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  1. [80 years ago today] "• Aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, undergoing frantic repairs in Valetta Harbour, is attacked by around 50 German Ju-87s and an undetermined number of Italian high level bombers, escorted by Bf-110s and Macchi MC-200s. The carrier is lightly damaged by near misses. Australian light cruiser Perth and British 11,000 ton steamer Essex are also lightly damaged by near misses. Two of Illustrious’ Fulmars, operating from Valetta airfield, are shot down defending their ship. Five Italian and German aircraft are shot down. " HMS Illustrious (beneath large crane) under air attack. HMAS Perth is tied up along the waterfront near the center. The Maltese refer to this as the “Illustrious Blitz” due to the number of bombs that land in the city, killing large numbers of civilians. Previous bombing raids by the Italians have focused primarily on airfields. British pilots note that the German Stukas are reluctant to press their attacks into the heavy AA fire, and are releasing their bombs at high altitude.
  2. I was thinking of the end of Bagration/Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive ending at the front of Warsaw to the beginning of the Vistula-Oder operation. This would give some realistic parity due to the Soviet shortages of planes/runways and some static air bases at the end of the operations. The Germans both moved forces to the front and had the advantage of hardened runways that the Soviets did not have. The we'd have the Soviet build up for the V-O operation, and the small German counterattacks, followed up by the offensive. Most of the late war planes are available to both sides.
  3. Me too! The Spit IX is fine, but it was designed to tackle the Fw 190A3, not the D9! I was looking last night at the old IL-2:1946's version of the Hawker Sea Fury. Mmmm.
  4. I hope not! It will be acceptable to me as I get the problem, and I'd rather have the map and the slim population than not have the map!
  5. The troop density for the first month would be incredible within the beachhead area, way beyond the limits of the engine. Remember everything had to be disembarked at the beaches until Cherbourg was opened up; and the depth of the beachhead was negligible considering the number of troops the WAllies landed, which was less than what the Germans thought were landed.
  6. USA has a strong history of exceptionalism. For some weapons, any drift from "the best" seems like a direct insult to our Ace-i-tude. Never queustion our Ace-i-tude.
  7. The D-day fleet was the largest in history. It would be hard to put all those ships out there, even as a "backdrop".
  8. [80 years ago today] "• HMS Eagle launches a strike of eight Swordfish against an Italian convoy but the aircraft fail to make contact. One Swordfish has to ditch after running out of fuel. A search by destroyer HMS Mohawk fails to locate the crew." HMS Eagle with HMS Malaya in 1942 Wreck of a Fairey Swordfish off Malta
  9. I just figured out that I did not have that campaign. LOL. It's the one thing I haven't bought, and one of the few things I haven't bought twice as gifts.
  10. I confess that I have not followed this thread, just saw the info on LendLease and had a more precise information sheet. This is the USA's LendLease (LL) shipments (not receipts) to the her allies. The UK gave a lot (a LOT) of goods and weapons to the USSR in addition to LL given by the USA. As the Hurri was a British plane they may have supplied all the ordnance to the USSR in lieu of US aid. I don't have numbers of the UK's aid to the USSR, although I'm sure the numbers are available out there. I do not think the UK's program was based on the USA's LL model, but instead was simply gifting of items. I may be wrong about that.
  11. Hmm, I think you will be happier in another gaming system. Don't waste your money on this one anymore.
  12. Lend lease shipped totals by item and country can be found here: http://ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/ref/LL-Ship/index.html Note that the USSR received very few bombs compared to the UK or even China. Page 9
  13. I didn't think the Cs were that much different from the early Ds. Nothing like the difference between the Bs and the Cs. But maybe I'm confusing the P-51 versions?
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