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  1. I am getting a similar error, just noticed. Happens when I try to start a dogfight with WWI fighters. Object undefined: LuaScripts\WorldObjects\g8.txt I have mods turned off. Still get error.
  2. Fantastic flick Rap! Watched it to the end. I really thought the Tiger just might make it. I just may have to get that add on. I trust that you and yours are doing well since we last chatted during the holidays. I May have to hit you up again for some new skins, now that we have two new Yaks. 😁 Stay safe 😷
  3. No reason to stop there, plenty of other couriers out there. πŸ€”
  4. Nice! 🀭 Do you happen to have FedEx and or UPS?
  5. Nice Job! Very nicely done and very practical. ⬆️(what he said)πŸ™ƒ
  6. Hmm... Nope.... wrong again... "I'm the King of the World!" And then they hit an iceberg even though the forecast didn't call for icebergs in the sky. πŸ˜–
  7. Just wanted to say.... Shiny. Me Likey! 😁 Really fantastic work on the chrome! Astounding!
  8. Just a few more ideas from the Reno Air Races, of which there are plenty.
  9. More magnificent skins Rap. Many thanks! Now my thirty eights have something to wear to the dance.
  10. Confirmed! Link dead, but the Dodo not so much Dodo Cloning
  11. Suggestion number.... Hmm, I lost count...
  12. That gave me ideas Rap! When you aren't occupied with all your own ideas, I have another humble skin request, if you would be so kind... again.
  13. 23 Skidoo... get out while the gettin' is good! A fitting phrase on any war bird. 😏
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