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  1. Nice Job! Very nicely done and very practical. ⬆️(what he said)πŸ™ƒ
  2. Hmm... Nope.... wrong again... "I'm the King of the World!" And then they hit an iceberg even though the forecast didn't call for icebergs in the sky. πŸ˜–
  3. Just wanted to say.... Shiny. Me Likey! 😁 Really fantastic work on the chrome! Astounding!
  4. Just a few more ideas from the Reno Air Races, of which there are plenty.
  5. More magnificent skins Rap. Many thanks! Now my thirty eights have something to wear to the dance.
  6. Confirmed! Link dead, but the Dodo not so much Dodo Cloning
  7. Suggestion number.... Hmm, I lost count...
  8. That gave me ideas Rap! When you aren't occupied with all your own ideas, I have another humble skin request, if you would be so kind... again.
  9. 23 Skidoo... get out while the gettin' is good! A fitting phrase on any war bird. 😏
  10. If at first you don't succeed... Crash and burn. 😱 ...then of course try again.
  11. No problem! Glad to be of assistance, and hope you get to experience VR soon. As a suggestion.... WARNING: Sales pitch! WARNING: πŸ‘‰GOOGLE EARTH, a free app, has astounded friends and family in VR. Good starter for a newbie. Yes... simple olde Google Earth... and it's FREE, As well as Steam's πŸ‘‰THE LAB. It will BLOW>>> YOU>>>>AWAY>>>> maybe, and it's free! Both have astounded and made fans of VR immediately upon viewing & playing. Did I remember to mention... that they are both FREE? One perk for VR... free stuff. Free stuff can be good. And as far as a HOTAS for me.. (though you didn't ask me πŸ˜ͺ ) ..JK... I use the Saitek (now Logitech) X-56. Mainly as it was far cheaper than the Warthog and it was designed with ELITE DANGEROUS in mind. Game I was obsessed with.. and will be again, once I get more time to get involved. The X-56 is with it's flaws though. I have owned more than enough of them to pay for one Warthog and then some. I believe seven total? I will have to count. I currently have three in use, one per PC and one backup.... I know TMI... but I'm getting there... So, the reason for so many, is that they haven't been life long companions... IE they may fail, within a year, (on the Saitek Version, NOT sure about Logitech... yet) This is due to fragile wiring ribbons in the throttle that would fracture from use. I will guess extreme temperature changes may have contributed. I do prefer to keep my house cold. So yeah, it would break from about seven to eight months of minor use. It's not like I'm wailing on the throttle, slamming it from 0-100%! No, this is gentle gradual input like all good pilots. I am currently using a Logitech and it has lasted longer, but I am in a more moderated temperature zone for this PC. It's been running good since March of 2017. At least Saitek was very good and fast on the warranty replacements. Logitech, I hope not to have to use the warranty. We will see. Actually I think it may be expired........ Hmmmm Not to dissuade you from the X-56, as I do like it. (obviously SEVEN... sheesh) And I do prefer the control configuration over that of the Warthog setup. It has these two fantastic little thumb joysticks/buttons on the X-56 that are perfect for thrusters in Elite, can't ...errrr... WONT play Elite without them. IL2...not quite as useful, one I have for a blip switch, and the other... uh.... something... BUT! , I will get Warthog some day. Probably next spring after I move and get settled. I have wanted one from reading reviews and seeing the vast majority seem to like it... A LOT. And they better for that price. So.... there you go... I'm not so sure I was as helpful this time. So to sum it up after you wasted that minute of your life reading all this feldercarb. The X-56 is cheap...er , but may not be as good as the Warthog. Yeah, don't you wish you saw that at the start? Could have saved a moment. Now ask yourself, why are all the fun toys so dam ned expensive?
  12. ahem.... What mpdugas said almost precisely. πŸ˜‰ I Also upgraded to the 'overpriced', Vive Pro about six months after I got the standard Vive, but do not regret it. That is how insane I am about VR (and how foolishly I can toss away more money.🀨) The Pro is a significant improvement; clearer image, more accurate tracking, more comfortable...blah blah blah... (Read the reviews, I'm pretty sure you may already have.) The only down side (other than the inflated cost), is the convenient tightening knob of the back, does stick out a teeny bit, and will...if you have a head rest on you chair...keep your head up a wee bit more from the head rest, which is not all that comfortable. A slight inconvenience. That and the cost again, is really more than it should be. (down to a grand on Amazon) That being said, still currently the best available, if only slightly, but that slight bit does make a difference. That will change however as new stuff is rapidly coming out! Steam is releasing their version soon, an am keeping an eye on that one! Vive also is introducing some new gear that is all self contained (IE no external tracking stations) and even clearer and higher resolution. (I will be looking long and hard at that one!) This of course will mean I will need to upgrade my video card. Currently running a GTX 1080ti and that honestly is just enough to keep it at steady 45 fps with clouds on. (peak at 90 fps with clouds off.) IL2 isn't perfect yet with VR. Damn good!, just not quite perfectly smooth. Tiny hic ups. There are some tweaks out there, but I personally haven't noticed any changes in performance. Anyway,... Newer gear will always mean having to upgrade the older gear... sigh... it's only money right? πŸ™„ Also Note: If you have the TrackIR Amazon will credit you on the return of the TrackIR for VR gear. Save you I think $50. (correction...$49.55...just checked) Bottom line, and I am sure anyone who has VR will confirm... if you haven't experienced VR, go find a place where you can. It isn't anything that can simply be expressed in text or language alone. It absolutely must be experienced to completely understand why we are all completely mad about it. And are willing to throw our hard earned cash at newer better tech. And not just this sim either... there is a quite a bit of really entertaining games out their now that you just can't imagine. And this is just the beginning.
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