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  1. Hi and sorry but i couldn't find the right topic area for this, does anyone know what type of toggle switches the Warthog joystick uses as i need to find a 3 way on-on-on switch like the Autopilot toggle switch. And a on-on-momentary on, toggle switch like the engine start switches. I am making a panel and i cant find out what toggle switches to use. thx in advance for any advice
  2. Thankyou for the advice! I'll try updating the drivers. I am also thinking I may of assigned the hat switches to to different functions so I'm gonna check that when I get home. As for the pedals I installed the drivers yesterday so I'm not sure what I could be as windows can see me moving the pedals
  3. Hello fairly new to il-2, Just got the Thrustmaster warthog HOTAS and flight pedals but i have a couple problems. When running the Target software IL-2 doesn't pick up any axis on the joystick, throttle or flight pedals but it does pick up the buttons which I have set in the Target software. I tried running IL-2 without Target which works ok but I can't set up detailed configurations and the hat switches and pedals Don't work or even get picked up by IL-2. I tried reinstalling IL-2 and Target and the drivers, using different USB ports and making a new configuration. And advice in advice is appreciated
  4. Sorry, didn't realize that more replies had been made. After watching some videos and experimenting. I now take off at climb power and then go to 75% on engine and rpm to get to my target. Thank you for the extra advice tho
  5. Thankyou all for the advice! After cutting down on the fuel I got the he-111 to takeoff and climb with a 2500 pound bomb.
  6. Hello and thanks for any advice in advance, I have just got IL-2 this year and i am enjoying it very much although i can't takeoff in the He-111, ju-88 or the bf 110 when using a heavy bomb load. Once i get in the air, i can not gain altitude or speed and eventually damage my engines trying to stay in the air. Any advice would be appreciated.
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