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  1. Is it possible to implement an option where the user can choose the drive location where tracks and screenshots are saved? Most modern computers have SSD drives which are flash memory, and are therefore extremely succeptible to getting corrupted with constant writing/rewriting. It would be better if we could record/save to a mechanical HDD whilst still having the client software on our SSD's to utilise their speeds. It would also be bertter if we could save screenshots as jpeg file types. Many users post screenshots on social media and bmp files need to be changed to do this or they don't display properly.
  2. Thanks @-EAGLE-Shifter Nice uniforms and jacket you have there. I've been to Debden by myself and once with squadron members, but it's worth knowing it is still MOD property housing British Army units. Access is restricted. Having said that, it's pretty much in it's wartime condition, minus the Hangars and Control Tower. The runways and hardstands still exist, but are overgrown. This is a photo of our squadron visit to lay a wreath at the memorial. We went there a day after one of the Duxford air shows.
  3. It's only 334th skins, no 335, no 336. List of aircraft is there. Right click exe and extract in normal way.
  4. There are two distinct sounds that come from the P-51. One is the "whine" from the supercharger, and the other is the higher pitched, more audible "whistle" sound from the gunports. The video clips in this article demonstrate that well, with Ferocious Frankie's whistle more evident when pulling manoevres. https://worldwarwings.com/p-51-mustangs-howl-think-might-wrong/ There is also another informative post on this thread, by a user called "Bradburger" which has accompanying video clips showing Mustangs with and without open gunports. https://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=14842
  5. Hi all, Please find a link below for a skin pack containing numerous 334th FS P-51-D skins researched and made by me, except for QP-A "Man 'o' War", whose very unique paintscheme was painted by aviation artist Michael Lynch. All aircraft in the pack, with the exception of QP-A, are available in schemes with and without invasion stripes. Numerous different paintschemes used by the 334th during their time on P-51-D's in WW2 are represented, some with a nose band and horizontal black tail stripe, others with swept red nose band and red tail, and one has full invasion stripes where others have only half invasion stripes. Therefore there is no uniformity to the skins in this pack. I'm not the best skinner in the world, and have not yet progressed to the stage where I am capable of altering the alpha layer, so please don't expect amazing, but I have researched these paintschemes very extensively, so they are historically accurate. Credit to ICDP for the P-51 template. Contents: QP-A - 44-14292 "Man 'o' War" - Lt Col Claiborn H Kinnard QP-B - 44-13984 - "Meg" - Lt Clarence L Boretsky QP-D - 44-73155 - "My Achin Back" - Lt. Philo Burney QP-F - 44-13306 - (assigned pilot unknown) QP-G - 44-13884 - Capt. David W Howe QP-H - 44-15326 - "Sizzlin Liz" - Maj. Gerald E Montgomery QP-I - 44-13615 - Lt Preston Hardy QP-J - (already in stock skins) QP-K - 44-72063 - "Lil Aggie" - Lt Michael J Kennedy QP-L - 44-13314 - "Salem Representative" - Lt Ralph "Kidd Hofer QP-M - 44-15324 - Capt Victor R Rentschler QP-N - 44-14436 - Lt William O Antonides QP-O - 44-73108 - "Red Dog XII" - Maj Louis H "Red Dog" Norley QP-P - 44-72327 - (assigned pilot unknown) QP-Q - 44-14142 - Lt Jerome E Jahnke QP-R - 44-14110 - "Georgie" - Lt Kenneth G Helfrecht QP-S - 44-63223 - "Sweet Arlene" - Lt Arthur Bowers QP-T - 44-63583 - "Helen" - Lt Edward J Wozniac QP-U - 44-73304 - "Blondie" - Lt Marvin Arthur QP-VV - 44-14332 - "Lazy Daisy" - Lt Raymond A Dyer QP-W - 44-14322 - "The Count" - Lt Ralph "Buck" Buchanan QP-X - 44-11661 - "Iron Ass" - Lt.Col Jack J Oberhansley QP-Y - 44-14281 - Capt William B Smith QP-Z - 44-13352 - Capt Joseph Lang Historical references: The Official Site of the 4th Fighter Group - World War II http://www.4thfightergroupassociation.org/ Little Friends http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/4th-fighter-group/ American Air Museum in Britain http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/881 One note about QP-L "Salem Representative" .. Historical records indicate that although Ralph "Kidd" Hofer was killed while flying P-51B 43-6746, coded QP-X, he had at that time been allocated P-51D QP-L, serial 44-13314. As such the aircraft is included in this pack and his personal nose-art is on the aircraft, in the same position as it was on his personally assigned P-51B serial 43-6946 QP-L "Salem Representative". Download: This file is a self extracting archive file (SFX) created with 7zip. To install, simply click the exe and point the installer to your main game folder (click the box with the 3 dots to browse for your installation folder - "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" for Steam users, or "IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles" for standalone version) and it will extract to the correct folders in your game . https://1drv.ms/u/s!An9tT0XEMibffn6b2b03X8uVoEk?e=X0d5pA
  6. Hi @Alonzo My squad mate noticed what might be a small oversight on the "A Bridge Too Far" mission so I took a screenshot and just posting here to bring it to your attention. It seems the front lines in the Allied areas north of the main front line might be the wrong way around. Inside of the circles shows blue line and outside shows red line. Should they not be the other way around with red inside and blue outside, so that if allies land/ditch in the 2 northern zones they are ditching/landing in friendly territory and not captured? See pic below which is a screenshot from last night's mission S! and thanks for the great maps
  7. 100% correct on the Software side of things regards the Boultbee Simulator, which apparantly has approval from the CAA. The build was put together by Airtech Simulations. https://www.airtechsimulation.co.uk/projects?fbclid=IwAR3lAkaqKaWX3BVZoUsRS91yLW8G9HXJ308qqIHAsBLWWRk4-hRpr9UXBUI As for the operational costs, you're again correct. Much an "if all goes well" scenario, which possibly wouldn't include repair costs if you had a problem with your undercarriage like ARCo did with their T9 Spitfire PT462 recently, when she had a hydraulic failure and needed to land wheels up at Denham Aerodrome back in February. https://aerodynamicmedia.com/pt462-gear-up-landing/ Whether the insurance would cover the costs in entireity, such as recovery, transportation, parts, man hours to repair I'm not sure. If it does I wonder how much the premium would go up by the following year. I have to say that although the article is old now, the pilot did a great job of bringing her down without much damage. It could have been much worse apparantly. I'm sure the person in the back seat had an unforgettable experience too !!!
  8. What an amazing account @ZachariasX. Thanks so much for the insight. Every virtual pilots dream I'm sure .... I certainly would love the chance. Down at goodwood they have the most realistic Spitfire simulator in the world where you can actually go and try it out, for £200, probably more realistic for most people. They have a rig with SEVEN computers. http://www.boultbeeflightacademy.co.uk/spitfiresimulator As for those discussing owning your own Spitfire, It's not just about the purchase price of the aircraft, you also have to take into account running costs and licensing. You do indeed have to be a millionaire to afford one, fly it, and keep it flying. £150,000 (minimum) to get your license to fly it. £30,000 per annum insurance. £50,000 a year maintainence. £120,000 for engine overhaul after 500hrs £342 per hour fuel, if you are conservative. £ (unknown) hanger fees ... you don't want to keep these things outside. You're very limited as to how you can fly it, and if you exceed 5g you need a full inspection costing lots and lots of ££££. You can't really exceed 1/3 throttle, and you also have to add storage fees for a hanger and take-off and landing fees to the aerodrome. Source: The operators at Goodwood Aerodrome who operate them ... https://www.goodwood.com/flying/latest-news/so-youre-thinking-of-buying-a-spitfire/
  9. Hi all, not sure if these bits of information have been posted here before. I was reading an article about Lt Ivan Baranovsky's P-39 which was recoverd from Lake Mart-Yavr in Russia in 2004. https://www.airspacemag.com/military-aviation/lieutenant-ivan-baranovskys-p-39-41818469/?page=1 The article quoted a site which appears to be a vast swathe of information and stories about Lend-Lease aircraft and their pilots. I hope this is of some use to the developers or members of the community .... http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/index.htm S!
  10. We had a few G2 skins made by a squad member before we stopped flying for the dark side and started to concentrate on the light side of the force. They worked perfectly on G4 aircraft but not on G6's as there are some differences in panel sizes such as the tail between the G2/4 and G6 so it showed a couple of wierd patterns in areas of the aircraft that were not coloured properly. Hope this helps S!
  11. Work in Progress, personalised skins for the 334th by myself. Personalised skins for the 334th for the A-20 B in totally matt finish, my first ever attempt at editing skin templates. I wouldn't claim to be a skinner because I'm not capable of skinning an aircraft from scratch and my artistic capabilities go as far as drawing stick men 😂 I do however have photoshop skills from being an amateur photographer so that helped a lot in this process. So far I've done 95% of the active 334th pilots with individual squadron codes and nose art, and have a few to complete plus the unallocated squadron codes. We'll be providing these for download as a skinpack as soon as the A20's are finished so you can all see our lovely skins online. All credit for the awesome original A-20 B skin template to ICDP Screenshots ... 1 - Non-historical RAF Bomber Command scheme 2 - Semi-historical RAF Boston Intruder scheme - historical to the point this scheme existed, all personalised with RAF Eagle Squadron codes and personalised nose art for our pilots. 3 - Non-historical Winter/Snow camo with RAF Markings, If there is demand, I'd be happy to release the edited A-20 B psd template, which includes reorganised and regrouped layers for personalisation, so the community can make their own versions with the Intruder/RAF Bomber Command/Winter schemes as they are all in the layers of the one template. Let me know tagging me in the comments below if you'd like to see this expanded template released. For those who might be interested in making their own versions, and start searching for the following fonts .... Serial numbers font: RAF_PW_ATH Squadron Codes font: RAF_45D_841ATH Squadron skin works .... Completed ... Spit Mk.Vb RAF 71 (Eagles) Squadron skins, codes XR-A to XR-Z by @334th_Hartmann Spit Mk.IXe RAF 71 (Eagles) Squadron skins, codes XR-A to XR-Z by 334th_KMA Spit Mk.IXe USAAF 334th Squadron (early XR codes and round star), codes XR-A to XR-Z by 334th_KMA WIP ... A-20 B RAF 71 (Eagles) Squadron skins, codes XR-A to XR-Z (RAF Bomber Command, RAF Boston Intruder and RAF Winter/Snow schemes) by 334th_KMA 334th P-47 USAAF skins, codes QP-A to QP-Z by @334th_Ripper* Future projects ... 334th P-51 skins by whichever squad member can get their grubby mitts on the template first when it's released. 😂 Maybe some others too if we can find the time ... but flying is a priority and you really don't want to know how many hours it took to get whole squadron's worth done for each aircraft hope you all like these. S!
  12. Thanks @=RR=ROCKET_KNUT This is my first effort at skinning, and we're relatively new in this variant of IL2 having only been here a few months as a squadron, so I appreciate your kind words and your help in pointing me in the right direction.
  13. This looks very interesting. I'll try to get a few of us 334th in there very soon. @Alonzo Are custom skins allowed? I'd love for the 334th to be able to use our newly made skins, and think the A20's could fit in D-Day and perhaps help some people at least pretend a bit more convincingly they are up against Bomber Command for a refreshing change.
  14. Is this thread dead and/or moved elsewhere? I was just looking for feedback on these A-20 skins edited from ICDP's awesome template that I made for the 334th. RAF Bomber command scheme is non-historical, and the RAF Boston Intruder is historical, albeit with squadron codes for the 334th. I'd be quite happy to release the edited psd template file with the extra layers to the community if there is a demand for it.
  15. A giant Easter egg from the developers? 🤣
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