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  1. Regardless of campaign, I would love to see all of those in-game. The CR.42 and SM.79 in particular would be wonderful choices considering that they were used by Italy throughout the entirety of the war. They also both hold the distinction of turning up on the Eastern front as well, being used by Hungary and Romania respectively. (Albeit in the Sparviero's case, it was as the noticeably different SM.79B.)
  2. Even though it's already more or less confirmed, I'd imagine the C-47 would be the first because of its sheer ubiquity. The Soviets had used the Li-2 since 1939, and the Americans and British both used it on virtually every front. Even the Japanese used the (albeit considerably different) L2D.
  3. If anyone has information regarding Regia Aeronautica call signs and the like, I could definitely record some Italian voice lines. Wouldn't make sense for them to keep speaking German.
  4. That talk about the Korean theater a few pages back made me realize how interesting a Chinese Civil War addition to BoX would be. Especially if it came after PTO. Both sides used an interesting mixture of American and Japanese aircraft, and most of the former are already set to be included in Bodenplatte. You could even include the 14th Air Force during Operation Beleaguer if you wanted to have US forces present in some shape or form.
  5. I like the overall idea of this campaign, but I do have some suggestions. I don't know why the CR.42 would be left out in such an expansion, considering it was used in the North African campaign extensively, and was also one of the most prolific Italian planes of the war. I also feel that the SM.79 is important enough to be a flyable aircraft for the same reasons. I think the timeframe would have to be bumped up to 1943-45(?) and focus shifted to the Italian theater to warrant the 5-Series Italian fighters appearing. This would also allow for the inclusion of the Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force, which flew all of the aforementioned aircraft in some capacity.
  6. Speaking from a newcomer's perspective, the thought of lesser known theaters like East Africa, Spain and China appearing in GB interests me more than the popular ones. Not because these don't get enough attention in flight sims, but because they hardly get any attention in video games as a whole. I discovered this series through Steam, and had a much greater interest in military games than planes when I bought 1946. I imagine there's a large contingent of people who just want a unique game to play, and wouldn't have any issues with said game being a flight sim.
  7. 19 year old from the Northeastern USA. I could definitely do an Italian-American/NYC accent if needed.
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