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  1. Riderocket

    Co-Op mode for Career ?

  2. Riderocket

    IL-2 tank

    https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?do=findComment&comment=632657 Check post 195
  3. Riderocket

    Co-Op mode for Career ?

    does PWCG have coop??
  4. Riderocket

    Co-Op mode for Career ?

    Would it be cool if we could play coop in the career mode?? Yes, yes It would.
  5. Riderocket

    Coop Is it working .

    I think it would be cool to have a mission generator similar to the career (or the old campaign) for co-op. This means people would just choose one mission type from a list (or random mission), but still have the option of making your own. (Through mission Editor)
  6. Riderocket

    How much fuel do you guys take and why?

    too many people use %'s in this game, i always look at the numbers behind the %. for example when talking about fuel i always look at how much Litres i have if its in wings of liberty i always take 300-350 L per engine, on dogfight servers or short missions i take around 100L this means in some planes i take a higher % then others.
  7. Riderocket

    Wooo hoooo - 3.001 release tomorrow

    from 1000 metres?
  8. Riderocket

    Wooo hoooo - 3.001 release tomorrow

    I'm not sure what I want to test First.. maybe the P-39, A-20, La-5FN, 109G6, And Yak7 in that order. Then some Career mode and Co-Op 😎 And I'm getting my GTX1070 In a couple of days as well!... Next up, VR?
  9. it wont look any different to what we have now, only with no ground attack and everyone flying around at almost mach speeds
  10. Riderocket

    Developer Diary, Part 186 - Discussion

    Excited for next update !
  11. Riderocket

    Ju52/3m g5e W seaplane

    Yes! One day it will come. I know it
  12. I've been busy with work, and I had to take a break off this game and the forums, but I still check the weekly development updates. But I had to read people's opinions about the new G6 and La-5FN. But... I was very disappointed. Peoples attitude in this game and the forums will never change, I remember after kuban was announced, everyone was complaining about how they had the G4 instead of the G6, they all complain about Russian bias, etc etc. Now that we have a G6 coming, there's more complaints about how bad the G6 is and how they want a G2 with 1.42 boost? It's like a never ending list of complaints. In my opinion, the development of this game is perfect. The developers spend so much time and resources adding features and on improving the game, like DX11 and VR, a career mode that's better then the campaign, And more aircraft. They've improved the FM and DM over time and it'll probably just keep getting more refined. And don't get me wrong, there's alot of games out there that spend Thier budget on adding useless features, but not this game! Thats just my 2 cents. thank you devs for such an amazing game. It's a shame I have no time to fly anymore Looking forward to midway S!
  13. Riderocket

    Spitfire ground loop

    You seem to be doing things right. Applying back pressure on the elevator, using wheel brakes, quick throttle burst, small rudder movements. Etc.Etc. All that's left is practice and some good luck!
  14. Riderocket

    Battle of Okinawa

    New Guinea would be awesome.