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  1. Infantery units like in panzer44 game should be fully possible at least maybe even steel fury but that is a big wish. Having infantery climb on your tank and such: not even the AAA games can make that happen unless scriped sequences or for cutscenes as that type of AI and behaviour dont exist in gaming yet.
  2. Here you go, if you decide to play with us again this will come in handy https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/panzersgd Saw your post on the russian forum and used google translate so might miss details but: Fun seeing more photos of yesterdays mission, and have to agree, playing in this setup where we aim for immersion and realism with grades and military thinking and playing as real as possible and having tanks and airplanes working together and use radio and radio protocole with operation planning and tactics discussed etc as it its real life military operation is something I love. I have ideas for how to improve on several things for the next time you want to play with us so its easier for you and also more enjoyable and clear and I learned a few things to do before we go out into battle. Next time will be even better I can promise IF you have any questions feel free to pm me.
  3. Tons of photos of it if you search, pretty mich common knowledge and most tankers does this 😛 dunno why one need sources for this but here you go. some pictures after a few minutes:
  4. In combat they put them there as its easier to handle and use when you get stuck or is in water etc than on the sides, normal teansport mode they had them on the sides or on the top, as one can see on photos or models.
  5. Simplified panzer III and T-34 41, same as you get in all versions of the game, if you only want true and good tanks: tank crew. Bottenplatte is only worth getting if you want to fly the planes.
  6. Balance? hahaha, a game that nerf the tiger so its a joke as it faces tanks it would never had seen or the tanks it could see has better pen than it should and then the whole russian bias and the system at play.... I love that tank crew goes full sim in this and dont hold back and simulates certain tank battles, this was the case at kursk so you cant play the game as warthunder...and if you try the multiplayer you will notice the russians win way more than the german side Have excellent soviet tankers here that with their way more agile and fast t-34s will take out tiger/panther with ease in towns and forests. Also most servers limits the heavy tanks or by giving one side more anti tank guns and locations on maps. War isnt a fair game and thats the case in this game, just enjoy it for the tanks and play and have fun, dont think and obsesse with winning 100% of the time or one is in a world of pain
  7. In forested areas in the game I often listen for the enemies and first thing I hear of T-34s are their tracks
  8. As soon as you fire you will reveal yourself at night, tracer or not, the fire from firing the shell will light you up a lot.
  9. IF you check videos of tanks firing one can see the shell by the tracer, else they cant be seen by the eye, just like bullets. First use of tracer round came in 1915 by the british and in the 1920s started to be used worldwide, most swedish tanks used tracer rounds for the ap in the mid 1930s. Here is a good picture, and the copper rings you see is the tracer material that starts burning at a certain heat and air resistance etc:
  10. german tank encyclopedia is a start else its pretty much common knowledge and mentioned in most books and documentaries one can find on youtube etc.
  11. Gotta remember that the tiger was built as a breakthrough tank and not a medium tank or cruiser etc: its a specialised tank that demands lot of maintance work and is supposed to be collected near the front before an attack and then punch a hole through the front and take out the enemies there and then let the light and medium tanks to roll on while the tigers stops and is then back to maintance and repair units. Its not designed as a jack of all trades tank that shall do everything, long advances or go hunting tanks alone or long advances and swift moving operations, as its not built for that purpose. IF you start doing that and do long tank marsching etc it will break down.
  12. Most countries had on their AP shells tracers that burns out after ca 3-8 second depending on shell and year and country etc. its something you want to see how the shell travels and adjust sight for the second round. HE shells depended, some nation had tracers on them too while others didnt.
  13. Panthers final drive was never solved in the war so a driver accelerating in lower gears too hard could break it easily, after reading ferdinands driver manual you could destroy the engines quite easily if you mishandle them etc, just as a normal car: ignore all warnings and teachings and you might damage it pretty quickly
  14. I find the graphics alright but then again Im not a graphics guy as I still play nes games I hace never tried before and Nintendo 64 up to PS4 and old simulators as panzer 44 or aces of the deep, as long as the gameplay and realism is good I wont mind graphics that much xD
  15. Well I hope you have tried ww2 online in the past or recently: 90% of walking or finding the enemy, 5% getting bombed or surprised from the pilots or artillery or ships, and 5% of intensive simulated combat in tanks/soldier/logistics sections etc. A open world mmo simulator from 2003
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