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  1. Well, if you want something like that, there's GMT's Downtown for the Vietnam War or The Burning Blue for the BoB Or Bloody April, 1917
  2. I have a copy of Vol I and Vol II, first US editions I think. I had not realized people were paying big bucks for them. Does anyone in the US want to trade IL-2 pre-orders for them? Something like Tank Crew plus the three new planes coming up on pre-order soon? I felt this way for a long time, but am now clearing out even the non-fiction books due to my fire tablet. The ability to have it all with me all the time as well as searching and bookmarks have tipped me over. In fact, I am currently refinishing one of my old large bookcases after emptying it of books and selling most of them off, with some given to charity. Love the smell of tung oil in the morning.
  3. You know, it's okay to admit you have not clue about the Battle of the Philippine Sea aside from the fact that many Japanese planes were shot down during it. There were more Corsairs operating on the BoBP map area than there would be on a Battle of the Philippine Sea map area.
  4. My point is if the devs are going to spend time developing a/c and modules, I'd prefer they follow something akin to history and not waste time designing fantasy games better off on another game which will not be named.
  5. There were no kamikazes at the Battle of the Philippine Sea, nor any Corsairs.
  6. I'm a great fan of PTO expansion, but a Midway only expansion would be disappointing. I'd still buy it, but one would hope that with the addition of carriers, some other bases would be mapped for attack, e.g. Rabaul.
  7. I think they were mediocre. I love them, but recognize my love is nostalgia, not really for the art itself.
  8. I want a module dedicated to Amelia Earhart's circumnavigation, dodging fascist, doing secret recon of Japanese bases and getting home to report to the Army Air Force CID.
  9. What originally drew me to Il-2 was the GPW area and planes. There were no GPW flight sims here in the USA before Il-2. I'm all in on the theater, and think it fits best for p2p fights.
  10. A pilot, a cosmonaut who was the first man to conduct a spacewalk died last week.
  11. Anecdotal from 1943. I suspect that if they were used often it was during 43-44 anti-strategic bombing. But that's not based on actual evidence of use, just gut feeling.
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