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  1. What I thought was interesting was how easily he got back on the raider...without scorching it😃. @raaaid this might be your best option for getting on a cruise ship...
  2. Is there anybody out there aiming to compete with the Quest 2 on price, hardware/software yet?
  3. I’ve got the Spitfire and the P40. Neither are comparable to either GBS or DCS in terms of the flight model order the 3D model and are a slight disappointment in my opinion. I think a lot of it is to do with shortcomings with the MSFS physics modelling as it is at the moment. This will develop as it’s a work in progress but high power, low weight taildraggers exacerbate these problems. Some of the 3D modelling also seems....interesting. The Spitfire cockpit is pretty good but the external model seems to have more fuselage than it should have and the Corsair has been m
  4. Isn’t it Orthodox Easter holidays right now? Hopefully the team are having a break.
  5. You’ve pointed out some aircraft where you have concerns with their fm’s. I don’t see where ‘anacdotal evidence’ was used by AnPetrov to develop their flight models?
  6. I’m not quite sure how relevant this list actually is. Leo Zsilard and Edward Teller were Hungarians yet they appear on this list. Heavy Water is a very American discovery. Despite a plethora of utter bollox being available on t’ interwebs, the Germans had absolutely no clue as to how to make a nuclear weapon. However, it does make a great story for stupid people.
  7. Hi James, Firstly, no new drivers for the MSFFB from Microsoft for donkeys years, so nothing to update. I’m presuming you’ve calibrated it in Windows devices? Do you plug it into a USB 3 socket on your motherboard? Friends of mine have had problems when moving to new systems too and have successfully run their sticks through powered and USB hubs.
  8. Very interesting👍. Inaccuracies? Transferring south from St. Eval puts you in the English Channel. Middle Wallop is @180 miles to the east.
  9. “Ran rings around” is a very English term well understood by native English speakers Klaus. In this context it refers to overall manoeuvrability.
  10. Thanks for letting us know this.
  11. Fighting took place at high altitudes for the simple reason that height gives you tactical advantage. Arthur Gould Lee didn’t say the Pup could only out turn Albatri up high. The Pup’s turn performance was superior at all altitudes. What he does say is that the German machines were faster and could out climb the Pup at all altitudes up to around eighteen thousand feet. This allowed them to dictate the terms of the engagement as they could simply fly away from the Pup. The Mercedes engine had a fixed mixture which limited its altitude performance. Above eighteen thousand feet Br
  12. Still using this on a near daily basis. Nearly 3 years old now works perfectly. I fly IL2, DCS and MSFS2020 in VR using Rift CV1 “look down your nose” technology to see the buttons.😃
  13. Fingers crossed for the N28 in FC2. Legs, eyes and testicals crossed for DM changes in FC2. 👍
  14. Hi Alex and welcome to the forums👍. I think you’re asking a question that really only you can answer. Have you installed and used the game yet?
  15. Microseprose’s effort is in fact one guy in Canada.
  16. Picked up the Bleriot in the market place sale to be ready for the twenty-fifth of July😃. Paris by Gina and 16gigs of DDR3. Even after the slightly eccentric update process I’m still amazed by how well my rather ancient rig can run this thing.
  17. You can't have string without cardboard.
  18. I have a feeling the Gaz and it’s gun would make short work of the WW1 crates. I’ve shot down several ‘109’s with the fifty cal. on the Sherman in multiplayer coops. It’s not because I’m a great shot; it’s because to get a good hit with bombs you have to be ultra accurate, shallow dive onto your target and release at the very last second. It’s not a difficult shot for a ground gunner when the aircraft is attempting to dive down your throat! Add on the much lower speeds of WW1...........
  19. These are planes you bought through the market place? I had this problem recently. I’m not at my pc but from memory you have to navigate your way to the folder where they reside in your game. They will not be in your community folder. Once you find them you can delete them and then restart the game and they will be available to download again in your content manager.
  20. Hmm....all the human models are super detailed, the tanks are super detailed - it’s a branch of GBS after all - but I’d like to imagine they’re gearing up for carrier warfare. The Med, the Pacific or Korea. Any and all are good for me😃.
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