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  1. I've not used the software, nor do I know what telemetry IL-2 exports, but surely IL-2 exports the aircraft's position and orientation in 3 dimensions over time? That should be sufficient to calculate any forces acting upon the aircraft to the resolution and accuracy allowed by the time interval. Wouldn't it? (Of course, if the time interval becomes rather large, this will affect the accuracy of calculations)
  2. If your motherboard supports M2 SSD, I'd seriously consider that option and get that as an additional SSD. They've come down in price, I got mine for around 100 USD (256GB version). Just make sure you have the mounting screw and spacer in your motherboard box! I'd lost mine and had to go on ebay for a replacement. If it doesn't, get another SATA 2,5" SSD drive, they are even cheaper pr gigabyte, I think they are around 120USD for a whopping terrabyte, and even cheaper for 500Gb. I dont recommend running a game through an external drive, the USB is a bottleneck for speed there.
  3. If you play on multiplayer servers, surely this would be a server side setting?
  4. Sig_NOR

    Gun Camera.

    Not with TARGET software, you can program events on both button down and button up.
  5. Sig_NOR

    Gun Camera.

    If you have a joystick that have programmable keys, this would be rather easy to implement. Using TARGET software with the Thrustmaster HOTAS, I could for instance program an ingame recording keystroke on both button down and button up events for the trigger. You will get a lot of mission recordings though....
  6. some useful laws: - there is a finite amount of energy in the universe - energy cannot be created or destroyed, only change form also - whenever you convert energy into another form, you never get 100% out of the process - the rest is lost usually through heat dissipation - the most efficient conversion from mechanic to electric energy is via generators, usually above 90% - whenever a heat machine is involved (steam engine), in coal, nuclear or solar reflector powerplants, efficiency is much lower you should start with a bit of googling on the subject, im sure there are plenty of material for beginners out there (khan academy) pick one renewable you like, or that is applicable where you live and start from there. Something to do with solar panels, or zero-emission housing should be available online in abundance. If your paper is angled from a programmers perspective, such systems have (an need) a lot of automation and regulation both automatic and by human interaction. If you find a company nearby who are dealing in this kind of things, contact them!
  7. With solar energy you have both solar panels (photovoltaic) and solar reflecting systems. Then you have wind turbines and ocean wave systems harnessing motion created by the weather systems (in turn driven by solar energy and earth rotation) Finally you have biofuel, utilising the ability of plants to convert solar energy and molecules from air into hydrocarbons. And of course hydroelectric power, where that is feasible. (And geothermic). You'll need to be a bit more specific about the requirements of your term paper, but this is essentially what is available technologies at the moment. Familiar with the laws of thermodynamics?
  8. The devs don't necessarily have to implement from scratch. They could f. instance license a TeamSpeak client and some version of the ACRE module (from ArmA series) and have that integrated into the game. It would be hella cool, wouldn't it? But I have no idea if that is even feasible, technically or legally.
  9. Fixed a sound bug in the Me262 for me at least! Edit: Sneaksie beat me to it Great work as usual!
  10. if possible, get a refund from Steam, then buy and install the game directly from the il2 website? Other than that, I can't think of anything else than what already has been said. A complete uninstall from Steam, then find whatever folders are left over in file explorer and delete everything before reinstalling. Also, check if you can log in on il2 website with your old credentials. Maybe there is a login issue?
  11. Happy days! Took the opportunity to get a couple of RED collector planes I've been meaning to check out! Great value on the P40 and the Yak1b for me and a German campaign just because it was dirt cheap! Thanks to 1C-777!
  12. Is your disk full? Someone else said to delete everything in the updates folder might help. Edit: Hehe csThor beat me to it!
  13. Elevation lines would be very cool, especially when navigating the mountains in the Kuban map.
  14. Wow. That was a quick fix guys! Kudos to the IL2 dev team, even better at listening to their community than Bohemia Interactive!
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