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  1. =VARP= squadron is bailing out of this project as tester group nor want to be associated with it in any regard! That's all we can say as we didn't get or start any tests on Replika gear!
  2. I cannot find his pm,is he register here on forum, because i cannot find him.. =VARP=Tvrdi Spitfire =VARP=Dragunov Spitfire =VARP=Klingon Spitfire =VARP=Thor Yak =VARP=Kroat Yak =VARP=Igiboy Yak =VARP=Ribbon Spitfire =VARP=Hunter Yak =VARP=NeedForWD40 Spitfire =VARP=Barracuda44 Spitfire =VARP=Vjeran Yak =VARP=Agramer Spitfire =VARP=Kobac Spitfire
  3. Hi! I have list of my pilots (12) and planes RESERVATION BOARDING FORM for Wednesday ,but i dont know where to post it,can you help?
  4. I think that your answer is above!
  5. As far as i know there will be Fw190,BF,SPIT,Dora,110...and many others..
  6. Hi. I am in charge of communications for Croatian =VARP= squad. 15 of us will be doing the beta testing for these products,given by REPLIKA SIMULATION GEAR, and will report back our impresions asap!
  7. Nice Battle,it was very intense and very high flight and intercepting...long long time i didn t fight over 22.000Ft Congrats all squads and pilots on RED silde and Blue for good fight!
  8. Great,but what are our objectives(=VARP=),i mean our mission is what exactly?
  9. Hi! =VARP= Will have 12-13 pilots ,maybe 14! What is our mission? Wich planes are reserved for =VARP=?
  10. We won the 3rd place in the USL competition 2011(World cup in il21946) We currently count 11 active members!! To enter our squadron access use our official website: http://www.2ndvarp.net Our Team speak 3 server: gec.servebeer.com:7777 We recruiting pilots from Balkan region with ex-yu speaking area
  11. Hi,great update, graphic,and performance boost... We can see something now, lol! I was notice one bug in game(multiplayer)!When my engine is damage i see oil on front glass, and that is normal, but then my HUD is suddenly become BLACK!???Whole HUD black...!I forgot to take screenshot!
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