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  1. This was posted in the POLLS section by Count Zero on July 4, 2020. I thought it belonged here. It should reinvigorate your hope for PTO. It's a long but very interesting interview and gave me hope. It should start playing at 27:55, (if not that is where to go) That is where the question is asked of Jason: "Will we ever see a Pacific Theater?" ... I shall leave you in suspense.
  2. That is cool! That mouth fits nicely! That is giving me ideas for a Tempest skin. You need to stop doing that Rap... It just makes me want more, then I have to keep bugging you for another one.
  3. The Vote topic did say ALL bells and whistles. In my mind that would be several Carriers & ships as well as many flyable fighters, torpedo planes, dive bombers and Float planes. As well as several new maps. If they started a couple years ago I expect it to be completed in three years with early release of content this fall. πŸ˜‰ I would go up to $140 to ensure it happens, basically doubling the usual fee for tripling the content. πŸ€” I'd even buy tank crew to help
  4. I'm a bit late to the poll, however I would like any and all of them as well. I just want Pacific Ops. Carriers & torpedoes! And as similarly stated above I personally would like the F4U-C (4x20mm) as well as versions of the Hellcat and even the Wildcat, Hell diver this time would be nice too. And Torpedo planes! Add to that any and all the Zeros, Georges, Franks, Tonys and Jacks and and and.... etc etc etc. Oh yeah... and FLOAT PLANES! Did anyone mention float planes?
  5. Just saw the video (well heard) and it made me salivate! (Figuratively) As far as the Pacific Theater, 'They' erm... "Cracked that nut" as it where, in IL2-Pacific fighters rather well I thought. I want the Pacific theater as much as, and perhaps more than anyone else. One of the reasons I got this game is... well actually, the VR support. Fracking Awesome! (BSG) The other reason is the hope of a Pacific Theater. I want to fly a Zeros & Corsairs (Hint- C model with 4x20mms) & F6Fs, F4Fss, & Tonys & Georges & so on and so on...there are so many... and I know of the struggle and desire to get everything accurate of which I for one am very appreciative. Respect to those that made that happen. So, as a fan and customer, I would be happy with what every they can get in the game. Just as long as there are Carrier operations! I miss that a lot and want it so bad. I NEED to land a on a carrier in VR. I know we can't have it all, I want it all, but that just isn't going to happen. I know I won't get my favorite planes of the era. Doesn't mean I won't still buy everything I can get my hands on to fly it in VR. (Favorites being the J7W and the Do 335... there are more) I loved the 1946 expansion that added all the exotic experimental stuff. I would love to fly all those again in VR, BUT again that will not happen... I WILL be happy with whatever I can get. .... and am very forgiving and understanding for things not at 100%. I am sure that everyone will be happy with what we can get and we will always want more. That's just fact of being human. I'm SO glad that Jason want's the same stuff that I want, so it does give me more hope. Exponentially so! So all this being said. The Devs just need to focus on what is possible first, then work on the dreams. We all want the dreams, so Devs keep trying, really, really, REALLY hard... but to keep us happy, we need what we can get. Which is exactly what they are doing it would appear. Thank you so much for posting that. Made my day.
  6. I love it! Where can I get me one of those? And why is that, that particular paint scheme still works so well on anything? I mean the show... is rather laughable now, the plots were cliche, the acting was weak, and the car was crap. But I for some reason I still like it. And I loved the Stiller Wilson movie. Must be getting senile and nostalgic in my old age. All I know is that red 'n white always look good. Any chance of getting that on a 38 somehow? Maybe...stripe on booms and the pod... and/or maybe stripe broken across booms? hmmmm for that matter... put that scheme on everything! Yee haw!
  7. I am getting a similar error, just noticed. Happens when I try to start a dogfight with WWI fighters. Object undefined: LuaScripts\WorldObjects\g8.txt I have mods turned off. Still get error.
  8. Fantastic flick Rap! Watched it to the end. I really thought the Tiger just might make it. I just may have to get that add on. I trust that you and yours are doing well since we last chatted during the holidays. I May have to hit you up again for some new skins, now that we have two new Yaks. 😁 Stay safe 😷
  9. No reason to stop there, plenty of other couriers out there. πŸ€”
  10. Nice! 🀭 Do you happen to have FedEx and or UPS?
  11. Nice Job! Very nicely done and very practical. ⬆️(what he said)πŸ™ƒ
  12. Hmm... Nope.... wrong again... "I'm the King of the World!" And then they hit an iceberg even though the forecast didn't call for icebergs in the sky. πŸ˜–
  13. Just wanted to say.... Shiny. Me Likey! 😁 Really fantastic work on the chrome! Astounding!
  14. Just a few more ideas from the Reno Air Races, of which there are plenty.
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