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  1. Thank you guys for the answers and to the servers mentioned, it wasn't long ago when there were lots of flyers and seeing this is apparently a delightful attachment way back as a pilot enthusiasts in the world of sim, '46 is still top. Thanks again, Cloudflyer777
  2. BP_Lizard It doesnt have to, unless by adding mod/s that would mess the game.
  3. Hi: Im a bit curious if its still for the public= like it was on Hyperlobby but the online servers now are getting harder to find with players. Is there any capable or available and accepts 2019 registrations? Advance thank you..
  4. Hi , Its me then this wallpaper testing if its ok. Nothing special
  5. Thats amazing! How'd you do that? The sky moods are differently impressive.
  6. Hi: I maybe the last to reply but not the last to know. I'm not steady here but what was there that I use to read and use has became my IL2 interest.
  7. AndyJWest: Thanks.. Windows10 would be ok.
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