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  1. Actually, I am quite glad I bought this directly from the devs and not from steam for a number of reason. First the devs get the full check and not a portion of it, and second I don't have to deal with the constant up and down issues that steam has been prone to lately.
  2. MilitaryGamers.com, otherwise known as MG is still out there looking for current or former U.S. service members who are looking to game with with fellow vets. Here is a little about us: What we are: 1: A bunch of foul mouthed, low life, no life having fools 2: Laid back, There really is no rank structure except for inside staff ranks. 3: Spread out. We really do have a severe case of Game ADHD. A large portion of our members bounce from title to title on a nearly daily basis. As such we are all over the place, which is both good and bad. What we are not: 1: Competitive. If you are looking for one of those communities where you are trying to garner certain skills that can ONLY be attained through aggressive and constant actions, we are probably not the place for you. 2: Restrictive. MG staff WILL NEVER tell you who you can and can not roll with. If you just want to register with us and still roll with one of those competitive groups or a more aggressive or competitive squad, that's cool too. Just ask Hooves. 3: Tolerant of Hackers and Cheaters. If I or any other MG staff member finds out that someone flying MG colors is hacking, cheating, or exploiting they are gone quicker than you can say shenanigans. Integrity is one of the first things that is beaten into your head into the service and it is one of the thing we expect our members to carry with them when they are flying MG colors. Basically, what we are looking to do with IL-2 BoS is form a small but productive community of pilots who can create a branch, gather members and just have a good time wrecking havoc on other people and each other. If the leader of that branch wants to make it competitive, that's on him. As of right now there is no branch leader because quite frankly there simply aren't enough people, If we can garner enough OUTSIDE interest (meaning getting enough members from outside of MG..aka you guys here) Then we are in business... If you have any questions, Ping me here or swing over to the website and register if you are a US service member. Cacti
  3. hmmm...can't seem to join the group, can i haz an invite please. cacti4-6 in steam
  4. Well, I poked me head in there, gave as much good pub as i could...and within seconds i felt like my head was about to explode. I dunno if it was because of my migraines or what but man....kids these days.. "waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...CLOD was soo bad....even thogh this is a different dev team and stuff WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "WAHHHHHHHHHH this game costs moneys...........""""""""" ......
  5. Still looking for members for this branch here. Also may be looking for a branch leader since our SOP says that staff is not to run any branch in any game. Thank goodness, i would rather leave that headache to someone else
  6. I figured this may need a bump, just in case anybody has any further input on configs.
  7. Heya folks! its been a few months since i was active on the forums, but seeing as how i got numerous pm's asking where the heck i disapeared to I figured i would head off anymore and assure folks that I am still alive and moderately functional. I HOPE to be ready to play again in the near future since my term is about complete here. No classes are not going that well, thus why i have been outta the loop for so lonh. cheers, happy flying, and all that jazz
  8. well thankfully, i should be done this regiment of classes very soon so i should be able to play soon so the release date? yeah not to worried about it
  9. i am pretty sure there is...thought i saw it the other day...when i log back in if i see it i will post a screeny
  10. dont mind at all. much like my warthog profile thread, i started this one up so everyone could brainstorm over various settings! flightfx is a completly different install. you can do a google on flightfx download. you can also find info on it in the RoF forums
  11. I think my biggest gripe with the flare gun and its implementation right now is that you can't open the side windows on the 109...or if you can I have yet to figure out how. This basically renders the option not quite useless, but less than effective. And to be honest, once the monoplane was in full swing with much bigger and stronger airframes, and providing much more pilot protection than their predecessor (see biplanes), the personal weapon is pretty much obsolete by this time.
  12. I play at 1080 and at this point i have very few spotting issues. but i dont know if that is due to my familiarity with the maps or if I know what to look for. perhaps it is a combination of both.../
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