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  1. Smoke shells and smokelaunchers on the tanks and the tanks that has the hatch: smoke grenades to launch up.
  2. I have, very different kind of game, top overview tactical building game and not very realistic although a lot of options and stuff in the game to mess around with.
  3. Has pretty much never worked for me, unless I lower the difficulty and make the game have all help feautures on. on my as realistic settings as possible, its just a guess work.
  4. Interesting to see those with the t-34 roadwheels, shows how desperate the logistics was on the german side at the end of the war. But I wouldnt say most of the people writing in that thread knows that much, claiming some of the Panthers being the G model but having the A turret, when its a early G panther as they had the normal gun mantlet, late version had the chinn mantlet. Same for the one where they claim a Panther D with a A turret when if you check the photo is an obvious early A version, the first ones from certain factories made a updated D hull design and after a month retooled to proper A hull(standard production model).
  5. Its possible but not super common: Like you say it all depends on the angle and if the shell is tumbling or not, if the shell hits the armour at an angle that makes most of the impact be absorbed by the shells side instead of front: its possible. But if the shells tip hit the armour besides extreme angle then it will explode.
  6. Wrong year and battlefield as tank crew simulates battle of kursk 1943, so wrong time zone for that version to appear.
  7. Hey thats me in there 😄 Or rather my previous career commander, RIP, he survived 3 missions, but at least he made it into Die Deutsche Wochenschau 😄
  8. can else recommend this series of documentaries that are truly superb at giving one an understanding of the strategic moments of ww2 and to my opinion the best ww2 documentary released even to this day, here is the episode about kursk: www.youtube.com/watch?v=22xpNBJCS4U
  9. The game will keep updating like the airplane games and improving until its perfect, if ever it can be perfect. So improvments will come with time.
  10. Historic realism, they sound more than rubber ones and in that time period soviets had a severe lack of rubber and materials to do the wheels like before, solution: make them fully metal.
  11. I hope you are not using time fuzes as that makes the bomb go deeper into the soil/earth and taking most of the blast which explains why bombs nearby tanks wont do much as most of the explosion will travel upwards and the shrapnel wont do much to a armoured tank. Contact bombs blows up on contact so most of the explosion will hit the objects around. Not 100% if the game has that level of realism but could be.
  12. We make our missions ourself for our sunday missions on our own server so only way is to take part in our playtime on sundays. Else I found the panzer IV single player mission have a working refuel and rearm station in its mission, its this mission:
  13. Also several missions on the western front too. And also some on the eastern front ostpack especielly. We also have panzer front thats mainly on the western front and north africa. Panzer 44 is on the western front mostly.
  14. Yep and is working on a video and cant tell here but hopefully have this issue solved in the close future. The issue is as you say that when you switch place in the tank is that sight, direction of the turret and height/horizontal and gun lock resets, which my guess is down to how the airplane mechanics is from the game engine but not sure. can when i get home and not on a break at my job like now explain how and when to use gun locks from my tank training and studies of ww2 tanks.
  15. Jagdtiger as example needed only 100 meters or such in forest to have sight issues occuring if you didnt locked the gun. But depends on terrain, gun etc. according to carius book.
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