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  1. YESSS!!!!We need the TAW for the quarantine!!! I hope all members of this comunity stay safe and healthy at home. I'll see you on the next TAW Regards
  2. Hello, I wanted to inform you that the pilot 106GAPON_Dietrich killed me at the aerodrome shooting flares at my pilot. I would like you to take some punishment to avoid this kind of players. I have screenshot if you want it Regards
  3. When does the campaign start? it finished one month ago... Salu2
  4. How its possible??Which is the program to open this archive and replace the sound? Thanks
  5. Bienvenidos camaradas,una alegria ver que cada dia somos mas escuadrones volando,me paso por vuestro foro a leeros si no os importa Salu2
  6. Los compañeros del sg1 sieguen en activo aunque en menor medida,empezando con el BOS ahora asi que en muy poco los veremos por los cielos virtuales de nuevo seguro Salu2
  7. Is it true that bos will have support for tacview? AWESOME!!! Salu2
  8. A mi llego a pasar unas 3 veces,pero no se si es casualidad o no,porque tampoco le veo mucha relacion,pero me dejo de ocurrir al actualizar los driver de la tarjeta Espero que lo soluciones Salu2
  9. Thanks for the diploma,we'll participate in the next campaign ,no doubt about it Salu2
  10. Le echaremos un ojo kokakolo,por supuesto Salu2
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