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  1. Yes please!! Didn't the Russians build a version under license that they used in the Black Sea?
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Martians_(scientists) Did you know that George Washington was once an Englishman? Anyway.....as far as this thread goes, all these lovely, irrelevant people had one thing in common; thats right, none of them flew the P51🤣 Although I'm very, very pleased we're getting a P51, as a VR user I'm kinda regretting that we don't get the 'B' or 'C' with the hinged canopy
  3. They already exist in RoF so hopefully, eventually..........
  4. What a great dev diary AGAIN! Nice picture of Finkeren cross dressing too!
  5. Yes, this is what I'm interested in. Isn't the temperature at 35k around -50 degrees even on a North American summers day?
  6. I would have thought flying at a thousand metres would be the perfect height to be observed and shot down by light and medium flak?
  7. Yep and on the 15th. September 1940 the RAF really did shoot down 185 German aircraft too!
  8. Well...... If theres a technical limit to the size of maps then carrier battles might be all that realistically can be done for the pacific. Guadalcanal would really need a map some four hundred by three hundred miles and even then you would not get Rabaul or possibly the battle of the Eastern Solomons or Santa Cruz islands on it. Even though four-fifths of this map would be ocean thats still one enormous map to load up. And of course, you'll need a B 17
  9. Hi Pooch. My statement is a) a simple statement of fact. Tojo didn't offer to fall on his sword because they lost in New Guinea. His government collapsed when they lost the Battle of the Philippine Sea. b) a rebuttal of the whole basis of this thread; namely, we go to war in the pacific without carriers and ending up flying a freakin' Brewster Buffalo over Milne Bay Agree with you here completely. and re-reading this I see we agree on how important these events were viewed in Tokyo. The fact is, from the US point of view the whole Pacific campaign was dictated by the rivalry between the US Army and the US Navy and the way the Roosevelt administration dealt with these rivalries in the light of US public opinion, the Press and what friends in Congress General MacArthur and Admiral King could call upon. The 'twin track' compromise that was reached is another tribute to the enormous talent for supply, logistics and sheer production capacity the US was able to employ in WW2. In strategic terms eventually this compromise was able to place the B29 weapon system on Tinian, throttle communications between the Japanese home islands and the back of beyond where lots of the Japanese army had been deployed and allow a bloodbath in the Philippines and a score of other pointless places to satisfy the meglomania of MacArthur. c) in a nutshell; the Pacific war is the story of five major carrier engagements. If the GBS series is to venture into the pacific there can be only one way to go and thats with the Grey Funnel Line.
  10. Hmmm....this thing is still tougher than a P47
  11. That does look good.......
  12. Er....that does sound like a couple of good reasons not to make in-game voips. Fact is most people simply don't and won't use it. We can already see that.
  13. Sorry, wrong once again. You can't have 'transparent' textures. You can't have 'different' models. You can't have 'no clouds' if the mission has clouds. You're just repeating what someone else - equally uninformed - has told you. There is a way to cheat in Rof unfortunately. There used to be a similar way to cheat in BoS until the devs plugged that hole. Neither have anything to do with mods.
  14. I was hoping you'd say that Vander! Great news. Once again; many thanks for this fantastically useful mission generator.
  15. No, thats not true either. Cheating in RoF and in GBS has nothing to do with mods and never has done. The Mods On/Mods Off mode actually works very well. The problem is the community thinks mods = potential hacks. This might be true about other games but is mainly a legacy from IL2 1946 and the consequences of the original sound mod.
  16. Nope. Not how mods on mode works. My squad runs it's coops in mods on mode. This means the server is running it's game in mods on mode. The server has no mods installed whatsoever. The server has no control over what mods the clients are running. Some of our guys run no mods at all. Some run lots, so everyone in our coops or dogfight server are flying with different mods. There is no way for the server to limit or restrict mods when it is in mods on mode. It's all or nothing and all mods are client side.
  17. Malta? A mini BoB fought in the Med? Not too sure if that would make a great scenerio for the GBS engine.
  18. It's raining. I'm on school hols. My wife is demanding DIY......AAAAArghhhhhhhhhh
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