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  1. It's a beauty! Looking forward to some talented skinners producing something for this paint scheme
  2. It's already on your hard drive. When you download a GBS module you are downloading everything - all the content that 1CGS has published. When you buy a new module you are merely unlocking access to what you've already got.
  3. Thats terrible On the other hand, I've just finished work. Bring it on!
  4. Well....yes. I think you might be over thinking this a little. It uses the same plug and lead as, say a small radio...one of these 📻. Where I am domestic current is 240v. Where you are might be the same or 120v. Just plug it in to a normal domestic socket - like your pc is.
  5. What a completely bizarre post So maybe VR? Oh dear. I was under the impression it was a commitment.
  6. Pete, you’ve basically laid out the problem - VR users are being asked to take a seventy bucks gamble. If it does not sell then VR users have wasted their money. Of course it might sell more than enough copies to enable them to carry on. However, do we really know if such a small part time team might be able to deliver VR within six months or six years? Again, VR users are effectively being asked - some seem to even demand - a $70 gamble. I’m not sure if I see any selfishness or entitlement in this.
  7. Bloody hell! That’s more expensive than in the Uk and we’re used to getting it up the backside😯. You could get an evilbay RiftS for that sort of folding.....
  8. Martin does your old Microsoft feed back stick plug into your pc via a USB port? This is important.
  9. Six hundred and eighty hours in and you're still a newbie?
  10. Until the ninth of July Flying Circus is available for a fifty percent discount. That’s it.
  11. Presumably the Austro-Hungarian empire felt threatened by the Serbian steel industry and Hitler couldn't resist grabbing all those Polish oilfields?
  12. The 'team' that dumped CLoD in the first place? That would be evil old 1C Games and yes what a terrible bunch they were. After bankrolling the development for 5 years, in 2011 they had the nerve to ask for a release!!! And then it was all up for poor old Oleg! It gets worse! 1C then spent another 2 years trying to make a game of it themselves, assembling a staff of over fifty to try and bludgeon it into something before giving it up for a bad job. Finally, just to show what a bunch of villains they were and even after shovelling millions of $ into the big black hole that was CLoD they STILL wanted to make combat flight sims and contracted 777 Studio to form a new partnership with them called 1CGames to have another go.........which is where we are today. Yeah.....1C eh? What a bunch they were.....
  13. You are one confused dude. Click on the store page. It’s on sale now.
  14. I can tell you that in a squad coop with six breathers flying the '190 and seven breathers flying the Spitty and trying to escort A20's, the FW's will make mincemeat of the Spits.
  15. Hi Pat, hope your having a great fourth of July. Pleased to report some of the guys ran a test mission last night and 'engineered' a disconnect on the return leg. PWCG succesfully produced an AAR!
  16. The only thing they've actually managed to accomplish with the source code so far is to decimate the number of people who actually play CLoD.
  17. Actually, his strategic understanding was very good indeed. Much superior to all the other wartime leaders with the exception of de Gaulle. Alanbrooke's diaries? Absolutely fascinating but the work of a very large and very bruised ego too. As far as Alanbrooke was concerned Churchill's two biggest mistakes of the war were not getting for Alanbrooke the job Eisenhower got and then not making Alanbrooke Governor General of Canada at wars end.
  18. What would have happened if the Axis captured Tobruk? Hmmm....do you want me to speculate? Okay I’ll take a guess and say eventually the Axis forces would have advanced to somewhere further east until their supply lines and vehicles were so over-stretched that the Commonwealth forces would have been able to hold them up at some handy natural feature on the borders of Egypt. How does that sound so far....?😂
  19. Release soon then! Good luck Team Fusion and here’s to smooth, bug-free debut for.....er, whatever it’s called 👍
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