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  1. I have to wait until my daughter heads off to med school, I shall build my 109 pit! I have a machine shop ( I do gun work on the side) what are the thread specs on the Warthog? Could I purchase just the extension cable, or better yet just the connectors, so I could make up my own. Not sure how long I want mine yet
  2. My last MS FF2 finally gave it up, only a few buttons that I can eventually rewire. I had a perceived epiphany : ) As a pilot I was thrilled with being able to feel the edge of the stall, and compression of high speed. Now I think the biggest flaw in FF sticks is gearing, and motors. I also feel that not nearly enough has been done for FF fans, aside from G940. My idea is a stick of Warthog quality, that has FF. To achieve this I have been looking into micro hydraulics. This would in theory work perfect for flight control feedback, simple resistance no springs,gears,or motors....well
  3. Lol "IF". If they continue on this path, IL2 BoS will be legendary! In ref. To original post, It's a fair question to ask albeit premature. Loads of other things to have before lend lease A/C. Personally I look forward to this often overlooked theater. This SIM will be a huge hit IMHO. I flew all day yesterday, and cannot wait for multiplayer testing begins.<S> Razor
  4. OMG the TX boys are still around!!!! I used to be TX-Raptor wow that was long ago. It's nice to see you guys still around. Looks like we are all in for an AWESOME SIM guys <S>
  5. I was in one of many JG2 Richtofen squads in IL2 1946 we flew on Warclouds, my squad has since fragmented, and JG2_Razorback needs a new JG2 : ( I just got the alpha downloaded, and I should have my Warthog tomorrow Little Bio on ME I am 44 year old WWII sim fanatic. I believe in strict team oriented, and hardcore dedicated comms, and wingmanship. I like to follow the same rules the Luftwaffe used in the war. I have a lot of real world flight experience. though I haven't flown in many years. I used to fly my Stepfathers Hi-Perf birds alot . I am definitely in search of some diehar
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