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  1. I the P-51, P-47, and the P-38, when turning, the DG may or may not indicate a heading change. When it does, the DG after a moment, seizes and no longer follows the aircraft. Is there a fix and is there a way to set the DG for the correct runway heading prior to takeoff? I only tested this on these three airplanes.
  2. I noticed this right away. The DG will sometimes indicate a heading change properly the with just normal maneuvering and then it seizes and refuses to move. I learned to fly and got my Instrument Rating using using just a whiskey compass and a Directional Gyro. Disappointed that they didn't implement this vital navigation instrument.
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded. Especially those that had a real answer.
  4. When seated in the P-47 my view of the panel is such that I have to look down to see it. I would like to lower the seat position when using the TIR. I know that the Page Up/Down keys do this when not using TIR. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Voyager: That is correct. I did find the setting I was looking for however. All of the responses here were useful and thanks to you all. I am trying to learn how to a Jug Head.
  6. Is there an option select or deselect simplified engine management? I am trying to gain control of mixture, rpm, turbo, etc. without much luck. Thanks.
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