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  1. Does this mean comfy feet for the upcoming potato planting season?
  2. So you don't want 'real' realism but you want the fake realism of DCS?
  3. For anyone using this; replacement config.ini. file with all planes selectable. SYN coop generator config version 8.zip
  4. Great idea. There's a big demand for something like this. Flying as close escort to the A20s on the bomb run whilst being bounced by a group of D9's. A scenerio the game's QMB would be incapable of creating but a breeze with this generator.
  5. The additional maps you have are included with the whole BoX series so if you now purchase BoM you will receive just the BoM map. Same goes with Stalingrad. If you are in single player you are restricted to the map or maps you have purchased.
  6. DD_Arthur

    DCS news

    A 1080ti?....couldn't tell you as I've gone from a 970. What I can tell you is everything is at max on all my sims now but I'm still running a 27" 1920 x 1080 monitor. Now pondering whether to get a 4k monitor or a Rift/Vive from ebay.....which will now be half the price of a monitor. I have been using the really good BoS profile from John Hardtack. It works very well in DCS - good look around with the ability to explore the cockpit - but is just a bit too 'nervous'.
  7. Top right hand corner of screen.
  8. When not flying as a coop with others this is what I use it for too. It's a really good general purpose mission generator.
  9. DD_Arthur

    DCS news

    Aha! Have discovered that by putting an RTX2070 in my pc DCS becomes a whole new sim! Can anyone recommend a decent TrackIr profile for the jets in DCS?
  10. Thanks very much Vander How do you select a P47? Couldn't see it as a selectable aircraft.
  11. That's not correct. You'll find them above where you set cloud height. It says weather. Try the options by moving the slider. As Thad say's, you want precipitation. Game manual?
  12. Your bottleneck is the speed of your cpu. https://www.overclock.net/forum/5-intel-cpus/538439-guide-overclocking-core-i7-920-930-4-0ghz.html
  13. Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, I've seen interior photo's; didn't it have something like four decks including a sickbay, galley and bedspaces?
  14. That must have been your Philip Larkin moment raaaid.
  15. Hello Birdtail. If you go into your key assignment settings and look in plane engine controls you'll find seperate settings to open and shut the water radiators for the 109/110 and Spitfire.
  16. What a nice and unexpected thing to come home to after a day at work. Big S! to The Team
  17. Apologies as this one has obviously gone over my head but.....eh?
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