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  1. I wonder whether this is also belongs here. This is a complete Ju-52 paratrooper mission that went entirely wrong. Escorts spawned over the target area. So we flew alone the whole way. The AI obviously doesn´t like circling because by the time our Ju-52s arrived, all the fighters collided and went down. Luckily no enemy fighters spawned but that didn't help much because our flight just made big turn over the target (in wrong direction which was interesting - there is a screenshot with a flight path - i was following the leader) and then returned home with no paradrop. I thought I would post it because these multiple aircarft paradrop missions are just excellent and it would be perfect if they worked properly. paratroopers wrong.rar
  2. Ok, so this was the other way round, but the same bomber behavior. Escort mission He-111 just circling above randezvous point until all shot down. There was no bombing raid at all. The Pe-2 and Sturmoviks seemed to go somewhere. Missions.rar
  3. Thank you for your answer. I am afraid the mission files are gone now. I will zip them next time I see strange behaviour.
  4. I saw this bomber behavior today as well. Pe-2s and A-20s just circling until we destroyed few of them. Then they went somewhere. Couldn't the bombers just be made to go somewhere in a straight line ? I don't care about them bombing anything but to see 15 heavy bombers sightseeing like this feels a bit strange 🙂
  5. Just as the title says. I can be kiilled I figured that out. But how do I get captured ?
  6. Thank you for this beautiful piece of software. I really think that this campaign generator is going to push me to buy Flying circus next week. My question: Is there an easy way to force all spawning planes to have a white winter skins during winter (even if they were all the same and generic ?). It feels wierd to see dark green migs to fly over the white planes of stalingrad. Also I play Ju52 campaign and it seems that no paratroopers ever jump from other Ju52s except mine. Am I doing something wrong during setup ?
  7. As the title says. Is this a known bug or is something wrong with my installation ? There could be soooo much variability if I could meet all the German planes, it´s a real shame that I only see Stukas all the time.
  8. unfortunatelly it does not. Only sometimes, for some reason one of the nearest nextdoor airfields to my home works - I land there and it is a Succesfull landing. But not on other airfields further away. It would be a perfect solution though as i would like to land in every mission. It¨s just really boring to be returning at 250 mph with no ammo , no enemy, for 10 minutes every mission
  9. If I don't my plane is lost. And it can influence the rest of the day it happens all the time. not enaugh planes no flights...just enoying
  10. Please return the option to finish a single player misson without landing on home airfield. It just takes insane amount of time to return to home airfield in some planes. I don¨t even dare to try Polikarpov SP campaign now...that would be like 2 missons per evening under these circumstances.
  11. Settings --> graphics --> dynamic resolution factor ? Could that be the problem ? I keep it tu FULL (or 1 or whatever it is called)
  12. Ok. But land where ? On my home airfield only ? That´s enoying because it can like double the mission time as it takes ages to fly over half of the map with Hs129.
  13. Hi, since the last brilliant update I have had a little problem in my SP campaign (Hs-129). I was used to end mission on Misson accpmplished yellow sign and it worked perfectly but ever since the update my plane is always lost (red and Crashed). Is this a bug ? Thanks
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