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  1. [80 years ago today] "• Japanese aircraft bomb the CAMCO factory at Loiwing, China, destroying recently arrived Curtiss-Wright CW-21 fighters in their crates. Designed as a high altitude interceptor with a faster rate of climb than the Nakajima Ki-27 and Mitsubishi A6M2, this bombing delays local production and the aircraft will not see operational use before the Japanese overrun Loiwing in 1942. The Dutch will operate 24 improved CW-21Bs in the East Indies. "
  2. [80 years ago today] " • The North American NA-73 makes its maiden flight in California. Designed and built in just 117 days, it is intended to fill a British order for 620 aircraft. The US Army Air Corps currently has no interest in the design, which will become known as the P-51 Mustang. "
  3. Requiem This along makes me think you should stick with your trackIR system. It's so much easier. I too hate the extra wires and wearing a sweaty headset, but I find hat views bloody anti-intuitive. Still the above video explains them very well, IMO>
  4. Technically, the BoB was over, but here's a postscript of sorts. [80 years ago today] "• The first Italian air raid of the Battle of Britain occurs. Fifteen Br-20Ms of the Corpo Aero Italiano attack Felixstowe and Harwich, escorted by Fiat G-50s and CR-42s. No aircraft are lost during the raid but two bombers become lost and have to ditch after running out of fuel."
  5. So many choices too. I must have changed my mind fifty times when assigning buttons. And then each a/c has a few special quirks. I recommend starting a spreadsheet and writing it all down, then be prepared to change it a dozen times or more until you find what is most natural for you.
  6. "[80 years ago today] • The Beriev Be-4 has its maiden flight. Also known as the KOR-2, the single engine inverted gull-winged reconnaissance flying boat will operate from Soviet warships and shore facilities during the war.
  7. I tried typing the name, but that didn't work. I had to let the computer prompt the name and use it; plain typing did not do it.
  8. Stupid question, bu how do you do the @cardboard_killer effect to call out me? Thanks, CK
  9. l Well, it's not as ugly as the Buffalo, the plane the Allies replaced the Hurri with at Singapore.
  10. As the week draws to a close, the pieces of my new computer sit at the shop while being put together by the computer elves. Which me ans I am without a computer to run games for a week. Still, a good opportunity to reorganize and clean up the old computer before giving it to my brother to replace his aging machine. Thank god for USB 3; so much faster than 2.0
  11. [80 years ago today] "• Aircraft from HMS Furious bomb oil storage tanks at Tromsø and a seaplane dock at Skattøra, Norway. One Mark-II Skua is damaged by flak and Lt Edward Savage, feeling he won’t make it back to the carrier, heads for Sweden. Taken under Swedish AA fire, he lands in a lake near Gällivare, and as the plane is sinking, removes the new and secret dive bombing sight and throws it as far over the lake as he can. The Swedes question him in internment about why they could not locate the sight. - Savage and his navigator will be repatriated in December and make their way via the USSR, Turkey, and Syria to rejoin Furious in June, 1941." Blackburn Skua from Furious pulled from lake
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