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  1. Last night from 2100 swedish time to 00 00 it was actually the most populated server and when I and SCG joined in we were at highest 16 players and Efront was 8 players. So wouldnt call the server dead and no one plays it, SCG have actually found it to be good and much more historically and fitting to a more historically type of missions than a pure multiplayer server but it can do both nicely. Same on Efront but at least here the range is adjusted on the guns to not shot through forests, like the server maker says, plus: german bases have AAA and flak 88 guns and same number of defences like the enemy side has, something I cant say is the case on efront. Have no issues of taking out AI guns and the AI tanks, they are easy in comparison to human players to my experience. As I often play when no one is online, not even on efront I gladly jump into action tanks and play a bit 😄 Like the fair matchup and historically type of tank balance. To server maker: Good work on the new maps and adjustments, I like what I see. Fair number of airplanes and tanks and bases etc, just wish one thing: IF you could do the winning conditions more historical: example on the map with the river rhein where the germans have bases in the town and americans and british outside it: IF the allieds get one tank over the bridge they win, as the german objective is to keep allieds on the western side of it and not let them get the bridge. Germans should have a time counting down for how long its remaining until they win. Like in reality with nijmegen bridge. Just an example Oh and something else: on one city map one of the allied bases are located near a german AAA veichle which shots the side of ones tank when one spawn in, this would need to be adjusted, lost maybe 3-4 tanks before we took it out.
  2. 1. Start a mission with SU-122 2. Unpause the game by "P" key 3. Switch to gunner by "LeftCtrl+C" keys (once). Gunner seats left to the gun. 4. Turn on the gun control by "T" key 5. Switch to gunsight view by "LeftShift+T" keys 6. Aim your gun somewhere by mouse move. Shoot by left mouse button. 7. You can adjust the distance setting by RightAlt+Period and RightAlt+Semicolon keys.
  3. As the tank is an assault tank/infantery support and as you say: low velocity gun: Its not meant for hunting tanks but taking out bunkers, anti tank guns, infantery and soft targets, for that role its way better than a T-34 and this is the reason why you also have different sight system and very little viewports inside. If you want to hunt tanks: Avoid long range engagement and moving targets, try to get in close, preferably city fighting, this is a close to max: medium range role and its sight system isnt very good so its meant to be used at shorter ranges. But someone who aces this tank Im sure will be able to land long range hits on enemy tanks but it wont be super effective in that role.
  4. I need to correct myself after I got home and could check up on the SU-122 model from july 1943: Heat could penetrate 106mm of armour at 0 degrees and 91 mm of armour when sloped at 30 degrees. But as the ammo type was invented for it in may 1943 they had severe quality problems and the penetration was often less and the HE ammo worked better and it was also rare ammo so HE ammo was the standard for kursk but became more common later and the quality issues solved. So yeah the HEAT should be able to pen most of the tigers front armor as long as the shell lands correctly and isnt at a bad angle. HE ammo could knock out the tank by hitting the turret, some cases of it blowing the turret away with HE ammo, and many cases of it knocking out the crew in the front and the ones in the turret alive, or vice versa. Some hits have taken out whole crews. But I dont find any such cases for JS-2 tank which has same gun size but probably different ammo, but enough about that. HE penetration anyways for those interested: At 100 meters: 56mm if the armor isnt sloped, and 49mm at 30 degree sloped armour.
  5. Well the gun lacks the penetration to take out tigers frontally, the heat ammo too dont have enough pen to go through it. Need something like 152mm guns explsoive charge to take out tigers by the shock force alone. SU 122 is more mobile arty gun and not a tank killer really. That was the role of su 85 and su 100 and su 76.
  6. The damage models is quite impressive: fires inside the hull, all parts of the tank is destructible, in one mission the commander cupola was hit and blown off from my tank and the skirts on the german tanks is easy to lose and most hits on the armour is visible. But the damage model for getting killed and correct damage and penetration is still lacking but its improving.
  7. The first two have no markers and the name of the servers are mentioned in my post. The two bottom ones have markers but is still much fun to play with others or alone. Well not many play due to most dont even know about them and only see efront is active, but like I said: plenty to do on my own there and if others join then its just a matter of time before others join in.
  8. There are already good and fair play servers for tankers out there which I play mostly on now due to I found Efront server way too russian biased. Sadly not more people play on them but its alright as they offer AI tanks and missions to do for playing alone: Servers: Best one is Action dogfight and tanks: have maps where germany fight americans so they have only shermans and its always a fair fight, same amount of guns and AAA and same number of bases and even lineup with the tanks. Even some AI attacks and targets to engage when playing alone and variety of missions, also bases cant be recaptured and such, a bit more realistic server. Finnish virtual pilots: Bigger maps so air attacks take longer time and the server is more airplane mode and way more realistic flying rules so it wont be easy for those pilots who are used to efront to fly there. Each base have the same amount of anti tank guns and defences and more mission based style and not the warthunder style of capturing flags. No free to play tanks and fair lineups here too, no side has a bigger advantage than the other. Cryhavoc: The maps are fun to play in group or alone as it has good variety of missions, some where its like efront but fair, and some where germans are making an assault with AI tanks or vice versa, fair matches here. Only bad part here is everything have markers and gps location on the map. Maybe can find the server maker and make him/her remove the markers, would then rank this one way higher up on my list. Plans and tanks historical: Have only a few tnaks playable, tiger and panzer III L for the germans and russians with T-34 and sherman/KV-1, markers here too but the lineup and design of the maps are fair, no side has an advantage.
  9. You see it in the map screenshot, shows clearly 7 airplanes and 1 tank is attacking the Tanks_red_1 base. The game map shows how many enemy players are near.
  10. Good question but from going after the stats it seems: 5 russians were flying airplanes. 2 russians were in tanks. 2 german in tanks 2 germans in airplanes.
  11. I think its due to we had a different system earlier that was easier to use and set up than the one we have now is my guess.
  12. Dont know the names of the maps but can explain and hopefully most will recognize which one I mean and this is also pointed out by baryonyx, a friend who played 3 times on the server but quite due to these reasons: 1: A map which has a village in the center and forests all around it and the German players only have access to 10 Panzer IV and unlimited Panzer III´s and no Tiger tanks, while the russians have unlimited amounts of T-34s and a small limit to KV-1s and Shermans. The russian bases are located nicely behind a forest to the east side of the village and the T-34s can get to the flag there faster than the germans, already a big disadvantage there. German rear base is located on other side of a river so the german tanks must cross the bridge to try and get to the village. And after the russians have steamrolled over they can sit in the forest on the other side and snipe the spawning german tanks which have no cover and need to cross open ground and then get over the bridge.... Map gives the russians a big advantage here and also germans are very restricted with the tanks. 2: Second map which has a big town located near a river and has a flag capture point in the center of it, the germans have their base up on the hill with no anti tank guns at all, nor anti aircraft guns. Distance wise to the flag in the city its quite even but the problem is the bottleneck which is the damn bridge, on the other side the russian side have a bunker line with anti tank guns and nicely hidden plus AI tanks in sandboxes on the hill and in the forests looking over the bridge. Only after one have played the map 10 times or more one know ca where the guns are but trying to cross the bridge in panzer IV´s is doomed to fail. While the german side has no anti tank gun bunker line, only a few AI panzer IV´s to defend our side if the russians try to cross. Clear defensive advantage to the russian side here and a reason why most times when germans have won in the city they are stopped at the bridge, only 1 time have I seen german side manage to win ont his map in 1 years time, speaks volumes how much better defence the russian side has on this map. 3: Russian anti tank guns have better range and accuracy than german guns, as Barynox noted: When we attacked we were killed asap by the russian anti tank guns and couldnt even see them in our Panzer III´s, so we instead decided to defend our base, our PAK 40´s can kill the T-34s with one shot easily. T-34s comes rolling and destroys them and the guns didnt even open fire, and most of them were PAK 38s weaker guns than the russians have and they wont be able to stop T-34s. Also some of us have done tests and noticed that indeed the russian gns shot better and further than the german guns and way more of them than what the german bases have on most maps. 4: Some german playerrs have been banned for nothing, one for being too good in the air and got kicked out for that, Luziaton asked in the game how come the russian anti tank guns can shot further and the points I brang up: gets banned. While russian players can behave however they want. although you say you are looking into it but 3 german players banned so far and no russian player.....
  13. Well said Riksen although from the answers given it is pretty much: I do my server as I please and moderate it as I want it to be, if you dislike it then dont play on my server and turn off the chatt. Clear to me the maker dont care as long as the server is highly popular and will keep it running like it is, and he havent responded on why he banned LUZITANO and other german players who didnt do much or was too good for the russians in the air. Nor any response on my comments on why the russian bases and anti tank guns and map design clearly gives advantages to the russian players while the germans are mostly at a disadvantage.
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