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  1. In some cases but in most cases a tank dont have a round loaded in, just as soldiers dont carry around loaded assault rifles unless they are expected to see enemies but inside their bases no. But even when it has a round loaded and its an AP round too, a T-34 commander needs to: 1: See the target, close the hatch and lock it. He can skip to close the hatch but quite unpleasent whens hrapnel or a german soldier throw down a grenade down the hatch. 2: After he has closed the hatch he will need to move down to the right place in the tank and unlock the gun and set the sight in. Plus he also need to give orders to the driver and tell the radio operator to send in to headquarters. 3: Once he has all that and put the fire button into unsafe: Start aiming and try to reloacate the target. This was the biggest problem for 2 manned turrets in the british and french armies in 1940s: the commander see a target and also is the gunner, once he is in the gunner sight he lost track of the target. At least the T-34 has a loader, else the commander would have to do that as well. Myself who loves authentic and tanks to be simulated as close as possible to reality find it enjoyable and have to learn and live with those disadvantages and advantages each tank has. Im looking for a hard tank simulator which is as close to reality as possible When I played with T-34 the full modelled one I ended up having best kill to death ratio and won the match, much fun and play it rather than the old t-34 thats not even close to being realistic.
  2. Well its a simulator game, so if the T-34 has 4 men in its crew and the commander was overloaded with tasks then a simulator should still have it so, else we can start playing games like warthunder or world of tanks if we shall ignore the weaknesses of all tanks and make them arcade like Not try to simualte the tank as it was in ww2.
  3. In reality the commander had to from the cupola position go down into the gunner sight and load the gun and aim, so 4 seconds is quite fast, well its like that in reality, thats why one can use sherman or KV-1 that has a dedicated gunner, then you can play like on the german tanks.
  4. Well those who want to do tanking, can play against me and others in finnish virtual pilots server ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. Very rewarding mission today, although I got sound problems and for some reason my microphone on my headset didnt want to work hence I came in a minute late and little time to prepare but well it went well anyways Hopefully more will join and players interested in playing as russians as well. Battle report sent in, have to see if my commander is pleased with it ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Would suggest all those who like tanking should play on the finnish virtual pilots server as they removed the free tanks and uses more realistic battle setup instead of caping flags and uneven map locations where one side(mostly russian) have all advantages. Seeing sherman blow up in a big explosion is something one can see there ๐Ÿ˜„ More realistic server too, although they are new to tanking but its improving.
  7. The distance seems alright when I played now. So how to capture a enemy tank spawn is to make enough damage to the front line and the base itself that it gets disabled? Tricky part here is to know how close/far away one is to get to a such situation and the defending ones to know, and then how to recapture it, could work but would then need to make it easy for us tankers to know what we are supposed to attack and such. Also noticed this which is very similair to the ammo hud: When a tank is damaged we usually can by bringing up the chat see what parts of the tank is damaged and how the repairing is going, now I couldnt tell how much damage I got or how my repairs was going or if I was beyond repairs.
  8. I tried it yesterday and found it to have more potential and promise than Efront server and made some suggestions for how to improve it from a tankers perspective and historically. Seeing the free tanks gone was heaven, fighting a T-34 and sherman is now more like how it should be, I got taken out once and in the next attempt I landed a lucky hit on a sherman which probably hit the ammo and set it off, the sherman going up in a huge explosion and turret flying up in the air Thats something one dont ever see on E-server. Now the russian players also will need to do precise aiming with the gun sight if they dont learn to use periscope. I prefer the gunner sight like on my german tanks. Just some minor tweaks and enable the tanks to see what ammo and how many we have loaded and it will be the nr 1 tank server for me. I recommend all historically accurate seeking tankers to play on it.
  9. I will be there for sure ๐Ÿ˜„ Well I lost one tiger and 2 damaged so I have volountered to help our poor repair units to fix them as our losses was indeed quite high.
  10. No free tanks?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I will be there in a second, finally free from the broken T-34 42 model ๐Ÿ˜„ Some questions for us tankers in mapdesign: Do the tank spawns get AAA guns to protect them from being spawnbombed? And also restrictions against kamikaze attacks? Also have you designed the maps to be equal to both sides? On Eserver Iยดve noticed that russian side have more advantages like: One map the germans cant use Panzer IV and is limited to Panzer IIIs while russians have free access to all tanks, on another map the russian bases have far more anti tank guns and tanks defending and better strategic placed than the german bases that barely have any guns or weak panzer IIIs defending?
  11. German and most allied doctrins was to abandon the tank once it has received a penetrating hit, but yeah more fun that way
  12. Send a pm to Neun, and yes you can play on the russian side when we play and its more realistic and more tactics and military tactics oriented and goals and limits for the mission at hand both sides have to account for.
  13. Keyboard and mouse here, worked fine since panzer elite days
  14. Much fun last sunday, looking forward to the next event ๐Ÿ˜„ Glad to play something more realistic and enemies who behave more like a unit and after military tactics and seeing a panzer platoon on the move is mighty ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. Just a bit frustrated when playing with Panzer IV when I face the T-34-42 model: even at 50 meters distance somehow my rounds dont penetrate the turret when using AP or APCR when in reality one shot would penetrate it like cheese I put in 3 rounds but nope, it turns to me and fires: Im dead ๐Ÿ˜•
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