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  1. Fantastic! I'm flying a 109 F4 in career mode currently so that's what I'm used to anyways I've joined the discord too. My landings have been getting better. My first half a dozen or so were all crash landings, but in my defense that's before I discovered that the flaps had to be lowered to a certain value, not just "released" in order to work. I spawn in the air mostly, so I've only taken off a few times; I’ll get to practicing that and my dogfighting before the next event! Thanks for the quick responses as well! Fly safe!
  2. This looks like the coolest thing ever. I’ve only recently gotten the game so I’m a pretty sad excuse of a pilot, but if you’re looking for someone to draw some enemy fire I’d love to participate!
  3. Hi all, I recently purchased IL2 from Steam, and want to link the game to my IL2 account so that I can continue to buy the rest of the expansions from here. However, every time I try to link my Steam account in-game, it gives me an error "#4 Wrong Password or Email", even though my password and email are definitely correct (I use the same ones to log on to these forums successfully). Does anyone have a fix/workaround? Thanks in advance! Fly safe!
  4. I'm having the same problem, hopefully someone has a solution!
  5. Hi all! I'm brand new to this game today, I saw Il2 Battle of Stalingrad on Steam sale today and figured I'd give it a try. I bought it and I've fallen in love. I want to buy the expansions, but ideally I'd like to buy them on the official website to throw some additional financial support to the devs. If I buy the expansions on the website, can I combine them with the steam version?(or conversely, use the steam version in the website version?) Thanks in advance!
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