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  1. Cthulhus

    Recherche équipage char

    Bonjour Makhina ! Oui je l'ai déjà essayé en solo et j'adore ! Le réalisme est top sauf que tout seul, bah c'est plutôt limité. Je te passe mon discord : Cthulhus#0897 A bientôt !
  2. Cthulhus

    Bf 109 G-2 G-4 4k Templates

    A big big thanks for this work !
  3. Cthulhus

    My First Tiger Skin

    Thanks for this work !
  4. Bonjour, Je recherche une ou plusieurs personnes pour tester le multi équipage avec Tank Crew et en français uniquement. Gros débutant concernant les chars et débutant aussi dans IL-2 mais expérimenté coté simu (DCS, Prepar3D etc.) A bientot sur le front ! Cthulhus
  5. Cthulhus

    new effects

    Love it ! thanks for your works!
  6. Cthulhus

    Statistics ?

    Offline, not very interested by the online. Arf, hope they will add it later ! Thanks !
  7. Cthulhus

    Statistics ?

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a place to find my statistics in the game ? On DCS you have this and it's really nice to see how is your skill and how you can improve it. Thanks PS: Sorry if it's a stupid question.
  8. oups, sorry, means Vive Pro ... I'm tired For example, for ProjectCars2, the game is normal on monitor and it's native. I think I don't have a solution for IL-2 and just wait for an update for the game allowing that natively. It's not important in all case. Just more comfortable when you are not alone.
  9. I have the Rift Pro. And I don't see any settings to allow the rendering of only one eye on the monitor. PSVR has and it's nice.
  10. Hello, I would like to know if it's possible via an option to have a "normal" view on the monitor instead of two eyes like you can see on your helmet ? For example, only left or right view and not both ? That allow friends to look the game easier. Thanks
  11. Cthulhus

    Germany lifts ban on Nazi symbols in video games

    oh I see, so we need now that Russian allow this too ?
  12. Hello, Just read that article and it said that now Germany allow the Swastikas on video game. Source (in French) : https://www.lemonde.fr/pixels/article/2018/08/09/l-allemagne-leve-l-interdiction-de-symboles-nazis-dans-les-jeux-video_5340887_4408996.html? Does that will change something for IL-2 ?
  13. Cthulhus

    FW-190 A8 Default Head Position

    I have the exact same issue. On the A8 I'm very down in the cockpit in VR and it's perfect on FW190-A5 version. I use VR. And your file fix the issue ! Thanks