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    Just a shout out to the devs on this. FC is so far is all I own, but I have to say, after the last two updates, something is different. I'm not sure if they had to dumb down the realism or amp it up, but I don't seem to be fighting the stick so much and everything seems smoother. What I thought was a great sim before, has become an amazing experience and I can't help but appreciate the art of it. Has anyone played Richtoffen's War? Dogfight? Flying Circus from SPI? Let's make it more modern. Red Baron 3D? Really, I think one has to have seen those games to appreciate what we have here. We talk about about Bach and how composers on through the ages have built on his work. Well, this is the same. Right up there with Stravinsky. Well done!
  2. The plane was a goner, as I'd blown the engine. As I bailed out, the AI started peppering the plane and might have hit the chute as it deployed. It was probably that, although I was surprised I didn't get smacked by the tail as I left. Might have been that too.
  3. Well, I may have snagged the plane and I was under fire at the time, so either situation may have occurred.
  4. Maybe they modelled guardian angels too...
  5. You understand correctly. Central powers plane. Bailed at high Gs. Chute deployed fine but canopy never filled and fluttered beautifully all the way to the ground.
  6. I just wanted to commend the devs for that nice touch. Not sure why my chute failed, physiology perhaps, but I actually found the trip to the ground quite enjoyable for geeking out about it.
  7. Well, I don't know about you guys, but I've already had seventy bucks of fun with this. Yesterday, in fact.
  8. Seems to me it happens more than before the fix. But I like that the AIs are so scared of me they just decide to get it over with and crash into the ground. At least, that's how I'm choosing to look at it...
  9. Just noticed the Christmas tree in the hangar. Thanx!
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