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  1. Hi all, not sure if these bits of information have been posted here before. I was reading an article about Lt Ivan Baranovsky's P-39 which was recoverd from Lake Mart-Yavr in Russia in 2004. https://www.airspacemag.com/military-aviation/lieutenant-ivan-baranovskys-p-39-41818469/?page=1 The article quoted a site which appears to be a vast swathe of information and stories about Lend-Lease aircraft and their pilots. I hope this is of some use to the developers or members of the community .... http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/index.htm S!
  2. We had a few G2 skins made by a squad member before we stopped flying for the dark side and started to concentrate on the light side of the force. They worked perfectly on G4 aircraft but not on G6's as there are some differences in panel sizes such as the tail between the G2/4 and G6 so it showed a couple of wierd patterns in areas of the aircraft that were not coloured properly. Hope this helps S!
  3. Work in Progress, personalised skins for the 334th by myself. Personalised skins for the 334th for the A-20 B in totally matt finish, my first ever attempt at editing skin templates. I wouldn't claim to be a skinner because I'm not capable of skinning an aircraft from scratch and my artistic capabilities go as far as drawing stick men ๐Ÿ˜‚ I do however have photoshop skills from being an amateur photographer so that helped a lot in this process. So far I've done 95% of the active 334th pilots with individual squadron codes and nose art, and have a few to complete plus the unallocated squadron codes. We'll be providing these for download as a skinpack as soon as the A20's are finished so you can all see our lovely skins online. All credit for the awesome original A-20 B skin template to ICDP Screenshots ... 1 - Non-historical RAF Bomber Command scheme 2 - Semi-historical RAF Boston Intruder scheme - historical to the point this scheme existed, all personalised with RAF Eagle Squadron codes and personalised nose art for our pilots. 3 - Non-historical Winter/Snow camo with RAF Markings, If there is demand, I'd be happy to release the edited A-20 B psd template, which includes reorganised and regrouped layers for personalisation, so the community can make their own versions with the Intruder/RAF Bomber Command/Winter schemes as they are all in the layers of the one template. Let me know tagging me in the comments below if you'd like to see this expanded template released. For those who might be interested in making their own versions, and start searching for the following fonts .... Serial numbers font: RAF_PW_ATH Squadron Codes font: RAF_45D_841ATH Squadron skin works .... Completed ... Spit Mk.Vb RAF 71 (Eagles) Squadron skins, codes XR-A to XR-Z by @334th_Hartmann Spit Mk.IXe RAF 71 (Eagles) Squadron skins, codes XR-A to XR-Z by 334th_KMA Spit Mk.IXe USAAF 334th Squadron (early XR codes and round star), codes XR-A to XR-Z by 334th_KMA WIP ... A-20 B RAF 71 (Eagles) Squadron skins, codes XR-A to XR-Z (RAF Bomber Command, RAF Boston Intruder and RAF Winter/Snow schemes) by 334th_KMA 334th P-47 USAAF skins, codes QP-A to QP-Z by @334th_Ripper* Future projects ... 334th P-51 skins by whichever squad member can get their grubby mitts on the template first when it's released. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Maybe some others too if we can find the time ... but flying is a priority and you really don't want to know how many hours it took to get whole squadron's worth done for each aircraft hope you all like these. S!
  4. Thanks @=RR=ROCKET_KNUT This is my first effort at skinning, and we're relatively new in this variant of IL2 having only been here a few months as a squadron, so I appreciate your kind words and your help in pointing me in the right direction.
  5. This looks very interesting. I'll try to get a few of us 334th in there very soon. @Alonzo Are custom skins allowed? I'd love for the 334th to be able to use our newly made skins, and think the A20's could fit in D-Day and perhaps help some people at least pretend a bit more convincingly they are up against Bomber Command for a refreshing change.
  6. Is this thread dead and/or moved elsewhere? I was just looking for feedback on these A-20 skins edited from ICDP's awesome template that I made for the 334th. RAF Bomber command scheme is non-historical, and the RAF Boston Intruder is historical, albeit with squadron codes for the 334th. I'd be quite happy to release the edited psd template file with the extra layers to the community if there is a demand for it.
  7. A giant Easter egg from the developers? ๐Ÿคฃ
  8. Hi Jet. I saw you in TS on saturday but got no response from you. Maybe next time. S!
  9. Thanks for checking in Jet. We had 10 people on this Sunday for flight night and did some training in our own private server (which is now up in the lobby on BOS), before moving on to a multiplayer server for some combined bomber/fighter flying . We look forward to you getting on soon and joining us. S!
  10. Not true. Tempests were very effective fighters with the ability to outdive even the FW. Real pilots describe that here ...
  11. I got to speak to you before I saw this. Was good flying with you and chatting too. You're definitely not useless ... a good pilot in fact and a good thinker while flying.
  12. At the moment we're in Wings of Liberty for the most part, but we do sometimes use the duel and dogfight zones in Berloga for intensive training. We're in the process of putting a squadron skinpack together, at the moment we have Spitfires in Mk Vb done by @334th_Hartmann and Mk IX's done by myself, with @334th_Ripper* doing our P-47's, all using @ICDP's templates. When they're all ready I'll zip them all up to send out to everyone. You're welcome to join us on Facebook, if you're on it.
  13. Hi Jet, Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been a bit busy the last few days. We're definitely interested in new pilots, and currently we're not so well blessed with US pilots, but if you don't mind bearing with us as we recruit more people then you're welcome to fly with us or join our ranks? We can be found most weekdays from around 2000 GMT on comms and randomly over the weekend but as @334th_Ripper* mentioned we have flight nights on Sundays at 1800 GMT
  14. Yes the 334th were those who were involved in setting up USL, albeit before my time in the squadron. As for if Prince was a member, maybe @334th_Virtue can answer that ... he's sufficiently long in the tooth enough ๐Ÿคฃ We'd love to see some sort of squad based tournament here, but as we're just getting our feet in the door here, it might be a bit "early days" yet. However, if there are people interested in discussing the matter, by all means drop by our comms, maybe it could come to fruition earlier than we think. Ideas are swirling around the head already after seeing how many squads are here. Salute @ITAF_Rani ... thanks for the welcome.
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