing it isn't a big deal. When Cliffs of Malta comes out for $80 (or whatever) it may be different calculus.
  7. I prefer the 7b over the 1b, although not by too much. I've very much been enjoying the La-5 recently. When flying fast she is nicely maneuverable.
  8. I dig all that, but I would counter it with this: the LW was effectively defeated in the MTO and ETO in 1943. They were used in the ETO and in decent numbers, just not by the WAllies.
  9. I hate to admit it but I am spoiled by the BoBp planes now. And I doubt I have more than 60 minutes in any of them, but when, for the first time, I got into the P-40, taxied it down and took off in it, I felt like I was driving a model T. And the P-39, which I liked a bit, made me sigh after flying in the P-38. Really, these were the planes that the US beat the axis with, but they . . . I cannot say it. Sigh. Biggest sigh.
  10. The P-51, -39 and -38 (probably the -P-47 too) have semi-auto mixtures. If you "look" at the control lever it has none, auto-lean, auto-rich and rich. for anything except long distance cruising to save fuel, use auto-rich. For long distance cruise in the P-51 from southern England use auto-lean
  11. I never liked padlock view as I get disoriented too fast with it on. So I was surprised upon hearing this on line forums don't usually allow padlock view.
  12. Ohh, Elsie has two Japanese victories . . .
  13. [80 years ago today, a] bomber command Whitley strays over neutral Holland and is shot down by a Dutch Fokker G.I heavy fighter. One crewman is killed and the rest are interned until the German invasion. The Fokker influenced the designers of the Lockheed P-38"] "Fokkers at Schiphol airport in 1939"
  14. "[80 years ago, t]he Curtiss C-46 has its maiden flight. Originally designed as an airliner, it will be procured by the US Army Air Corps for cargo, paratroop, and glider towing duties. Although it can carry more weight than the Douglas C-47, it is described as a "maintenance nightmare" and vulnerable to even slight battle damage."
  15. Add an angry communist to smack the cigarette out of my mouth and a set of handcuffs, and you've just described my last date.
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