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  1. "I am pro not having tech chat, learning the planes and reading the gauges, but in case of twins we need the developers to make a key bind to feather engine 1 and a key binding for engine 2. The way it is now un select engine 1 , select engine 2, de select all will be very hard with no tech chat." +1 for that...those flying only 1 engine planes dont understand it....next update we need separate feathering buttons for every engine.
  2. ...been here since 2004...I might do one practise landing in I-16 after this round ...maybe. Is it hard...I have never flyed one...☺️
  3. Comparing flying hours tell u exactly nothing (LW have much slower bombers...u have to fly more hours to get target) U have to compare flyed sorties !! LW sorties versus VVS sorties ?
  4. ...it would be nice to have online war between Finland - Russia because both side were using : I-153 , SB-2 , DB-3 and PE-2 in -41-44. Developers need to work making flyable SB-2 or DB-3 which were most common russian bomber. PE-2 is not a level-bomber.
  5. Hello. Some raw statistic... Best LW bomber pilot have 1375 ground kill in 200 sortie . 27 of those are transport sorties. Lost 58 planes . Defeated 26 times. He have 7 airkills and 14 assist. Best VVS bomber pilot have 1524 ground kill in 365 sortie. 33 of those are transport sorties. Lost 89 planes. Defeated 45 times. He have 13 airkills and 35 assist. As u can see the statistics are surprisinly quite similar. Here are differences. LW bombers can carry more bombload but VVS bombers are little bit faster. Gunners accurary are quite similar. Another conclusion: Overall the gunners are little bit too good to be true. But they are about the same in both side. Its dangerous to attack any bomber in IL-2 if comparing real . Average bomber crew did not get any airkill in WW2. I have been with IL-2 since 2002 (first version) flying bomber. And most thing that it is wrong is that gunner do not tell u which direction the attack is coming (Real war they did) and thats why it is harder to avoid that attack...otherwise the gunners are more effective. But its about same both sides. Do we want to fly same planes both sides ? I think not. I like german planes...somebody else like russian planes...thats the way it is....Developers and online war admins are between the rock and hard place....they have to please both sides.....
  6. Our pilot says that he was kicked from the server when he was already diving into his field and getting ready to landing. As a result, the strick and combat missions broke off, he lost his plane, and stats wrote his to you as a victory. He did not make sense to make a disco in this situation. He just has a connection problem today. Your accusations are unfair ....Im not accusing anything...or blaming anybody. Just reading facts...AS U TOLD US TO DO !! P.S. Explains a lot if u cant speak english. Google translator is not good. Hope u get stable connections in future war...
  7. Hey chutekiller...next time press disco before u see me...happy BLACK FRIDAY.... http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=31643&name==2ndSS=Only
  8. "...All the gunners in this game shoot accurately and blue and red and rightly so..." https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=27103&name=LLv24_Oke Amen to that...
  9. Here is some thoughts...from fight/flight reports 1. Attacking Pe-2 is most of cases in IL-2 very dangerous. Meaning that most of cases it causes lost of plane or pilot. Meaning that behind own area u have to crashland or bail...plane is lost. Behind enemy line this is fatal almost every time. Almost every time when Pe-gunner starts firing...he hits his target....This is just type 35 ...type 87 is much more dangerous. When I was flying Pe-2 earlier campaign I wonder one thing ? I flyed over one hour mission throttle up to 100 % without any broblems ? I was not get attacked by fighters or anything else flyable so I dont personally know its gunners. I am just saying that gunners might be little overtuned here....
  10. Salute...realism knob needs to turn little bit further. 1. Every squadron designated to one task...Fighter , Jabo, Or Bomber . Everybody can fly transport. 2. Squadron have 10 pilots= 10 number one planes. Spare planes are basic planes poorer equipped (loads). 3. Squadron have base field...if field is captured or getting out operation squadron is moved automatically. Squadron is possible move few days period. 4. If plane is landed other field (not home base) its ditched...crash or bailed its lost. In two hour period its kind of fun to fly ...Ju88, Ju87, Bf109, Bf110...etc...all of them. Same time its mixed arcade feeling... Lets make this as real as its possible...Happy landings.
  11. Ofcourse not all were 88:s...little mathematic... Bomber command attack average 400-800 bombers ...it was bomberflow formation 110km long 3-4 km wide...lets say hamburg maybe 1500 flak guns shooting red hot about 2 hours...lots of shells ! Average losses 5-9 percent every night...meaning changes of surviving 30 mission =0 No wonder if crews were grazy and drink lots of alcohol...they didnt calculate their changes... Every single luftwaffe bomber were shot down 27 times ....fighters only 25 times...44 percent american fighterpilots didnt saw flying german fighter... Losses in sovjet air forces were much more huge.....
  12. In Germany late -43-45 it takes about 30 000 shells to get down a heavy bomber...ofcourse lot of guns firing. Russian front it depend...-41 practically no flak...stalingrad -42 very light to very heavy flak...kuban...crimea...very heavy flak...etc...If there is one shot ...one kill heavy gun...it had to be bug...there is no such luck...one shot one kill. No matter if the plane is level flight or not...There was 3 things that sovjet troops fear most in eastern front....Stuka...mg 42 and rocket launcher...its pity that stuka is paractically useless in TAW....Dive attack with whistle howling...that was eastern front....Salute all chutekillers....
  13. Gunners skill level should go according pilots skill level...Bomberpilot level general should earn better gunners on board and so on. I flew last taw on PE-2 (my gunners didnt have to shoot at any mission at all). Most frostrating ( I dont know pe-2 characteristics ) was that I didnt have to to touch throttle at all during mission ( throttle 100 at start up...next time I touch throttle was landing after hour flight). If that is real so Pe-2 is fine piece of plane. Happy landings.... I also give my salute to 666Giap fighterpilots...flying ratas...nice piece of fight lasting 5 minutes...no mercy given or asked ....but honest fight. Long lasting minutes to get beaten.....
  14. Its sad cause the admins are making rules that are making chutekilling really worth of it . Example: A good fighter pilot bails on own territory and got 1 life left. Is he/she shooted death hanging on chute ? This is worst change of rule in any online war in last decade..
  15. ...The weather is favoufing red side 90% of missions . Clouds are same but 95% of my bombing missions wind is from east . ...so VVS got downwind going bombing.... (I dont know if this have any meaning....just noticed) ...There are reasons why some players wont fly LW colours and otherway round. Lets just swap planes in next TAW. LW have ...Ratas...Lagg...Pe-2...Boston ...and so on....and VVS fly 109...Fockes and Ju-88 :s BIGGEST PROBLEM IN IL-2 THIS MOMENT IS 10KM BUBBLE
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