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  1. "SW trawler Cape Finisterre is sunk by air attack off Harwich. • While Ark Royal conducts a diversionary raid on Cagliari, Sardinia, losing one Swordfish to bad weather and a second to Italian fighters, aircraft carrier Argus flies off twelve Hurricanes of No. 261 Squadron to reinforce Malta. Hurricanes aboard Argus. Guided by two Skuas, they complete the 400 mile flight. One Hurricane and one Skua crash land as they arrive in bad weather but all aircrew survive. Ground crew and spare parts are being delivered by two submarines. - These ferry missions to Malta by aircraft carriers will become known as "Club Runs". Twenty-four more (plus two that abort) will be conducted through October, 1942, flying off 342 Hurricanes and 374 Spitfires plus a handful of Skuas, Fulmars, Swordfish, and Albacores. • A He-115C of Küstenfliegergruppe 506 attacks the British 1,200 ton Highlander with machine gun fire off the east coast of Scotland. On its second pass it flies so low, slow, and close that a wing catches a lifeboat davit, causing the float plane to spin around and crash onto the stern deck, wounding two of the ship’s crew. The coaster sails into Edinburgh with the aircraft draped over the stern.
  2. Cutting the oxy mix down should help, but that is from m experience in a La, as I have little with a P-47
  3. "• No 7 becomes the first RAF Squadron to operate four engine heavy bombers as it begins re-equipping from Hampdens to Short Stirlings. The immediate focus will be on training crews and working out the characteristics of the aircraft. Stirlings Mark-I of No 7 Squadron. Despite "disappointing performance" at maximum altitude with its Bristol Hercules XI engines, Stirling pilots are delighted to discover that, due to the thick wing, they can out-turn the Ju-88 and Bf-110 nightfighters they face. Based on its flight characteristics, Flight Lieutenant Murray Peden (RCAF, author of “A Thousand Shall Fall”) will describe the Stirling as "one of the finest aircraft ever built". - Nearly 2,400 Stirlings will be built, and they are the largest British bombers of the war. Ultimately, decreased performance at altitude and lower range will result in replacement with the smaller Lancaster and Halifax. • During this month, twelve Hawker Hurricanes ordered by the Irish Army Air Corps are impounded by the British and delivered to the RAF. • Twenty-three Blenheims attack a Luftwaffe airfield on the Cotentin peninsula. Three are shot down. Thirty He-111s bomb the Boulton-Paul aircraft factory in Norwich, unopposed. "
  4. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz (CoD or CLoD) is a different game than the IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad (BoX). CoD uses a different game engine, and the new Desert module is an extension of it. It does have more a/c, but they are all of the same battle, the Battle of Britain. With BoX all a/c of each module are playable against a/c of the other BoX modules; none are compatable with CoD, Game play is different because the engine is different. Here is the wikipedia page about CoD: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IL-2_Sturmovik:_Cliffs_of_Dover Here is the wikipedia page about BoX: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IL-2_Sturmovik:_Great_Battles
  5. First, you need to be mapping to the action designated P-47 (along with some other planes), not the generic shutter control. Second, do they work in the control menu preview and not in the game, or do they not work in neither?
  6. Must learn to fly the P-47 in order to play this campaign. It's a win/win!
  7. Well, there you go, I'm wrong. I'll delete my posts.
  8. Okay, I see. I was thinking you meant no US/Allied planes on the map, but you meant none came with the module. Sorry about that.
  9. 80 Years Ago Today "• British factory output of fighters for July is 50% above projections. Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraft Production, will be brought into the inner circle of Churchill’s cabinet. • Bf-110 fighters begin shooting down Dover’s barrage balloons. When Spitfires respond they are bounced by Bf-109s flying cover. One Bf-109 and two Spitfires are downed. The balloon attacks will continue. • Australian Flight Lieutenant William Garing of No 10 Squadron with his Short Sunderland engages three waves of German reconnaissance bombers attacking the armed merchant cruiser Mooltan in the Western Approaches. The engagement lasts twelve hours during which Garing co-ordinates his crew of gunners to prevent damage to the Mooltan. German pilots refer to the Sunderland, bristling with .303 guns, as the “Flying Porcupine”. Garing will be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for “coolness and courage under fire” .
  10. Try this: No worries. The CoD skimpy support compared to BoX is one of its weaknesses, IMO>
  11. Pretty sure Stalingrad has a P-40 and A-20 squadron(s).
  12. I'm not sure what you're seeing, but Steam (unless things have changed radically recently) sells IL-2:BoX titles one at a time, just like the devs' store. However, with Steam you have to buy BoS first as it views the other BoX titles as add ons (DLC) to the first title. Unwittingly, I bought BoS from steam, but have since bought from the devs as it puts more money into the developers' pockets. Note that Steam does not have discount codes for the sale the devs are having, so the steam price s/b considerably higher than our friends' price.
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