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  1. I love the BF-110 G-2, great multirole aircraft. It flies smooth and can take some damage. the cockpit is nice except for the speedo being placed right behind the stick
  2. I am not sure, maybe reporting it on steam? as that might get their attention Same here, was planning a IL-2 night edit Ok, I opened the game through the steam folders and it works but I only have things that I bought from the il-2 website. Anything i bought on steam doesn't show up:( C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game opened it from there but you need to sign in again. I restarted and it asked to link my steam and il-2 accounts again and when I click that it crashes again.
  3. Probably something on the developers end? a lot more people have come forward in my squad and also have the same problem...
  4. I'm not sure what is the problem but its not just you. A few mates and some people on discord were also talking about crashes to desktops on the steam version. My game is also not working and some people are able to load in but all of their packs, eg BOS, BOM etc. don't show up and they cant fly any planes. Maybe everyone on steam* is effected?
  5. Hi and sorry but i couldn't find the right topic area for this, does anyone know what type of toggle switches the Warthog joystick uses as i need to find a 3 way on-on-on switch like the Autopilot toggle switch. And a on-on-momentary on, toggle switch like the engine start switches. I am making a panel and i cant find out what toggle switches to use. thx in advance for any advice
  6. Thankyou for the advice! I'll try updating the drivers. I am also thinking I may of assigned the hat switches to to different functions so I'm gonna check that when I get home. As for the pedals I installed the drivers yesterday so I'm not sure what I could be as windows can see me moving the pedals
  7. Hello fairly new to il-2, Just got the Thrustmaster warthog HOTAS and flight pedals but i have a couple problems. When running the Target software IL-2 doesn't pick up any axis on the joystick, throttle or flight pedals but it does pick up the buttons which I have set in the Target software. I tried running IL-2 without Target which works ok but I can't set up detailed configurations and the hat switches and pedals Don't work or even get picked up by IL-2. I tried reinstalling IL-2 and Target and the drivers, using different USB ports and making a new configuration. And advice in advice
  8. Sorry, didn't realize that more replies had been made. After watching some videos and experimenting. I now take off at climb power and then go to 75% on engine and rpm to get to my target. Thank you for the extra advice tho
  9. Thankyou all for the advice! After cutting down on the fuel I got the he-111 to takeoff and climb with a 2500 pound bomb.
  10. Hello and thanks for any advice in advance, I have just got IL-2 this year and i am enjoying it very much although i can't takeoff in the He-111, ju-88 or the bf 110 when using a heavy bomb load. Once i get in the air, i can not gain altitude or speed and eventually damage my engines trying to stay in the air. Any advice would be appreciated.
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