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  1. Also a bit disappointed have enough of the east front am looking for west front including aircraft but despite will order it
  2. Absolutely speachless with 4006 this is out of this world what a tremendous improvement, the extend of detail is stunning the batlle worn aircraft with their in the haste painted invasion stripes is visible the battle worn airports with convincing bombcraters and ruined structures Congratulations guys with such a piece of realistic AI work. The compatitor is for along time now hanging in my willow tree with its and irritating mission award system
  3. When I play cod blitz single player then campaign then chose COD or Adler angriff I get an info window in my picture this window I can absolute not get RID of Please help me you made the COD soooo beautiful thanks in advance
  4. My career is not working I see a dark screen hear the sound and see waiting waiting ............and waiting I enjoy IL-2 very very much Hope that you can update the scenery a bit and start stopping that reward bussines just give plain all the missions I dont like this reward system The roundels on the spitfire forthe Dutch east indies must be turned 180 degrees the white sector must point aft! The Stormbirds news is GREAT keep up the good work
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