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  1. Gunners skill level should go according pilots skill level...Bomberpilot level general should earn better gunners on board and so on. I flew last taw on PE-2 (my gunners didnt have to shoot at any mission at all). Most frostrating ( I dont know pe-2 characteristics ) was that I didnt have to to touch throttle at all during mission ( throttle 100 at start up...next time I touch throttle was landing after hour flight). If that is real so Pe-2 is fine piece of plane. Happy landings.... I also give my salute to 666Giap fighterpilots...flying ratas...nice piece of fight lasting 5 minutes...no mercy given or asked ....but honest fight. Long lasting minutes to get beaten.....
  2. Its sad cause the admins are making rules that are making chutekilling really worth of it . Example: A good fighter pilot bails on own territory and got 1 life left. Is he/she shooted death hanging on chute ? This is worst change of rule in any online war in last decade..
  3. ...The weather is favoufing red side 90% of missions . Clouds are same but 95% of my bombing missions wind is from east . ...so VVS got downwind going bombing.... (I dont know if this have any meaning....just noticed) ...There are reasons why some players wont fly LW colours and otherway round. Lets just swap planes in next TAW. LW have ...Ratas...Lagg...Pe-2...Boston ...and so on....and VVS fly 109...Fockes and Ju-88 :s BIGGEST PROBLEM IN IL-2 THIS MOMENT IS 10KM BUBBLE
  4. Same reason why we dont get 1000 kg bombs in Ju-88
  5. "Another choices to balance TAW its being more historical accurate, with more slots for reds and more resources, planes and pilots, forcing Germany to be always outnumbered by 2:1 as maximum" ...ofcourse LW lose all campaigns......but is fun anyway.....
  6. Simple solution: Every pilot have several lives (chutekilling lost its purpose). Every pilot got just one plane/ each type /map When u lost your best plane....its gone for that map.
  7. " If you value your pilot's life, you should still be able to stay below those limits, even if you get chute killed once in a while. " I hope u are joking.....I have been killed every single time hanging in chute..thats easy math....100 %
  8. ...I have been killed 3 times now...all of them are chutekills...thats pity. Have been with IL-2 since 2002. I have never killed bailed pilot or gunner hanging sky with chute and I never will. Fights on sky can be furious...but I like act as honorable as its bossible...I cant remember how many online war I have been with...many. Discussion is always same. I havent flown any of those under red stars and I never will. Thats not issue. Red side have nice bombers (I dont know a shit about fighters), fast, high altitude....etc...I would like very much to get PE-2 in my hangar. What comes to server ...Both side have equal change to get slots....for my point of wiew...even one red plane on server is too much if its on my tail....I have enough action to deal with flak...and weather...and eager teammates who try to shoot down own planes...eager to get victories. This is online war...Ofcourse I like to win...!!! I salute all fair pilots on sky ..no matter which side.....
  9. This broblem have very easy solution: Some might remember old il-2 air domination war (ADW) ... The whining was just like now. And there is a players who dont fly opposite side for several reasons (like me...I dont never use red stars on my plane). Next TAW round just swap planes ...example me flying happily in PE-2 bombing red fields ....and so on... with black crosses on plane... Lets see how it goes....the whining and inbalance should go other way round...?? I would like that...fast bomber with sight...and proper rear gunner.... P.S. If u have just one propell spinning....something is very badly wrong in your plane.
  10. "Stop bypassing the system and respect the cap limit. Just like it is annoying to you, it is annoying to people trying to connect and fly for the side that actually has the spots. Dont be disrespectful and stop cheating the system. Respect the other pilots trying to fly as well ..." Its kind of interesting to call bad behaviour preventing enemies getting slot in server...and other hand call chutekilling normal behaviour which is alloved...this is war....what is alloved is alloved...stop whining. Only need new name: Desperate total war....I havent seen red pilot yet to respect on air.....looking forward to see one...... Im proudly keeping my well earned slot after flight if that prevent one more chutekiller to get slot. 45-1 is always better than 5 vs 5 .... Dont go in if u are afraid to loose or get killed.
  11. Me whining...Never !! I was just surprised to see monkey in a plane...and get scared for a while....!!! I will just keep bombing....
  12. =2ndSS=Maestr0 [edited]...needed 2 pass to kill me in chute......
  13. Hello everybody, nice to be back after years and nothing have not change..... Biggest broblem is system itself: Everything is pinpointed in map....Early barbarossa was mostly search and destroy...what do we have to search ? Nothing. What is the Flak ? we probably know this. Is the enemy covering target? probably. Is this target worth of bombing? yes , as u can see on the map ? Where is the tanks ? Exactly on this road. as u can see on the map. How many enemies ? Just press tab !!! Server is for 84 pilots...so it is...how many red or blue ? Nobody knows. - after ketting killed....one hour ban - let the pilot decide if he/she let somebody coming gunners position -add captured pilot rescue mission -we only need to know airfield to start and if we are lucky land -make this more harder -and u are captured when closer enemy unit than own -was there frontline in 1941 ? No Happy holiday....see u
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