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  1. There are direct controls for both engines or you can select them and do it that way
  2. ok I got Rift S running at 90 FPS most of the time, except for when there are alot of panes flying around then i get minor stuttering.. nothing too serious. here are my settings below. I find turning off msaa and changing it to fxaa makes a huuge difference to performance but it does make everything look more pixelated. might turn on SSAO later to see how it runs.
  3. I dont understand why so many people think clickable cockpits is a good idea or any more "realistic", it just means I have to remove my hand from the joystick to click on something. I find in the new Microsoft flight simulator, cliffs of dover or DCS when I have to push a button in the cockpit I'm temporarily not in control and the plane ends up flying upwards or downwards, because I can only use the joystick or the mouse not both at the same time, so I end up binding most of it to my keyboard and quickly run out of bindings. this is why I only really fly in Rise of Fli
  4. So me and some friends are gonna play coop Mission using vanders easy Mission Generator, but one of them has no joystick and wants to play as gunner until it arrives. Is it possible to join a gunner in co-operative mode? Because there only appears to be a selection of planes to choose from
  5. you can install it via steam or the game launcher, you dont need both, either one will contain all your content you have purchased. there is a startup.cfg file in your data folder that contains the settings.
  6. yes I recently found this discovery as well, MSAA takes a heavy toll. but i find in VR (oculus Rift S) on FXAA everything shimmers alot more. also I think you've posted in the il2 1946 forums instead of the IL2 Great Battles forums
  7. I know about the F10 trick. It's just not perfect enough for me, it's too much guess work
  8. in VR the view is often too far forward and centered behind the gun sight, i would like to center the view to where the pilot head would sit naturally. in the folder "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\snapviews" there are svs files with custom views but i dont know what numbers effect what. here is an example of the bf109f4. I'm guessing the "0.000, 0.081, 0.047" is the default pilot head view? but i could be wrong. if i make them all 0 would it center the view?
  9. i accidentally saved my view for the i-16 and i dont know how to reset the view to default. i can use F10 to save a new view but id rather just reset it to default.
  10. i get a smooth 40 fps on medium/balanced settings with terrain on 150km and 3x
  11. I got it working.. and it runs okay. I am amazed how the cockpits look in VR
  12. i managed to get the controllers working, but now the displayport says its not working and disconnected, when i relpug it in it works for about 5 seconds then goes red again
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