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  1. dose it work for online ?
  2. G_Schwarz + BoN انشاء الله نفوز ☺️
  3. i live in Saudi Arabia and my ping in most servers is around 200 to 400 ms and i have no stutter at all
  4. the only plane with the reload function is the BF110 with the 37mm, make sure that the fire trigger is not bound to any other function, also if your joystick have MODEs check that the trigger and make sure it is not affected by it
  5. go to calibration settings in windows and when doing the calibration tick the option ( Display raw data) and see if it jitter, if it dose it's a joystick issue if not then am not sure what it is if the issue is hardware issue try and use the noise filter function form the game it might help
  6. i think they fixed it after the update i did 5 dogfights and non of the AI don the endless circle edit: i started a quick dogfight and the AI went full circle
  7. i couldn't find it i looked in Doc folder also and nothing edit i found a file conf.ini and it fixed the screen size, the controls are still not working mouse keyboard joystick
  8. hello i just bought the game and wanted to fly, i start with a small screen i think 600x400 not sure and after all the loading the mouse dose not move nor the keyboard respond to ESC to skip the movie from the beginning what should i do ? i redownloaded it and same thing
  9. hello today i started il-2 but the game was very slow only ran at about 18 FPS no matter what settings i chose LOW or ULTRA i restarted the game and got this message i don't understand what it mean but it might help Edit: FIXED it by using DDU and reinstalling the latest Driver from nvidia, hope it might help someone who have this issue
  10. last windows 10 update just f@cked the 3.0.8 for me i downloaded the latest one and it worked fine no issues, some effect like the DOF and other that are fun to use crash the sim, but the main ones like SMAA and colorful are working fine
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