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  1. Ahhh, from the earlier posts and the start it sounded more like you wanted it for the multiplayer servers and playing against other players. For single player where you can change difficulty and realism settings I dont see any issue with having a setting like that, just like how airplanes have for easier flying and relaxed overheating, no turbulence etc. Could for that easily have quick repairs or hard to kill setting and adjust the difficulty to what you seek in the simulator At the moment there are more such options for airplanes so would be a nice add to have it for the tanks too li
  2. It would change a lot, example: you drive a sherman and shot the tracks of a ferdinand from 3km range and in forest area, it has the front towards one and driving 3 km offroad and in forest will take you at least 8 minutes, if not more, so on big maps like we play on using these tactics lose their importance. And we have already 1 life on tactical air war server and others and in our SCG events too Have to wait until the match is over before playing again or on tactical air war 24 hours, last time I flew there.
  3. Not a fan of it as that removes a lot of the skills one need to learn and using correct tactics and makign the game too arcadish. IF we let that and the requests of kill replays, a warning where the enemy shots are coming from, and for airplanes: auto repairs to the engine if you overheat it like in warthunder or emergency boost only need 20 seconds to refill etc then its warthunder v2 and not a simulator anymore. I miss the time in this game when it took 30 minutes to repair the tracks. IF we remove and make repairing everything in 1 minute or less then you cant anymore use the tactic of:
  4. I have only one rule or wish rather for any collector tanks added: tank crew is set in july 1943 in the kursk battle so if more tanks get released then they should be limited to this time period, else it will ruin the immersion if we have char b1 or js-2 driving around facing tanks it wouldnt in reality, and this is a sim afterall. A stug III early g would fit fine in that regard. Also another reason I love tank crew so much is they dont hide behind in attempting to balance the game and tc is the only game where you can actually use a ferdinand properly as its super easy to k
  5. Great video Neun, nice mix of sequences from our battles 😄 Makes me wonder how much space of your harddrive is full of videos from the events xD
  6. Either that or as I would: use the shermans higher speed and the terrain as an advantage, locate the area where the single tiger is: on finnish server the german side only have 1 or max 2 of them, after that they are gone, and use flanking manouvers or wait until the tiger player makes a mistake and then you hit his side, and then that tiger is gone. or use the isu 152 and one shot if aimed well should kill it. Once when I used T-34 on the finnish server I surprised 2 tigers and took them out from the side without them even knowing where I was. (normaly the german side wont even have the
  7. To not mention their speed on road and off road. Kv-1 for good armour and good optics. Also its a simulator and it recreates battles and m26 never took part in a major battle and only 3 confirmed tank engagements in late 1945 and very few was in europe. Also the germans would then get king tiger, jagdpanther and jagdtiger etc and those the allied tanks cant frontally, similair to how it is like to fight like tiger 1 for the most part now.
  8. Good luck and I hope you manage to record it, and just make sure you get back home to the same base you started from alive Those airplanes and vengeaful enemy tankers will do their best to stop one. Would be fun to see others make such videos like this one and live up to the requirments 😄 Next one I do, have to see when, will be in Panzer III M as I think its the weakest tank in the game for now.
  9. Some of you might have seen the pilot players videos that is called: ace in a flight and this is the tank version of the same thing, adapted the rules so its doable for tanks and from my knowledge this is the first tank ace video, but I can be wrong but I havent seen any such video on youtube when I searched. The basics is simple: you start on a realistic server that is simulator like and not arcade, start froma base and then you go out to the enemy front or behind the enemy front and try to kill other players, if you kill 5 players and get back to your own base and end the mission alive,
  10. Correct, want to add in peiper and kurt meyers books and otto carius they say the opposite of what von rosen says in his book so its probably: the training and general doctrine was to bail out if you were in combat situation and got penetrated and killed the gunner or put you in fire as the enemy tank have you zeroed in and gonna finish you with the next round, while in other scenarious where you dont have that risk you can do what von rosen said. Doctrine is one thing, in real action you solve the situation by solving it in one way or another, as long as you live: all well. Shouldnt
  11. Correct, only way they would add king tiger it wouldnt be for kursk battle but tank crew expansion where its based on late war battle and then you have JS-2 and other late war allied tanks. Seeing a king tiger in a 1943 setting is just fantasy.
  12. All of it plus that having the option gives more immersion and options but besides some units lacking enough skirts to have all tanks have them, here are some reasons: Removal of the turret skirts: Can easier bail out of the tank, and also opening the hatch to see out, with the skirts on, the loader and gunner cant see much. Having it gives you 5mm extra armour to the weakest part of the tank: the turret. Only having it on the hull: protection to the flank of the tank and extra protection to the tracks when artillery hits nearby or HEAT shells, removing it: less weight and yes it do giv
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