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  1. Dont know the names of the maps but can explain and hopefully most will recognize which one I mean and this is also pointed out by baryonyx, a friend who played 3 times on the server but quite due to these reasons: 1: A map which has a village in the center and forests all around it and the German players only have access to 10 Panzer IV and unlimited Panzer III´s and no Tiger tanks, while the russians have unlimited amounts of T-34s and a small limit to KV-1s and Shermans. The russian bases are located nicely behind a forest to the east side of the village and the T-34s can get to the flag there faster than the germans, already a big disadvantage there. German rear base is located on other side of a river so the german tanks must cross the bridge to try and get to the village. And after the russians have steamrolled over they can sit in the forest on the other side and snipe the spawning german tanks which have no cover and need to cross open ground and then get over the bridge.... Map gives the russians a big advantage here and also germans are very restricted with the tanks. 2: Second map which has a big town located near a river and has a flag capture point in the center of it, the germans have their base up on the hill with no anti tank guns at all, nor anti aircraft guns. Distance wise to the flag in the city its quite even but the problem is the bottleneck which is the damn bridge, on the other side the russian side have a bunker line with anti tank guns and nicely hidden plus AI tanks in sandboxes on the hill and in the forests looking over the bridge. Only after one have played the map 10 times or more one know ca where the guns are but trying to cross the bridge in panzer IV´s is doomed to fail. While the german side has no anti tank gun bunker line, only a few AI panzer IV´s to defend our side if the russians try to cross. Clear defensive advantage to the russian side here and a reason why most times when germans have won in the city they are stopped at the bridge, only 1 time have I seen german side manage to win ont his map in 1 years time, speaks volumes how much better defence the russian side has on this map. 3: Russian anti tank guns have better range and accuracy than german guns, as Barynox noted: When we attacked we were killed asap by the russian anti tank guns and couldnt even see them in our Panzer III´s, so we instead decided to defend our base, our PAK 40´s can kill the T-34s with one shot easily. T-34s comes rolling and destroys them and the guns didnt even open fire, and most of them were PAK 38s weaker guns than the russians have and they wont be able to stop T-34s. Also some of us have done tests and noticed that indeed the russian gns shot better and further than the german guns and way more of them than what the german bases have on most maps. 4: Some german playerrs have been banned for nothing, one for being too good in the air and got kicked out for that, Luziaton asked in the game how come the russian anti tank guns can shot further and the points I brang up: gets banned. While russian players can behave however they want. although you say you are looking into it but 3 german players banned so far and no russian player.....
  2. Well said Riksen although from the answers given it is pretty much: I do my server as I please and moderate it as I want it to be, if you dislike it then dont play on my server and turn off the chatt. Clear to me the maker dont care as long as the server is highly popular and will keep it running like it is, and he havent responded on why he banned LUZITANO and other german players who didnt do much or was too good for the russians in the air. Nor any response on my comments on why the russian bases and anti tank guns and map design clearly gives advantages to the russian players while the germans are mostly at a disadvantage.
  3. This is very true and some days ago LUZITANO got banned when playing on german side and he in the chat asked how come the russian anti tank guns have better accuracy and range than the german anti tank guns, got kicked for that. While Russian players barely gets banned and just makes me more and more sure its russian bias on this server, hence I suggest most german players to play on action tanks or finnish virtual pilots where its even between the teams.
  4. He is correct and like other historians and even generals from that time: soldiers are soldiers, they dont know much other than trying to survive and can only tell their picture of events, in this case the veteran speaking about how sherman is a deathtrap worked as a repairer so his job was to see taken out shermans never the losses of the enemies so to him it seemed like the sherman was a deathtrap. But in reality nope, it was a decent tank and better survival rate for the crew than all other allied tanks.
  5. Lol, most players in IL-2 dont check stats and the game dont show stats either unlike world of tanks where the game is ALL about stats, stats is everything there and its something that burned me out with it and I prefer IL-2, can play for fun or super serious depending on what I feel like and dont have to worry about stats. Not a fan of stats so people start being elitists: your stats are bad, go away potato, oh you have 70% winrate, unicum join our group! Hopefully we wont ever see such shit. Indeed, airplanes with rockets and bomb most often missed unless its using dive bombing or using cannons. In normandy the german losses from allied strafing was around 5% in all airplane attacks.
  6. I know cheftain and other tankers who makes excellent videos on youtube about the sherman and just about that subject would disagree Yes a rumor says it didnt work and other claims but the problem was the training and use of it: It was so secret a lot of those instructors didnt tell the crews how to use it and they hence never used it properly and as you said reported it as: broken. Another unit who did get teached on it and used it properly had 80% faster hit on their targets than shermans without using it and those crews loved using it.
  7. This is however a realistic thing as most tanks in ww2 besides versions of shermans: didnt have stabilisators so when on the move or when stopping/acceleration the gun will move up and down, even more so in tanks which is aimed by the shoulder as some british tanks had in early war years. More modern tanks have stabilasator and computers to keep the gun level at all times when on the move, but that is not the case for ww2 tanks, hence most countries had the doctrine of: always have the tank at full stop when firing the gun, never on the move.
  8. Alright, hopefully the settings and number of guns is even then.
  9. I think that your mouse either has such high DPI or you move it so much the target line is moved to the back of your tank and the shortest way for the gun is then to go right. One way to keep track of it: In bottom left corner where you see the direction of your tank, you have a yellow line that shows where you are pointing the turret or will point the gun. Keep an eye on it when you move the mouse and you can see and adjust the heading of the gun. Made it easy for me to adjust and use the sight.
  10. From my experience it seems the russian ones are better than the german ones, or just have better guns as the russians usually take out the anti tank guns on the german bases with ease in comparison to when the german side attack a russian base those anti tank guns have no issues targeting and killing german tanks, besides the tiger for obvious reasons but panzer III and IV are dead meat to them.
  11. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it? Frustrating but could get it to work. Else maybe send in a bug report, I think there was a section on the forum which is about technical difficulties.
  12. Well as the game isnt even finished, its in alpha testing so we who buy it havent yet gotten the full game, a reason why we might get updates that changes things to what we find odd but might when the game is finished and released to be fixed to the better. They said in the developer diary that in the next update we will get commander controls so I guess the turning back of the turret to 12 o clock will be solved then, and sometime later as Yogiflight said about the new sight: get the feel for it better and more realistic and accurate to each tank, some tank has too fast traverse speed compared to the real thing and yeah as many said: issues with getting the sight to work well with mouse. But it is fixcable but will take time, its a game in development yet, not a released game. Hence you dont find tank crew on steam or other places yet. Java come online and play, all the problems in the past havent stopped us before nor should this do, with some practice one can get the sight to work pretty well, or else see you online when they have updated the sight and improved it, hopefully not in the too far distant future.
  13. I took what he said as: No smooth aim control as in warthunder or world of tanks where you can move the sight diagonaly(up and down at the same time) and also no settings like: fast traverse mode/hydralic and slow manual aiming when you zero in the sight. So like he said: You normally move the turret left or right, when you get it pointing near the target you go into manual mode and adjust sideways and then up or down. This could be done with the keyboard like in panzer elite games. With the old sight it was more arcadic and hard to overshot the sight as one might do in combat with hydralics turned on, example king tiger with maximum traverse, 360 traverse in 35 seconds when main engine is connected to the turret. I would also like to add some tanks didnt even have hydralic traverse and various different speeds or limits which I would like to see so the sight is different and uniue to each tank, now they all have the same speed on the traverse.
  14. Correct, all the rounds that is in the game at the moment wont damage the gun as it does now. A side shot on the barrel and it hit right in the center could damage the barrel too much but from headon it wouldnt do much. With ISU 152 and SU 122 then a hit from them might even knock off the turret, not just damage the gun.
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