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  1. if you were using Credit or Visa then try PayPal, i used to get the same error but paying with paypal get it fixed
  2. buy it from il2sturmovik.com at least the devs will get 100% of the payment
  3. i noticed that Cumulonimbus Clouds only work with 2k enabled in JSGME, tried without it and it never worked at all
  4. ok is the 2k better (high res ?) and the 128 ? also i downloaded the grey one, thought it might work great in winter missions
  5. ok i downloaded v12.1 (non grey) and 2k cloud and Cumulonimbus Clouds and the 128 samples is this good becuase an confused by all the Versions am using JSGM
  6. is the hurricane out ? i remember reading its will come in october
  7. i think it will have 4 options for guns, not sure
  8. if you push the engine to it's limit it will brake and you may have to glide your way down
  9. if its 1v1 the AI still do the circle thing sometime it brake and dive other times it just keep circling and it get very annoying , but 3v3 and up it's a alright, in career mod i think it's better. this is what i think, you may have other opinion.
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