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  1. I have several times and won the match quite easily and quick, once I didnt even manage to get to face a single german tank in my kv-1 as the T-34s captured all bases way before. 2 weeks ago I tried playing russian and won quite easily compared to my time on the german side.
  2. Yep and add that they barely had trained crew or spare parts for them and a huge front line, and total number of soviet tanks in 1941 was 26000.
  3. That is the case with all AI tanks and guns in the game at the moment, hopefully it will be solved by the developers with time. Only thing one can change are: where you place them and how many and how long distance they can see and accuracy.
  4. Historically I wouldnt say it was, the most common russian tank to face was the bt-7 and the rest was pretty much T-26 and BT-5s, the T-34 and KV-1 was rare tanks and only late in 41 they started to show up in bigger numbers.
  5. Alright I can explain a bit as I play on all tank servers when I have the time and will: Efront has many players but that is mainly due to its manned by russian players from 1600-2300 swedish time and they have their own discord or teamspeak and have dedicated flyers and tankers only focusing on winning, even when there are no german players around. The server is very russian biased as several maps are for some reason 1941 set up and gives russians plenty of T-34s and advantages while german side have a few panzer IV (10 of them). Plus the russian side have far more anti tank guns and AAA guns compared to the german side, just to name a few advantages they get, even 2 of my friends only needed 2 matches to see how much advantages the russian side gets xD But plus side is its always manned but prepare to lose if you play german side unless you play late in the night. Action tanks which to me is the best server but way less players: balanced maps where german and allied/russian side gets the same number of guns and AI tanks and bigger variety of maps, towns and villages and western front maps etc. Some maps have only panzer IIIs but its still more balanced and can be played alone. Finnish virtual pilots: Same here, more balanced and less being bombed to detah by airplanes, bigger battlefield and a frontline that moves and the tank base is a bit away from the flag, removing the chance of spawn killing.Wish more servers used that idea instead of this spawnkilling that happens.... Yes its the servermaker who decides what tanks or how many one side gets, and where the bases are and anti tank guns, airfields etc. What I found to be most fun and more realistic and historically based are SCG historical events, playing every sunday for 3-4 hours and semi military style and very serious, closest and best tank feeling I have ever experienced in gaming so far
  6. The commander. Hopefully they will make the driver playable for others and not only the commander, and the loader too.
  7. IF it was efront then its not a surprise as the russian side have almost 1-3 airplanes in the air nonstop, not always but most often and its common they ram one, myself as a rookie pilot have so far never managed to ram a russian tank but crashing away from them when I notice I came in too low or slow etc: aim at something else than the enemy tank, but seems some think differently. Trying to fly and get them is hopeless as Im no pilot and get shot down pretty easily and it ends up becoming a airbattle instead of a tank battle.... Well if you want to experience a far more realistic and militaristic simulator of handling tanks and do missions and not have such issues and have a good time: feel free to join simulated combat group, every sunday we do semi near military historical missions where we have very realistic battles and tactics and immersion Best tanking experiences Ive had in any game.
  8. Know that fact very well and it also differed from unit to unit but the trend is still there, most of these kill claims were from tiger crews, a few panther aces and some few stugs but they are far fewer and not a single panzer IV makes it to the top list. Several ways of reading the data but to me from all articles and books and this trend of some units counting kills to some doesnt, it still shows the tigers had high kill counts from 43-44 before they dropped in 45 while panzer IIIs and PAnzer IV and most other german tanks didnt do as well. then one can argue to death for exact numbers but I wont go into that.
  9. Nope no way other than to chose a different spawn point, hence I like finnish virtual pilots solution to it more but Efront: prepare to get bombed by airplanes, a lot.
  10. Nah the tiger isnt too strong, at the moment its fairly accurate to how it was in reality and well this is a simulator and we want it to be as realistic as possible, when I drive a t-34 and face a tiger I WANT to feel fear and know I wont be able to do anything frontally, so have to either sneak around or make a mass attack like the russians did in ww2, with arty barrage before we attack. Im all for historically accurace on good and bad, hate when game developers nerf or try to balance tanks to please gamers who dont have any understanding of ww2. There is a reason why the top 10 panzer aces were in tigers and had over 100 kills each.
  11. ^ That, unlike the front, the panther is vulnerable on the sides to most guns of the era hence it was seen as weak on the sides as many expect it to be like tiger. They did at least with the G series improve it from 40 mm to 45mm on the upper sides.
  12. Ahh so it was artillery afterall, explains it, and yep trying to attack alone in a panzer IV is doomed due to the accuraccy of them and the anti tank guns. almost wish we had a map where there were no anti tank guns etc but only AI tanks and player tanks, can then have pure tank vs tank action 😄
  13. Played on this map in my panzer IV and after many tries managed to clear the first village of anti tank guns but as soon as I was near and inside the village: Razumnoye, I get hit by arty no matter where Im or hide, made it impossible to capture the first flag 😕 Was it arty and it can shot all over the village, from the impact size its seems to be 152mm guns, or was it another anti tank gun hidden inside the village or several? Took out 5 and 3 t-34s before even getting close to the village and died like 4 times before I gave up xD
  14. Well we aim at simulating military units and correct tactics for ww2 and do missions weekly where we often face 20+ russian tanks and ground support and artillery and try to acheive our tactical objectives under our squad leaders and unit leaders eyes and have realistic rules and radio communication and soon realistic career where if you die, your charachter is dead and your statistics will be reset. We try to simulate the eastern front and western front battles and be as immersive as possible, rather than playing multiplayer head on matches which often has no tactics or realistic ww2 thinking and use of armour. IF you look for teamdeathmatches like in warthunder then there are no such clans or groups but would then recommend to play on the multiplayer servers where number of players vary between 1-30 players. If you like to fly then there are severs up to 100+ players.
  15. Well it says to the right what is loaded when he is done loading, and when it gets to 10 rounds left he will count them down. But would be nice if the loader said how many rounds after each shot.
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