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  1. Hello, I would like to know why IA crew doesn't work on Quick Mission Builder ? It's fine on Scripted Campaign but not on Quick Mission Builder. I'd love command the tank or drive but I don't want to shoot/use turret. (I'm on VR and I'm bad for aiming :p). Thanks I can give order for movement (that work) but for fire control, they don't react and fire ...
  2. One question, some time, I have a mission (fighter) and I have to follow a route and search and engage air targets : But some time, I don't find any enemy aircraft and after going back to the base, the mission is considered as failed. Why ? (with ESC key, I still see "Primary Objective in progress"). Or sometime, I see enemies but they are too fast and they flee war ! And I can't engage the battle. Attached an example (this generated mission is impossible for me or I doing something wrong), the enemies fighters avoid me and can't catch them... Making the mission with autopilot cheat still make it impossible ? (I don't see Mission Succeed in green), Still all the time : Primary Objective in progress If the mission is failed, should I restart it again till it's a success ? Or could I go back to PWCG and ask for another mission ? So I don't understand why I can't have mission succeeded after making all good (follow the route and land). Can you help me please ? Missions.rar
  3. Yes, I hope so... The fact that we don't have a dynamics campaign is something very bad for me ... I can't understand why a 70 bucks addons like others don't have a scripted campaign or a pilot career ... Hope that will come... Same for Tank Crew (we have a scripted campaigns and it's a good one).
  4. Thanks for the answer. And that's a bad news I don't understand why they don't follow the same "quality" as the other DLC like Kuban.
  5. Merci à toi ! Contact moi en privé et on s'échange un moyen de contact !
  6. Hello, Here : https://il2sturmovik.com/news/504/update-4001-launched-battle-bodenplatte-and-flying/ I can read that FC is now on a final state. So my question is : How do I star a dynamic campaigns ? Thanks
  7. That could be great of 1C Game can add some option to chose what we what on screen instead of a full on/off toggle.
  8. I or CTRL + I remove everything. HUD + all other indication. I would like simply remove the data on the red square on my image.
  9. Hello Any way to remove the "2D" HUD in VR (but keep other information like map and other marks). Thanks
  10. Hello, where is the flaps indicators on the P 38 ? I know where is the command, but want to be able to quickly check its position. Thanks
  11. Hope one day will have a mission editor directly on the game and be able to create and host mission in MP ... this thing should be easy for a player...
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