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  1. should i use high or extreme in cloud game settings ? i applied the 256 gpreset.cfg and downloaded the v5 files
  2. go to settings then Flight interface and change the HUD Transparency to 10%
  3. just press i or H or try Ctr+i maybe you will get what you want, other than that am not sure
  4. is the 9T very different form the 9? from what i read in wikipedia it's just an additional 37mm cannon and they moved the cockpit back 40cm also what about the Klimov VK-106 would it b an option ?
  5. Thanks for this notes it's hard work doing it and making it look nice, i appreciate your work thank you very much
  6. yes it's worth the price, and you get 2x 12.7mm gun and 30mm cannon
  7. there is an issue on external view, the blur effect is applied every where on low level flying, cockpit view is not effected by this Edit: after turning landscape to "Sharp" the issue is resolved for the moment but i would like to have blur filter, hop you can fix it soon. thank you for your work.
  8. it dose not work, do i need to enable mods in the settings ? Edit: yes it need to enable mods from the settings
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