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  1. Nice server,=VARP= squad is on regular basic there,but you already know that!
  2. Thnx for invitation! We will participate when we all come back from summer holidays!
  3. To begin to introduce ourselves. We are the Virtual Air Regiment "Phoenix",=VARP=. We were founded on December 16, 2009. We won the 3rd place in the USL competition 2011(World cup in il21946) We have organized several SEOW campaigns: Battle of Kursk, Battle of Stalingrad, Italy 1943-1944, Battle of Okinawa 1945 We currently count 11 active members!! To enter our squadron access use our official website: http://www.2ndvarp.net Our Team speak 3 server: gec.servebeer.com:7777 Through the site you will find the necessary information for joining the squad . We recruiting pilots from Balkan region with ex-yu speaking area and Europe from the English speaking area We recruit: -Pilots/Gunners -Bomber pilots -Vehicle painters(for making skins for =VARP= regiment) -Mission planners
  4. Thnx! I will inform my pilots about your invitation...........
  5. Well problem is because skins are not visible to all...Il2 1946 had no problem with that,and this is one thing what is missing in great battles! And locking almost all features for German planes is another story!!
  6. That is nonsense!!How can you cheat ,only because you have our own skin...!!??So all other server are open for custom skin....Can admin of server talk with me about that and to try to unlock custom skin so then we can discus about cheating,after that...
  7. Hi!i am Squad liaison!I want to ask somebody who is admin about skins!Why are skins locked?I dont see point for locking it,what is reason for that?...We have our own skins and we use them on all servers..Can you please unlock skins?
  8. Nice, server!Couple of us wisit your server last night, and it is wery nice looking!Unfortunatly there is only 5 of us and one more player......Btw great work!
  9. Just to mention that we have our own training server called: Test server = VARP =
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