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  1. Damn that thing looks so mean in the hanger with that big nose. Any chance we could get the variant with 4x Hispanos? that would be a lot of fun!! *Edit* Especially considering (from what i can find) that one of the early model c type wing variants included the 4x 20mm.
  2. Best DD ever. Awesome to hear about the ton of work you guys are doing!!!!!!!!
  3. Count me in!! Looking forward to it, these are always a lot of fun.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean? For the second event I had quite a few adult beverages the night before, it was all quite a blur. But i still made it!! haha.
  5. Community fly out on the Knights of the Air server which turned out to be a 42v42 match up with most players on voice communications conducting coordinated attacks. Here's a short re-cap from my perspective flying with =TBAS= and -[HRAF] but there were many more sqauds on, and it made for an excellent battle that came right down to the wire. There are already more planned for the future details on the KOTA discord, linked below. KOTA Discord : https://discord.gg/KHbVNn5 KOTA stats website : http://kotastat.com/en/
  6. I came to this thread looking for someone else who felt this way, I tried three test flights of the P-47 vs AI bombers, the first time my engine was gone with a single turret round, the second time I immediately burst into flames from a long range out after starting a dive on a group of four HE-111. After all I've read, heard and watched about its durability in reality, it was a sad first impression.
  7. Hi All! First, thanks to [DBS]Tx_Tip and crew for all of these excellent missions! I just had something to add for those players like me who don't own all the expansions for this game. In a very simple process, you can open each of the missions in the mission editor which don't contain aircraft that you own, and find the plane spawns (blue and red plane symbols on the map). If you click these symbols once, you get a dialogue box on the left hand side of the screen and a button that says "Model". If you click this you will see a full list of aircraft in the gam
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