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  1. i accidentally saved my view for the i-16 and i dont know how to reset the view to default. i can use F10 to save a new view but id rather just reset it to default.
  2. i get a smooth 40 fps on medium/balanced settings with terrain on 150km and 3x
  3. I got it working.. and it runs okay. I am amazed how the cockpits look in VR
  4. i managed to get the controllers working, but now the displayport says its not working and disconnected, when i relpug it in it works for about 5 seconds then goes red again
  5. i cant seem to connect my controllers, its stuck at "looking for left controller..."
  6. my Oculus Rift S has arrived today, setting it up now. very excited
  7. I have 2 Display Ports, I'm using one for my monitor
  8. 99% of my VR will be in IL2, and I just had a google of Rift S it's very affordable at only $700 NZD and it doesn't require those Satellite boxes etc. So I think I might get that one. Cheers everyone
  9. I have a Hotas Warthog, I just updated my specs in my signature because they were old. I have 2x USB 3.0 ports and 4x Regular USB but I have a 4x USB Hub comimg from one of the 3.0 which my Rudder pedals, throttle , Joystick and TrackIR all plug into.
  10. I forget about my Specs. They are.. i7-4790 EVGA GTX1070 SC 12GB Ram And Im running it off an SSD On max graphics I get around 70-90 FPS
  11. Not sure if this is the right thread for this. But I want to know what VR is best, do I need more Power Plug Output thingys and USB ports? And is it hard to setup the VR cameras for a game like IL2? Because I'm not walking around the room I'm only sitting on a chair.
  12. The Unprofessionals Server has got refueling trucks
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