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  1. Played on this map in my panzer IV and after many tries managed to clear the first village of anti tank guns but as soon as I was near and inside the village: Razumnoye, I get hit by arty no matter where Im or hide, made it impossible to capture the first flag πŸ˜• Was it arty and it can shot all over the village, from the impact size its seems to be 152mm guns, or was it another anti tank gun hidden inside the village or several? Took out 5 and 3 t-34s before even getting close to the village and died like 4 times before I gave up xD
  2. Well we aim at simulating military units and correct tactics for ww2 and do missions weekly where we often face 20+ russian tanks and ground support and artillery and try to acheive our tactical objectives under our squad leaders and unit leaders eyes and have realistic rules and radio communication and soon realistic career where if you die, your charachter is dead and your statistics will be reset. We try to simulate the eastern front and western front battles and be as immersive as possible, rather than playing multiplayer head on matches which often has no tactics or realistic ww2 thinking and use of armour. IF you look for teamdeathmatches like in warthunder then there are no such clans or groups but would then recommend to play on the multiplayer servers where number of players vary between 1-30 players. If you like to fly then there are severs up to 100+ players.
  3. Well it says to the right what is loaded when he is done loading, and when it gets to 10 rounds left he will count them down. But would be nice if the loader said how many rounds after each shot.
  4. Love the video πŸ˜„ This is according to me the best and the point of tank crew and simulator games: MAking military historical and as near real life missions, using military tactics and working as a team with squad leader and platoon leaders etc and doing the missions, giving an immersion and a feeling of being there for real than any chaos multiplayer game where you just roll out and fight for yourself. This is true combat and gives one an adrenaline kick and 3 hours goes past very fast πŸ˜„ Also we would love to see a russian tank squadron, doing their own missions and try to replicate soviet tactics and how they fought historically. If you search for a more realistic combat and like russian history then feel free to join us. Also much history and tank talking in this group
  5. Also seems most here forget how a howitzer gun and its shell work, would recommend trying panzer Elite or combat mission 2 barbarossa to berlin or other simulators to see that SU-122 isnt a tank hunter but can fight tanks but its not what its built for but none the less: the shells effectiviness depends on several factors: the angle it hits the enemy tank with, especielly HEAT rounds, as the shell is slow and the shell wobbles, and the angle of the enemy tank affects the results too. HE ammo will use its shock force to destroy parts and if hit correctly and some luck: even take the turret off. But a lot of times it will heat the armour where its too thick or the HEAT ammo fails to hit at the right angle and just damage/do nothing to the tiger. But like some said: hit it on the turret front armour or right places it will most likely destroy it and the range wont matter for HEAT ammo nor HE ammo. But best is to hit the roof like Yogiflight says and then a long distance helps but it makes it damn hard to hit the enemy, so its not for everyone to try. But yeah I think from the reactions here some more tweaking on how effective the shells are, but dont think it will 100% always kill a tank for reasons I mentioned. Also that explosion effect Neun mentioned is also something that would be nice if they added it, maybe lose the driver and radio operator if the shell hits the driver compartment, or the gunner and commander if hit on the turret with a HE shell etc, but not 100% of the time as there are plenty of crew members and tanks that did survive hits without getting hurt but shaken like hell.
  6. Correct, if I recall right it was a standard sherman and canadian unit if my memory serves me right.
  7. I like they made the tiger more realistic and more like how it was in real life, front armour was impossible for T-34 to penetrate frontally, but the sides should be fully possible to penetrate and kill a tiger with. HE ammo should be able to destroy the tracks but AP or APCR are more solid shots than explosive charges and many cases in ww2 where they just damaged the tracks and not destroying them. And Im all for limiting number of tiger tanks, the panzer IV should be the standard tank and only a few tigers to use, but then I would also like to see a change to number of russian anti tank guns and bunker lines and defences that outnumber the german defences.
  8. Agree, like you suggested with camoflages that would be nice, also more choices for decals and slogans would be good to have. Option to chose number for the tank like german tanks have all from 01 to 99 to chose from. Something I would like to be able to chose is machine gun for the commander on the roof, skirts, extra track links on the front or sides, or on the turret etc. And bushes and camoflage.
  9. Seems 10 prototype tanks saw combat in late 41 but thats it, they did do some research if it was worth producing them again in mid 43 but they opted instead for the T-34-85 for mass production.
  10. Please no tanks that never was in production or in operational units, never saw combat, it would be too much fantasy if such tanks would start to appear in the game and cant call it a simulator anymore then. Rather play warthunder then to be honest where those 57mm T-34s are OP like hell and unrealistic. Well that version became called: Josef stalin 1. And it wasnt in production for Kursk 1943, saw combat later.
  11. There are no icons in the server, at least when I played, pretty sure the video is edited afterwards with icons.
  12. Last night from 2100 swedish time to 00 00 it was actually the most populated server and when I and SCG joined in we were at highest 16 players and Efront was 8 players. So wouldnt call the server dead and no one plays it, SCG have actually found it to be good and much more historically and fitting to a more historically type of missions than a pure multiplayer server but it can do both nicely. Same on Efront but at least here the range is adjusted on the guns to not shot through forests, like the server maker says, plus: german bases have AAA and flak 88 guns and same number of defences like the enemy side has, something I cant say is the case on efront. Have no issues of taking out AI guns and the AI tanks, they are easy in comparison to human players to my experience. As I often play when no one is online, not even on efront I gladly jump into action tanks and play a bit πŸ˜„ Like the fair matchup and historically type of tank balance. To server maker: Good work on the new maps and adjustments, I like what I see. Fair number of airplanes and tanks and bases etc, just wish one thing: IF you could do the winning conditions more historical: example on the map with the river rhein where the germans have bases in the town and americans and british outside it: IF the allieds get one tank over the bridge they win, as the german objective is to keep allieds on the western side of it and not let them get the bridge. Germans should have a time counting down for how long its remaining until they win. Like in reality with nijmegen bridge. Just an example Oh and something else: on one city map one of the allied bases are located near a german AAA veichle which shots the side of ones tank when one spawn in, this would need to be adjusted, lost maybe 3-4 tanks before we took it out.
  13. 1. Start a mission with SU-122 2. Unpause the game by "P" key 3. Switch to gunner by "LeftCtrl+C" keys (once). Gunner seats left to the gun. 4. Turn on the gun control by "T" key 5. Switch to gunsight view by "LeftShift+T" keys 6. Aim your gun somewhere by mouse move. Shoot by left mouse button. 7. You can adjust the distance setting by RightAlt+Period and RightAlt+Semicolon keys.
  14. As the tank is an assault tank/infantery support and as you say: low velocity gun: Its not meant for hunting tanks but taking out bunkers, anti tank guns, infantery and soft targets, for that role its way better than a T-34 and this is the reason why you also have different sight system and very little viewports inside. If you want to hunt tanks: Avoid long range engagement and moving targets, try to get in close, preferably city fighting, this is a close to max: medium range role and its sight system isnt very good so its meant to be used at shorter ranges. But someone who aces this tank Im sure will be able to land long range hits on enemy tanks but it wont be super effective in that role.
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