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  1. i remember in 1946 with my 7.1 headphones i could always hear the 109 dropping in behind me from like 300 meters away.
  2. Thanks, I have to run this on 1080p on a 4k monitor atm to see anything and even now it's a struggle. I play CoD on 4k and i don't have as much of an issue.
  3. what is the software issue that causes it to be hard to see something from distance? You can clearly see things 10 or 15 thousand feet up in a real plane.
  4. I used to only have BoM, BoK and BoBp in my launcher, apparently i see BoS on there now as well, but i'm missing the collector planes i bought on steam. La5's, Yak 1b, Spit 5, P-40, G6 and A3 are all missing.
  5. That's what did me in, the old Scorched Earth coops and there was another one we all did after that. Everyone just vanished after clod, i lost interest.
  6. I just installed Blitz lastnight, i've owned clod since 2012 and i've never taken off or landed a plane in it. Installed it, ran like crap and i just gave up simming. I'm keen to give it a shot now.
  7. Anyone having trouble with this campaign? I can't open any of the missions in either the game or the editor.
  8. My launcher only shows the purchases i made through the website, so BoS isn't listed. But my steam launched game shows everything i have purchased.
  9. Damn, i already own everything besides Tank Battles and that's already on sale.
  10. Anyone find a package size and weight?
  11. Did you get just the headset? I'm tempted to pull the trigger. But i'm going to wait until a couple arrive on the forum for some multiplayer reviews.
  12. This one might be better for this forum
  13. Ditto on the thanks, i bought everything except for the tank battles <----only shows BOBP though.
  14. Can't get it in Australia yet. When we do it'll be hugely overpriced.
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